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For 20+ years, Sonia’s Cakes & Bakes has provided quality cakes at a very good price. Despite how long the stall has been operating, a lot of people still consider this a secret place to buy yummy cakes for special occasions (without being ashamed of how much they cost). Perhaps the reason why only a few foodies know about this cake institution is because the only remaining outlet is hidden inside Cherry Foodarama.

Mango Royale (P56 per slice, P350 whole)

The bestseller is the Mango Royale. No, it is not frozen, but you can only keep it outside the ref or in a cool environment for a maximum of 5 hours. It is soft, not too sweet, not too dense and just yummy.

We like ordering a sampler box of each of the cakes, which would only cost you less than P400. Here are the different flavors you can order:

Chocolate Delight (P23 per slice)

Chocolate Mousse Merengue (P38 per slice)

Traditional Carrot Cake (P60 per slice)

Ube Bavarios Cake (P40 per slice)

Banana Toffee Creme (P48 per slice)

Mocha Latte Femme (P46 per slice)

Apple Crumble (P28)

What’s your favorite in Cakes & Bakes?

Sonia’s Cakes & Bakes

Cherry Foodarama, 514 Shaw Blvd.
Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

32 thoughts on “Sonia’s Cakes & Bakes

  1. I’ve been going to Cherry since I was still small and Yes, that stall has been there (along with Booksale). Wow, galing na it’s survived 🙂

  2. they also have a branch near santol st., sta. mesa and another one somewhere in mandaluyong near calbayog st. (tama ba spelling??) when i was a kid (this was like maybe 15-20 years ago, yikes) my friends and i always used to go the sta. mesa branch for merienda and just to hang out. i always had the chocolate beehive, drowned with ice-cold royal tru-orange. sarap! i remember the chocolate was so luscious and the cream inside, augh! so sweet it could have given me diabetes but i didn’t care. they didn’t have that many variety of cakes yet at that time, mostly pastries. so i was really surprised to see how many kinds of cake offerings they already have now at cherry. will try to pass by soon… thanks for helping bring back a lot of memories. 🙂

  3. From Shangrila, cross Edsa to the other side of Shaw… just go straight the
    Cherry Foodarama will be on your left. You won’t miss it.

  4. Thanks for posting this, anton!
    Here are my faves from Cakes and Bakes:
    – Choco Banana Bread!!! (a must!)
    – regular ensaymada or ube (you can call to order so it’s fresh, i get a box of 12)
    – the mamon with the leche flan on top (don’t know what it’s called)
    – asado buns
    – pizza bread
    i usually get some of the roll cake like Pandan roll, mocha praline roll etc for our office merienda

  5. Hmm… odd coincidence. That’s my mother’s bakeshop up there.
    The Sta. Mesa branch closed in February this year when the owners of the lot decided not to renew the bakeshop’s contract. It was a little sad, really – I remember that branch being there for the last twenty years or so. Our grandmother’s place is still nearby, though, so I’m aware that the bakeshop still makes deliveries to that area.
    The Chocolate Beehives, unfortunately, are long gone… as are quite a few of the older products. The selection of cakes up there happens to indicate the current direction of the bakeshop’s offerings; they tend to reinvent themselves every couple of years or so.
    Most of the items that I would recommend have already been mentioned (the mamon with the leche flan topping, by the way, is their Custard Mamon), but I usually bring up the Egg Pie and the Cream Puffs nowadays. It’s hard to catch them on display because they disappear fairly quickly, so they usually have to be ordered. I remember getting my co-workers feeding off the Egg Pie at some point…

  6. nyek. sa Cherry kami namimili pero ni minsan hindi ko pa nasubukan yang cakeshop na yan. sayang. try ko nga cakes diyan. kung hindi pa napost dito hindi ko pa susubukan hehehe. pero yang chiller display for cakes sa picture parang bago ata iyan. parang regular glass shelf lang napapansin ko dun dati.

  7. went there yesterday and tried their White Sans Rival P45/slice. okay naman lasa kahit na di malutong. chewy siya and masarap ang icing. will try the other cakes next time. dapat lang train yung tindera kasi di niya kabisado ang pangalan ng cakes at wala kasi name display ang cakes. dapat lagyan nila name display at magkano per whole and per slice ang bawat cakes. and isa pa gandahan ang packaging kasi nung bumili ako ng isang slice sansrival sa plastic lang nilagay so nagdikitan ang icing sa plastic. sana man lang sa per slice box or styro kasama ng plastic fork. kahit magdagdag charge na lang para mas maganda kainin ang cakes.

  8. thank you to all ur comment,i know the tindera in cherry d yan masungit mukha lang,you can ask for the fork if you want to eat the cakes,you can ask whatever you want,next time kuwento ko sa kanila mga comment pag my time me.ganyan lang talaga cla trust me guys.

  9. We buy bread from them everyday! Their Tasty bread is really soft and nice to the bite. The lady who sells already knows our household help and myself by face and she is always pleasant and nice. =) Your review makes me want to try their cakes out sometime. =)

  10. I place an order to your moms bakeshop at least 3x a year for the lemon chiffon cake, it’s the same old fashioned cake from yesteryears, its sooooo yummy…for those intersted i always look for ana and call a day before to place my order and then i pick it up either in the calbayog (main?) branch or in cherry…trust me you wont find anything like it elsewhere..and anna?? she’s the best…super accommodating! :))))

  11. apparently, they have another branch that is in Samat Street, Mandaluyong city which is open 8AM to 6PM only 🙂 I just called up the number and made the new discovery

  12. I know this is a little late, but I’ve rediscovered cakes and bakes yesterday when they participated in the weekend gourmet bazaar at Eastwood Mall. They only have two branches now and both are in the Mandaluyong-Pasig area. They gave me a slip of paper listing the branches (the other one being Cherry Foodarama). Grabe! I super love their brownies (parang they didn’t have it on display yesterday, do they still have it?) and we bought a lot of the pizza galore and the choco banana… mmmm… sarap!
    They used to have a branch across OB Montessori in Sta. Ana kaya I sometimes buy my baon there. My mom naman used to live in Santol kaya forever na siyang suki ng cakes and bakes. Sana they can expand again. 🙂

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