“Your Faith Has Made You Well”

The Philippine Economic Miracle
Part 1 of 4 by Willy E. Arcilla


[I’m republishing the articles written by my friend Willy Arcilla, the marketing genius behind the success of C2 in the Philippines and Vietnam, on his 2020 vision for the Philippines. I share this vision that soon all of us will say “I Live an Awesome Life in the Philippines.” – Anton, Founder/ Editor of  Our Awesome Planet ]

The Philippines, long lamented as an economic laggard or the “sick man of Asia”, whose checkered past has been marked by repeated false starts coinciding with frequent changes in political leadership, has finally found its redemption, and the whole world is cheering.

The UN has lauded the Philippines as the Success Story of the early 21st Century for accomplishing all the 8 Millenium Development Goals, specifically the eradication of extreme hunger and poverty, attainment of environmental sustainability, disease prevention, reduction of child mortality, and achievement of 100% literacy. The IMF and WB have praised the country, not only for its impressive record in sustained economic growth while simultaneously improving income distribution, but also for starting to become a net donor country to multilateral lending agencies to help poorer countries now eager to emulate or adapt the Philippine economic miracle.  This was despite the Philippines’ boldness to refuse compliance with IMF/WB conditions after it finally realized it had to stand up on its own, following instead in the footsteps of Asian tigers that prospered with little or no intervention from the US multilateral lending agencies.

For all these gains, Time Magazine honored all Filipinos “People of the Year” for 2020.

The 50-year communist insurgency and Muslim secessionist movements have all but ceased while the AFP and PNP have effectively stopped extrajudicial killings, eliciting commendations from the Vatican, Amnesty International, Communist governments like China and Vietnam, and the Organization of Islamic Countries. Crime and violence have disappeared along with vices like drug abuse and alcoholism, illegal gambling and prostitution. Gallup International now ranks 10 of the country’s cities among the world’s 100 most desirable to live in based on a comprehensive criteria including population density, livelihood opportunities and tax rates, cost of living, peace and order, sanitation and hygiene, availability of clean water and health services, and the air pollution index.

The country’s rich natural endowments that have been restored verdant rain forests and coastlines with white sands and clear blue waters warmed for 12 months by a tropical sun ––  capped by the trademark hospitality of its people have combined to make it  a magnet for 20 million tourists annually, and a haven for medical tourism and retirement. Surveys confirm that Filipinos have regained their ranking as the happiest people in the world, representing a 180-degree change from the loss of confidence and skepticism that has depressed a country for nearly two generations. Infant mortality is at its lowest, birth rate has declined to natural replacement levels due more to a responsible parenthood campaign rather than family planning and artificial contraception, while longevity has been rising and is now averaging 88 years old vs. 70 years old as recent as 12 years ago.

After growing at 7.3% in 2007, the highest in 31 years, 8% in 2008 and 9% in 2009, the economy has expanded at an average rate of 10% for the past 10 years starting 2010, and has reached $500 Billion in 2020, translating to a per capita income of US$4,000. Impressively, the GINI coefficient, (an index to measure inequality where a lower number denotes better equity), has dropped to <0.20, an admirable feat and dramatic improvement from 0.50 within only 12 years, even significantly better than western and communist states. The middle income segment, powered by small and medium scale entrepreneurs, OFW returnees, a resurgent industrial work force, and a revitalized agriculture and fisheries sector has burgeoned from 30% to 75% within the past 12 years.

Exports are surging at a blistering pace, driven by the country’s bold decision to focus on organically-grown high-value food and health  products from the Agriculture and  Fisheries sector’s bumper harvests in rice, corn, sugar, coconut, vegetables, fruits, ocean and fresh water aquatic products; an Industrial sector powered by high-value information technology of silicon wafer fabrication and the manufacture of Filipino information and communications equipment;  and a Mining sector credited by Greenpeace for responsible extraction that is feeding environmentally-friendly heavy industries such as steel-fabrication which in turn is helping produce Philippine-branded motorcycles and automobiles, buses and trucks running on clean and green Philippine biofuels extracted from malunggay, jathropha, sweet sorghum, sugarcane ethanol and coconut biodiesel.  

