Breakfast at Alexandre

Update April 18, 2012: This restaurant is now closed and replaced by Harvest Gastro Pub in BGC.

Read First: Alexandre’s Authentic French Bakery, Cafe (and Lounge soon…)

Breakfast “Bonjour” (P250). Served from 7am to 2pm only. Assorted Fancy Breads & Petit Croissants: Butter, Chocolate & Almond, accompanied by Honey, Strawberry & Mango Marmalade with a choice of any regular size of Hot Beverage.

Despite the argument whether real French Croissants should be more flaky, I love going to Alexandre for breakfast when the breads are baked fresh and served straight out of the oven. I also love having meetings in Alexandre for a cool chat over coffee and almond croissant. Most people are intimidated by the ambiance, which is probably why it is still not crowded even during peak hours. I like the minimalist design, the cool background music and stable wi-fi. 🙂

Your favorite French breads are baked fresh every morning. All the leftover breads are donated to the kids of Rockwell foundation.

Alexandre Signature Tarte Tatin served with homemade vanilla ice cream – (P190)

I finally tried their signature Tarte Tatin, which is an inverted apple pie with caramelized apples and homemade vanilla ice cream. This was created using the secret recipe of Alexandre’s mom.

Alexandre Signature using Mango served with homemade vanilla ice cream – (P190)

Here, they used mango instead of apple, but it did not turn out too well. They need to choose the right mango with the right kind of sweetness. It was a good try though…

Maman, Alexandre’s mom, is the secret behind some of the recipes used in the restaurant. 🙂 She barely speaks English so you can practice your French when she is around…

We recently had a nightcap with the Ivans and Claude Tayag. At night, the croissants are a bit harder already (perhaps from the moisture and humidity, according to Alexandre). Claude shared with us that, for him, the best croissants are still in the bakery of Manila Peninsula.

To avoid disappointment with the quality of the croissant, go to Alexandre during the times that they’ve just baked it. Check out their Facebook page for the official baking times and the latest surprises from the kitchen. 🙂

31st St. cor. 1st Avenue
(near Grand Hamptons)
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Alexandre Facebook Page

From Buendia flyover going into Fort Bonifacio, turn right after Jollibee and turn on the first right. This is 31st Avenue. You should see Alexandre in the middle of Mini Stop and Dunkin Donut Cafe.

There is parking on the next block. You can park in front of the restaurant at night. You can also get special parking inside the building if you request from Alexandre in advance. 🙂


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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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  1. Buti nga blinog uli ni Anton ang Alexandre. Although I’m a regular reader, I missed the first one.
    Anton, akala ko you don’t like to repeat? But I’m glad that you included the directions again.

  2. those look absolutely yummy. thanks for sharing your fab food finds sir!
    hey i started a blog na sir. hope to enroll at the maven secrets program next year.

  3. i bought a few boxes of pastries as giveaways and for the office. it was a hit with everyone! super fresh ang croissants.

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