Fifteen Twenty One (1521) Restaurant

Bonggang-Bonggang Binagoongan (P245 +sc). Super crunchy pork with local shrimp paste and strips of “manibalang” mango.

1521’s the year the Philippines was discovered by Spain and the year of heroism of Lapu Lapu, who was the first Filipino to defend our country against the colonizers. 1521, the restaurant, is a tribute to the heirloom recipes of different Filipino families by showcasing them for people to enjoy.

The names of the food are very witty, poetic and well thought out. The names are yummy by themselves and rooted in very Filipino insights like “Bulalost for Words“, “Bonggang-bonggang Binagoongan“, “Satay kang Bata Ka!”, etc.  Some of them deliver on the expectation; others, I think, become too complicated and creative just for the sake of coming up with a fusion type of Filipino food.

Overall, it is one of the better foodie places to hang out in when you are in the Shaw area aside from the usual Cookbook Kitchen and Galileo Enoteca.



1521 is already a popular lunch place for people who work around the Shaw-Mandaluyong area. Better reserve or avoid the peak lunch hours. It has a simple ambiance, with drawings on the wall to convey the feeling of being inside a Filipino house. There is no restaurant sign along Shaw. The best landmark for it is the Mr. Poon Chinese resto beside it.


1521 Menu Bukang Bibig Ensaladas, Wow Sabaws Ma, Anong Ulams? Beef Entrees Pork and Chicken Entrees Seafood Entrees Vegetable Entrees, Rice-Up! Pinoy Pastas and Noodles Sweetiks Mga Pampalamig at Pampainit Pasalubongs

Frankly, it was fun reading through the menu — you’ll literally have a hard time deciding. Most of our Filipino favorites were represented with a different twist. The main dishes range from P200-P350 and can be shared.

Kamias Cooler (Tall Glass-P65, Pitcher-P250)

The Kamias shake is an interesting drink with the right sweetness and sourness of Kamias. Just order the glass version because the pitcher is only good for three glasses. If you do the math, it does not make sense to order the pitcher… I do hope they change this.

Munggo ng Mayaman (P200 +sc). Semi-thick munggo bean soup with prawns, tinapa and palutik.

The munggo was good but a bit complicated with all the different ingredients and varying textures. It was thicker than usual. It’s more of a dish in itself already rather than soup you can enjoy because of the broth.



Potchero ni Tankeko (P295 +sc). Slow-stewed beef in a mush of yams, plantains, tomato sauce and veggies.


A lot of people will agree that this is one of their bestsellers. You can already enjoy your 1521 visit even with just this dish. I like the mashed saba, mashed eggplant with garlic and thick tomato combination. The beef feels like it is mashed too because of its softness from the slow cooking process. This is the first time I’ve appreciated Potchero because I often dismiss it as just another tomato beef stew.



1521 Restaurant
547 Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Wack- Wack
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Telephone: (+632) 794-0433
Mobile: Tanke +639178606687

Landmark: Beside Mr. Poon, in front of Babyland, along Shaw



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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)





23 thoughts on “Fifteen Twenty One (1521) Restaurant

  1. Wow, I noticed in this review your writing has improved a lot! Kudos to you, and thanks for reviewing this interesting restaurant. I’m a sucker for good binagoongan…

  2. Where is 1521 exactly? My wife and I can’t seem to find it. Is it on the other side of Shaw Blvd.? You have to cross EDSA from Shangrila?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Yes Tristann, it is pushing through. If you have a friend or who knows
    somebody in Two Serendra, ask them to include you in the guest list for
    Sunday… We are excited because of the line-up 🙂

  4. The shake in 1521 is just ok with Ice, Sugar, and a bit of Kamias — di
    masyadong maasim, a bit diluted also. Thanks for the tip on No See Sisig and
    Swak na Chicharon Bulaklak…

  5. “1521’s the year the Philippines was discovered by Spain…”
    I did not know the Philippines was lost. Sorry, my UP education just kicked in. 🙂

  6. Would you know if they are still open because when my cousin and I went there sometime in March, it was closed with brown paper covering the glass windows.

  7. Same as Frazzled Cook. I passed by there about a month ago and it was also closed and interestingly, the were many signs leading to Cookbook in the area

  8. tried it for lunch today and it was a disappointment. smallish portions. the rice and binagoongan arrived first, waayyy before the soup! We had to stop in the middle of the meal because we’ve gone thru the binagoongan and the soup and potchero hasn’t arrived yet. We had to follow up for it twice and instead of coming over to talk to us, the person in charge just signaled for us to wait a while. The maps soup and the potchero was too salty and definitely not worth the wait. Needless to say, we won’t be coming back here.

  9. Hi anton this is mary from pasig. I have a question for you. Is your landline number 7940433 is still your latest phone number? Kasi same number of mine. Costumers always call at my house thinking ako si restaurant. Pls delete
    This alisin mo na dyan yong landline number kasi ako ang may number na yan.
    Thank you

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