The country has been able to turn its weakness as an economic laggard into a strength by capitalizing on the “latecomer advantage” – a dramatic departure from the mindset of previous government and economic planners of “let’s quit since we can’t compete”, by partnering with and learning from the mistakes of other nations, e.g., environmental sustainability, and collaborating with overseas Filipino scientists and engineers, the DOST as well as top schools to pursue “Filipinovation” and catapult the country in its development curve.  Millions of seasoned engineers and technicians who had left the country as OFWs have resolved to emulate and fulfill Douglas MacArthur’s promise “I Shall Return!” BPOs reinvented themselves from being mere call centers to become a leading provider of business and economic solutions to the world’s largest corporationsfrom knowledge process outsourcing to high-value services including CEO mentoring.

The country’s growth has attracted massive investments and technology transfer from neighboring Asian countries led by Greater China, a unified Korea and the ASEAN Economic Community, which in turn, have unleashed a virtuous cycle of growth in employment, household incomes, demand creation, expansion of production capacity and inventory, and higher value-added to the economy.  The US and Japan continue to be among the top 10 but the country has largely decoupled from them as principal sources of investment, loans and partners in trade.  The most significant contribution however has come from the Middle-Eastern countries as OPEC member-states sent a cumulative $100 billion worth of aid, soft loans and investment with the multiple objectives of hitting 3 birds with 1 stone – to help uplift impoverished Moslem Mindanao; mass-produce green biofuels to diversify its dwindling petroleum reserves and clean the planet we all share.   The stock market index has reached a record 10,000 and real estate market values continue to appreciate, not driven by leveraged speculators, but by cash payments from a growing middle class that has improved its financial IQ to save and invest for the future.

Even the nation’s long and world-renowned notoriety for rampant graft and corruption previously institutionalized in all levels of government, and labeled cynically as SOP (Standard Operating Payola) has been miraculously erased.  The bloated government bureaucracy has been reduced by half via attrition, process improvement and outsourcing from a record-high of 1.5 million , releasing 750,000 people to become service-providers, entrepreneurs and agribusinessmen.  As a result of government’s new image, fresh university graduates are now flocking to join the ranks of civil servants as public salaries have risen to levels competitive with the private sector, and the best and the brightest Filipino youth pursue their dreams of serving the country before themselves.

Perhaps the best indication of the country’s turnaround is the drying up of the supply of Overseas Filipino Workers (OF
who used to number a previous high of over 8 million.  Now they are officially down to less than 1 million, all of whom enjoy higher pay and benefits of free housing and international education for their children with annual home leaves to the Philippines.  The reverse migration started in 2008 and since then, 7 million have returned over the past 12 years, eclipsing the “brain gain” phenomenon witnessed in other labor-exporting countries like China, India and Vietnam, but not before acting as tourism ambassadors to personally invite millions of their grateful hosts to visit a land where the people are as warm and sunny as the tropical climate.  Many returnees have joined the academe, the government or the private sector as advisers to share their expertise gained from years of successful overseas work, while others became entrepreneurs by setting up collective ventures.  OFW cooperatives are now engaged in more productive sectors like agriculture and fisheries, mining and industry, instead of following the herd mentality of opening a sari-sari store or buying a passenger jeepney.

As a result, the GDP has undergone a dramatic structural transformation on both supply and demand sides.  What used to be a service-dominated economy is now more balanced among Agriculture, Industry and Services, while on the demand side, Consumption, which used to dominate by as much as 70%, continues to grow but its contribution is now down to only 30% because of the acceleration of more productive Investments, financed by astronomically high domestic savings rates, and Government Spending on physical infrastructure and public education, health and nutrition, funded by increasing tax revenues plus a resurgent Export sector.   Consumption spending has also undergone a dramatic change as Filipinos decided to stop overspending on instant gratification, and started to practice frugality that increased savings rates for reinvestments.  Borrowers  themselves disbursed bank loans more judiciously, and with better financial management and fiscal prudence, defaults declined, leading to less foreclosures and stronger credit expansion from banking and financial institutions that rewarded their creditworthiness. 


Foreign debt, which used to choke off the country with onerous amortization, has diminished to a negligible ratio of <10% of GDP.  Industry has enjoyed a revival with electricity rates plunging to record lows among Asian states due to structural reforms and the popularity of local biofuels.  The minimum wage remained practically unchanged in real terms for 12 years due to an appreciable drop in the country’s cost-of-living, i.e., prices of food and shelter, transportation, electricity and water services. Labor groups volunteered to freeze wages as savings increased, in order to restore the competitiveness of the Industrial sector versus other economies.  The icing on the cake was a resolution by the government to banish the “Not Invented Here” syndrome of “reforming economic reforms” each time there was a change in administration thus, allowing for continuity, consistency and predictability, and ultimately creating an environment that was adjudged by foreign and domestic investors as the region’s most conducive for doing business.   

It seems that the “sick man of Asia” has discovered a renewed sense of confidence and faith in its own God-given talents and strengths, skills and capabilities, reminiscent of the Gospel accounts when Jesus performed miracles on the sick, the lame, and the lepers, even bringing the dead back to life, when He said, “Your faith has made you well.”

[The author is a business graduate from the UP and an industrial economist from the UA&P-CRC.  He has a 25-year career in various roles in Corporate Planning, Marketing, Sales, and General Management across Asia-Pacific, and a recipient of the Agora Award for Marketing Excellence.  He is now President of Business Mentors, Inc., a newly-formed management consultancy firm and Regional Director of ZMG Ward Howell, Inc.]

22 thoughts on ““Your Faith Has Made You Well”

  1. Sounds very nice and we can all certainly hope to move towards that direction with all speed and care, but as the article implies, “miraculous” things will have to happen, because it certainly doesn’t seem as though the Philippine people can turn its country around a full 180 degrees in 10 years. I’m concerned that by raising the bar so high, people can just as easily give up, do nothing, and just pray that somehow God will make everything all better.
    Don’t get me wrong, we can certainly use positive thinking, but a lack of “let’s actually sit down and figure out, one small step at a time, how we can make the Philippines a better place, instead of just dreaming of how good things can be,” is one of the problems that’s held the Philippines back so far.
    Incidentally, to me the most problematic prediction is about the stabilization of the population; with an incredible increase in infant mortality and and life expectancy, the country’s birth rate will have to decrease even more dramatically, and the average age of the population can drastically increase like it’s happened in Japan. And if you’re assuming that the stream of Filipinos leaving the country to seek jobs elsewhere in the country will also slow down to a trickle, I find it extremely hard to imagine the population being stabilized simply by a “responsible parenthood campaign instead of family planning and artificial contraception.” In fact, taking out safe sex campaigns and replacing it with abstinence education has been scientifically proven to INCREASE birthrate and the transmission of sexually-transmitted disease.
    Again, it concerns me that this kind of hyper-idealistic and borderline naive thinking, while increasing confidence, is paralyzing the practical reasoning of Filipinos, making them think that someone else (God, the US, scientists, the government) will come up with the solutions for them and everything will be magically solved, instead of actually working out the solution themselves.

  2. i wrote my comment coz i have direct answers to both the writer & the first viewer but the oap timeline said too long{TIMEWISE}so it didnt registered so i have to try again lol!

  3. not bad but per capita income of only $ 4,000,00 equivalent for filipinos is too low no matter how huge it’s populations it do not equate to all the many many long lists of ‘good’ stuffs-dreams you have raised in above article..no way that every crimes & cicil unrests will dissappear it is more likely to get better or will go under 1% percent nationwide but perfections is in no way a reality these dreams your article stated are already slowly becoming a reality under lady pres.gm. arroyo just look at your new & modernizing highways roads mrt lrt train systems just look at al your low costs housing projects for the poorest the rise of al govt.public servants wages-salaries the new laws & rules to protect women & children the housing projects for the milirary families and the phils. ‘professsionalizing’ filipino soldiers who used to be inferior{lowest rankings only} material-training wise just look at the improvements in school hospital buildings
    just look at the overwhelming rise of talented creative intellectual gifted filipino talents in entertainments just look at the rise of so many baranggays{thousands} nationwide
    the worlds largest malls & centers sprouting nationwide just look at phils. govt’s. national budgets just look at the rise of old under $ 2,00 daily labor wages-salaries of the poorest areas of the country justlook at the rise of govt. teachers nurses salaries etc. etc. so itis not far fetched to dream like the article above so good luck everyone lol!

  4. peace worldwide in a reality check is almost impossible bcoz americans europeans chinese down unders & other world power countries are in a WEAPON INDUSTY BUSINESSES from huge engines to metal scraps to tiny screws plus weapon corporate executives million dollars wages & employees bonuses will make sure that wars civil conflicts stays well & alive lol! bcoz how will they provide their families country-men with human needs & necessities if the world is at peace lol! who will provide for them to survive to have used for what they sell to make money to pay themselves regularly lol!

  5. that’s unless they find alternatives if they find other ways other means of revolving businesess so they can afloat to stabilized in the long run with new found alternatives say for example chinese are moving from weapons to commercial planes & commercial engines-motors to agriculture & tourism businesses etc. etc so enviromental peace are there it is good if americans europeans down under countries will see the chinese business alternatives
    as promising & an intelligent reality which is good great for new world lol! so good luck to us ordinary citizens..

  6. except for one thing i do agree with most of the comments of viewer above us..but though the writer’s article expresses many unrealistic o borderline wishful thinking just like the above viewers believed i do agree & believed that filipino people in general can moved philippines 180 degrees around in 10 years or even less than that..it is highly probable highly possible that it can done i do not doubt that at all THAT IS if no ‘sabotages’ from any highly paid envious psychotic highly anti social criminal groups individuals financing violent protests financing some filipino to stir chaotic social unrest & activities then the 180 degrees turned around will happened..i also in a way agree with the pope-vatican city that medical pills o contraceptives are not the best solutions for population control
    bcoz drugging the whole female world is more an economic-business minded solutions but i do personnally believed how silly i might sound that marriages is best applied if both partners-couples reach the age of 21 or above bcoz from my own experiences i do not understand the need of marriage when i just starting to enjoy the peak of my childhood & tee life at age 18 meaning if they were mandatory appointed marriage councilors to asked him queations like how are you going to shelter feed cloth educate health protect her how are you two going to pay your electric water gas other household bills lol! i would have definitely back out sooner coz dating & prolonged romances are better that chain yourselves earlier if i didnt 1 will have a dozen children already i learned that anything under 21 is still a missing pieces of a child-teen life lol!..i am seeing more of around the areas of $14-18,000,00 population under 100,000,000 and or around $ 8-14,000,00 per capita income over 120,000,000 or more depends how many chaos envious foreign operatives
    will engieneered let’s hope not lol!..but there is a possiblity that by 2010 per capita income of filipinos is around $ 20,000,00 bcoz of ID lol

  7. @ haay – please format with punctuations – your points are very difficult to follow. And from what I gather you expect a turnaround in less than 10 years? Are you a GMA fan? I looked at all the things you pointed at and na-duling ako….i read what you wrote and sumakit ang ulo ko…..

  8. lol!..i am not i could not be a fan of anyone except for some forms of arts{amorsolos} songs{some bread & chicago songs-unang pag ibig o iniibig kita} theaters{classic operas & ballets}fashions{one of a kind items} military strategists{anyone person who can prevent wars}or say win world wars but single handedly done if possible lol..but i do would like filipinos to be very supportive of the lady philippines president she started a good great job of implementing progress so manay great projects to help the world even helping the world to have one big populated philippines out of laid back severe poverties & huge mismanagements from many imcompetent self serving politicians her policies are not executed perfectly coz of old bad habits are hard to get rid which is a universal truth but she did great considering the corrupt violent self serving ‘hard-difficult’ old system to crushed to defy & to defeat BUT SHE DID lol!as she throws all her new ‘agendas’ new plans new ‘styles’ new’ staffs’ new political techniques where she is more physically spiritually safer to sail but stressed out squeezed out painfully affected in risking herself politically economically scientifically etc. on all many different sides of politics from the branches of government to political parties-the oters people of the philippines-churches or all other religions-the businesses or corporations-the military-the rebels-the communists-the muslim terrorists-the filipino organized crimes-foreign affairs-to the critical medias etc. etc. filipinos or the entire philippines always disagrees with her but she did what she want anyway so good for her lol..

  9. haay – she’s part of the system and the problem…..do you condone the lack of delicadeza, the boondogles around the world. by your reasoning we should laud President Marcos because of what he was able to do his first term – tama ba ‘yan?
    Are you saying “good for her” because she tried and had good intentions? I mean kung ganoon ang standard, pucha – si Willie Revilliame puro good intentions to help the masa, diba?
    Sino ‘to, si Mikey? Please stop defending the corrupt and inept.

  10. lol!..YOU sound like wanting to be GOD anywhere in the philippines in particular YOU can never found any politicians any one in the world including ‘me’ who never made mistakes o sin EXCEPT MAYBE YOU..you seems digging yet youre already convinced that all bad sinner people must be punished let see it it will come to you..and definitely NO i do not tolerate
    corruptions high & violent crimes but i have a very good reasons why i believe that there’s must be a right time for the judging there are definite exceptions based on the nature of the crimes not just the crime itself{i will not destroy all mountains & hills just to catch the animal that damages a filipino property}and do not think i do not know where you’re going but i must respect opinion is opinion you remind me of a baby sitter who punished a toddler who did not do right not remembering it should take an adult to show the toddler how things are done..in high societies in highest powers most of the time it is not the main power that is originally what’s causing the problems..either the problems are inhirited like here in united states political parties or high societies are like brotherhoods or people with access to them causes the ‘uncomfortable’ theyre in in the forms of advises{old habits as considered normal}or those around the powers which has other agendas that creates conflicts of interests or what philippines lady president doings are part of something legal but YOU SHOULD NOT KNOW lol!..i cannot disscuss about all politics coz no countries in this planet have rule their nations free of corruptions but illegalities were always used to rein to take over the sovereignty of any countries under the radar that could if not prevented can caused a deadly civil wars or world war 3’s which of course will benefit those who are in wars already in some foreign countries..let’s make this talks simple i do believed in TOURISM as good business for any countries NOT WARS but i allso believe that violent criminals must be either terminated{if full of it}or locked up lol

  11. pare – not wanting to be God, I don’t know how you got that notion- just trying to understand why you think so highly of the administration and wonder how the infrastructure (social, governmmental, financial, economic, civil) that GMA put in place will help us get to where we need to in 10 years. Face it, the country has been trying since the 60’s. What makes this admnistration so special that it can change things that have been stagnant or getting worse (with the POSSIBLE exception of Cory and Ramos) with every succesive leader.
    Please don’t confuse my points with personal insults about wanting to be God. Here’s the central issue – Presidents in the Philippines occupy one of the most powerful positions in the country….they should be held to high standards. As in any country in the world.
    Nasa US ka pala – do you think George Bush Jr did a good job during his tenure? Because he intended to do well?
    I’m not without blame or mistakes – do not use that as an argument. Let’s stick to the issues – I say GMA has squandered her presidency and should be held accountable for the corruption that is now escalating as she feels her power is is waning. You disagree?
    I am truly worried about your arguments…it feels like good intenetions are enough. Let’s take your analogy…let’s say i am the babysitter…hindi ko ba disisiplenahin ang bata kung isasaksak niya ang kanyang daliri sa kuryente? Or do I let it go because good intentions (di naman niya alam ang ginagawa) are enough.
    I totally agree with Arwin – One (not the sum) of the reasons that we are where we are…is that our collective standards for politicians / leaders is low.
    Anyway – let me end with this….you seem very strong in your convictions. And you are absolutely RIGHT…an opinion is an opinion and we are entitled to ours. We can agree to disagree.
    I just wish I knew why you believe we will be out of this mess in 10 years.

  12. lol..i am a she..that is why i want all possible filipinos to read our awesome planet blog
    na pag aari ng filipino na mag asawa itong site nila kasi here is where you can practice your church classroom homes o business debates analogy analysis etc…i respect lady phils. pres.gm arroyo’s hard works to better the philippines bcoz philippines was never this progressive never this advanced o admired & respected ever worldwide..the philippines was in the past decade-s known and famous for it’s poverties past violent corrupt activites at mga sikat na magnanakaw at famous as philippines illegal female-male-childrens traficking for prostitutions status dahil sa past american bases where poor abused exploited pinays{by their own countrymen} had to cater to the needs of foreigners & american sailors the philiippines lady president helped ‘uplift’ the higher status sa mga filipino na mga katulong hardinero o drivers kahit papano $ 400,00 dollars ay nakakatulong ng malaki sa pamilya mahirap.. wala kahit singko na elementary high school tuition fees ay na-implemented at nakatulong ng malaki rin yung pag taas ng sahod ay nakatulong din ng malaki yung pag bigay ng mga lupain sa mahihirap mga pabahay sa mga mahihirap yung scholarships sa pag aaral sa kolehiyo nakatulong din ng malaki yung mga tulay sa prubinsya yung mrt’s lrt’s at bagong stainless steel na mga train malinis at malawak na mga kalsada etc. etc. meaning mula sa mababang nakaraan ng pilipinas ay nagin respetado ang mga filipino ngayun na nabibigyan ng chances to shine around the world hindi tulad noon na decriminado at maraming social injustices palagi at sige bahala na lang buhay systema noong araw di tulad ngayun lahat nakikinig so thankful ako sa diyos at kay lady president nyo for this good great first stage na pasimula but more work to be done only blind person cannot see the good the better the best the great accomplishments she did kaya kayo lalong bina-bagyo-baha-at maraming natural na kalamidad last few years eh kasi hindi nyo makita ang magandang nagagawa para sa pilipinas tapos binababoy nyo pa ang tumutulong na matupad ang maisulong ang pilipinas kaya yung mga plus nyo nauuwi sa minus at minus change the attitude then see the resukts no later than a few months from now..lol

  13. While I am always hoping for the best, the article above is simply wishful-thinking. I don’t see poverty being eradicated in my child’s lifetime, let alone in mine. In my opinion, some of the visions in the article is what would make the Philippines a sicker country. I am not sure if I can post a link here but this article from Dr. Villegas is worth reading http://globalnation.inquirer.net/viewpoints/viewpoints/view/20090825-221948/Why-Is-the-Philippines-Still-Poor
    You cannot solve poverty by making the rich richer.

  14. haay – thanks for clarifying. to recap your arguments:
    1) GMA has done a lot for the country, provided a great start and the result is the Philippines is now more respected and the citizens have now beeng given a chance to shine and excel….napapansin ng mundo.
    2) Masyadong negative ang mga critics ni GMA (kasama na ako ‘dun) and all we have to do is collectively change the nation’s attitude and results will follow.
    OK – I get it. I would love for you to give concrete examples of how the Phils is more respected now (even GMA had to diplomatically “force” her way into Obama’s White House for an audience)….but sige na, I can understand where you are coming from.
    What does puzzle me now is this and your use of “ninyo” :
    “kay lady president nyo for this good great first stage na pasimula but more work to be done only blind person cannot see the good the better the best the great accomplishments she did kaya kayo lalong bina-bagyo-baha-at maraming natural na kalamidad last few years eh kasi hindi nyo makita ang magandang nagagawa para sa pilipinas”
    So from your vantage point in your new country (the US)…your old country (the Philippines) is even more beset by natural calamities because masyadong napupuna at linalait, o mas malala – di nakikita ang mga magagandang gawa ni GMA?
    Medyo insensitive yata ‘to, hindi ba? Especially sa apektado o nawalan ng minamahal due to the calamities…. You called me out earlier for “passing judgment” on GMA and her administrations efforts….who is passing judgment on an entire nation now?

  15. PExpat: i agree with you but let’s hope for the better that it wont make filipinos sicker if some intellectual filipinos has wishful thinking coz many wishful thinking do-did happened in the past..now i peak fast on dr,villegas writings which i agree to a lot but there are flows in the geographip & scientific atrategies areas
    of concern first it is almost questionable to compare philippines historical o agricultural events to other countries who has different geographic religious cultural land mass patterns first of all philippines is an archipelago it has a different natural weather{calamities}patterns & effects that wasted agricultural activities year after years in the philippines because land mass are not protected by connections to any other foreign ocuntries in the case of island japan they got lucky coz theyre rich & can protect themselves better than poorer phils. japan’s high tech help shield-lessened from natural nature’s vulnerabilities meaning you can plant all you want but you cannot stop it’s openness open doors to weather hammering phils. coastlines annually the great thing about all these analysis is it tells you how HOW TESTED-RESILIENT FILIPINOS TRULY ARE lol!..you cannot compare the gigantic cultural historical events of china let alone it’s gigantic work force of more than a billion chinese china could have been even greater to the fullest much early decades if their people are not so busy culturally ethnically dividing themselves lol also other well to do asian countries were not as long not as many times not the same colonized-colonizer..gma government at present just like villegas said are doing the right thing just keep doing them until completed lol!

  16. migraine name viewer: youre more about winning an argument at all cost than rather learned about it so it is a waste of time to have exchanges with you..haay never in any way implied she’s not o non sympathetic to the flight to the hardships of any filipinos she only gave an alternatives to see to change some attitudes that she believes could help change some of the bad weather patterns in the phils. trying all possibilities that do not REQUIRE a costs not even a centavo let alone millions of dollars high tech expenses is not a bad idea to try at all{would you not lol!}..if you keep reading all haay’s comments and if you just make a tiny or even just a microscopic EFFORT to see the logic the senses haay meant in her opinions statements that NINYO means that the focus of the topic is about inside philippines{systems} since she is in helpless america{not present} she highlighted her absences in phils. political social world but ‘you’ are OBVIOUSLY CREATING DIVISIONS AMONG FILIPINOS you are not really here to learned anything good here you have a transparennt other political social & economic motives here it is very obvious by the way

  17. migraine name viewer: do not under estimate the power of the americans i married an american{besides he reminds me of my first love}also bcoz he is dignified american & worth marrying..do not over estimate gloria’s administrations power bcoz she is not philippines president{second term}bcoz TO BE POWERFUL BUT SHE IS THERE TO COMPLETE HER JOB that is important necessary very important for the world never about power just doing what she is tasked by the people to DO to complete also i think theyre are all underpaid lol! her administrations had to-still working HARD to complete her tasked as leader of her country to those who keep saying she’s corrupt gloria herself is a goldmine any book deals sponsorships future speaking & social engagements or even just her animated future films{of her}will derive incomes in millions of dolars world wide she is not only a leader but also one of the world leaders but ‘on the asia continent sides’ if we only focus on personnal character assasinations nothing right proper good decent can be accomplished ever..do not worry since time will come for better judgement better solutions BUT civil wars is NOT AN OPTION AT ALL for the philippines sana naman hindi sana naman huwag lol!

  18. @ grandma:
    1) I learned from Arvin and Pinoy expat. I was trying to learn from Haay. I apologize if my words were sharp and aggressive. I gave more than a microscopic effort to ask her to clarify and provide support for her opinions. And you can see that I recognize our differences in opinion.
    2) I did take offense to her insinuation that the Pinoys who are left behind are bearing the brunt of worse natural calamities because they do not see the good gloria is doing. Read Haay’s words again – I’m not twisting words.
    3) My opinion before I let my emotions get the better of me is that we should hold our elected leaders to very high standards and that if we measure GMA against those standards, she falls short. Look at the members of her family and how they try to address the charges of corruption: http://www.blogcatalog.com/search.frame.php?term=winnie+monsod&id=0bada4c218b2c91de3c63cfb12f6ee9f
    If wanting a higher standard of national leadership upstts you and haay and see it as divisive…I’m sorry.
    4) What does any of what I wrote have to do with underestimating Americans?

  19. migraine name viewer: coz you keep mentioning-bringing american people in your statements read them all{names titles etc} if arroyo;’s leaderships is not that of a very high standards then youre insunuating that all american presidents who called talks and see her
    are inferior standards..are united nations ROUND TABLE discussions are of low or inferior standards are around the world monarchies & royalties are all low & inferior to you they have all welcomed and listened to arroyo nOW how can you deny that youre not behaving as GOD like haay have said when you actually believed youre so superior to arroyos diplomatic carrying abilities world wide no philippines president ‘ever’ had these extensive important welcoming diplomatic engagements & events EVER except her..haay i believed was right no need to have exchanges with you bcoz youre very DIVISIVE in nature and using filipino people as an imaginary lines-co conspirators to your massive website campaigns of DIVISIONS DESTRUCTIONS sprreading ‘discontent’ among celebrating partying labor force seeking workers is not going anywhere coz filipinos are deep inside though silent can one day PASS THRU unknown ignorances coz theyre smarter intelligent that simply pure character assasinations as if the world was never once ruled by even more violent war mongoring economic gods foreign colonizers arrogant westeners{ancient or latter}their past ways of leaderships & standards were either tolerated or ignored then they retire as wealthy war mongoring world leader hwo never face congressional judicial questioning no matter how many americans europeans they sent to wars and how many weapons industries how many atomic & nuclear bombs they keep building but it is o.k. bcoz theyre wealthy countries and arroyos are stupid & inferior for not BECOMING LIKE ONE OF THEM lol! REALLY SUCH A HIGHER STANDARDS ALL THESE I EXPLORE HERE FOR YOU to recognized your so called higher standards BTW wait untill{by some freak accidents but hope NOT}one of those bombs landed in you later{w/o arroyos global diplomacies}lol!..

  20. Grandma – great logic.
    “migraine name viewer: coz you keep mentioning-bringing american people in your statements read them all{names titles etc} if arroyo;’s leaderships is not that of a very high standards then youre insunuating that all american presidents who called talks and see her
    are inferior standards”
    Never said that US leaders should be underestimated. The US basically owns the world, even both you and haay (diba – sa totoo lang…). Just because they let GMA visit the country or address the UN does not mean they are poor leaders….think you are just being defensive because of where you live and who you are married to. I happen to think that other countries standards (what people will expect or tolerate) is higher than ours and I’m ashamed of that. Did you even watch the video?
    I’m not a conspirator, and I don’t want to use Anton’s site for more bandwidth. I am removing myself from this discussion. Good luck to you and your president who you love so much.

  21. migraine name viewer:{you do not need to reply}but yo are a PROVOCATEUR your so called wanting believing in HIGHER STANDARDS is only a smoke screen youre hiding from that reasons
    keep reading all your comments over & over again ‘character assasinations’ is your ‘aim’
    do you read books or listen to world-international news RARELY will any accused o possible accused ordinary citizens & the powerful alike will tell you or the public specific details on events they are being questioned or entangled with NO gloria’s son is no different than anyone coz he is not special he is not a higher form of species that anything he can just tell-blurr in public he is NO DIFFERENT than any accused SO WHY MAKE HIM SO SPECIAL IF HE IS NOT laws are made to be used just like as a good citizen YOU should used the ‘system’ bcoz not all legal cases are brought bcoz of justices all human beings are born to experience at least ONE 1 ‘guilty’ crimes{unaware}in a lifetime but not put to jails o prisons bcoz they are not caught..so those who has political neighborly co workers religious economic o love GRUDGES can make a difference coz they can PUT all they do not like in all legal BATTLEFIELD LIKE situations but to those living quietly o silent about their activities can help themselves away o out of troubles THOUGH they are part of imperfect societies that anyone can put into legal battlefield like zones meaning that is the reasons why people in general must be careful with anything they do and say and her son is NO DIFFERENT than the rest of the world the reason why he was ‘behaving’ the way he does he rely on his lawyers to explain his legal problems bcoz the ‘system’ said that is the lawyers for btw LEGAL SYSTEMS as i felt was created to aid-help the societies in case they are ‘ignorant’ about the law which MOST OF US ARE so that is what lawyers are for Not bcoz her son is special NOT AT ALL..also UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT DO NOT OWN ME or ‘do not owned me’ OR HAAY if the u.s. government will say that or state that or make a point to treat us that way THEY WILL GET INTO TROUBLE JUST LIKE US IN {if} REVERSE SITUATIONS ARE APPLIED BCOZ THAT IS ‘SLAVERY’.. i AM MY OWN MASTER..i am but my own..i belong to myself UNLESS I PERSONALLY STATED OTHERWISE married or not bcoz that is what the united states of america WANTS SAID & STATED that no human beings can be owned and becomes a property of any individual so your statements are very PROVOCATIVE it is alright to ge upset or mad but proportions it to the ‘degree’ of the importance of issues that provokes you but of course it is ONE’S opinions so i consider that as pure analogy analysis lol..

  22. One great vision for my beloved country. Utopian dream?
    Berlin Wall fell, USSR disbanded and adopted semi-democratic
    government systems, China rising despite (or because of) its
    billion people.
    My bet will be on this Utopian dream for the Philippines will
    partly happen sometime during my lifetime.

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