Can You Slide Down this 20-ft Natural Waterfall Slide?

Mapawa River Trek Waterfall Challenge (1 of 5 Series)

[Mapawa River Trek is one of the awesome adventures that await you in Cagayan de Oro, where you follow the natural path of the Mapawa River through Five Waterfall Challenges. Can you conquer your fear and survive the Mapawa River Trek?!]

To reach the first waterfall challenge — a 20-ft natural waterfall slide in Mapawa River — you have to bear a 30-min tractor ride inside the Mapawa Nature Park and hike for another 45 minutes.

Slippers are preferably removed. Don’t wear any jewelry either during the Mapawa River Trek!

What to do? Clasp your hands at the back of your head and lean forward to avoid hitting your head when you slide down the waterfall.

You can opt to pinch your nose to avoid the sudden rush of water inside it when you hit the water.

The kids can choose to slide down with one of the guides.

You have to straighten your legs; otherwise, you might fall on your butt (like me) — which would be very painful for men…

We survived the first waterfall!

On to the next challenge… (to be continued...)

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
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10 thoughts on “Can You Slide Down this 20-ft Natural Waterfall Slide?

  1. why painful for men? because you’re heavier? i don’t want to pinch my nose. i would want to breathe. but then why do synchronized swimmers have clothespins on their noses?

  2. Nice pics! I went here a few months back and it was great great fun! Just one of the many stuff I enjoy being assigned here in CDO for work 🙂

  3. lol! i do not mean bad to brag about this but i had to say that this 25 ft. waterfall is only about a quarter of what we dive here in the u.s. and i am more than 5 decades old way older lol! pero masakit sa katawan pag FLAT SA LIKOD at hindi diretso yung mga paa mo pag bagsak sa tubig kaya to have full fun filled jump kailangan ituwid mo set ng mga paa mo na unang didiretso sa pagbagsak sa tubig yun sigurado masarap masaya ang resulta lol yung mga tallest in the world{record}theme water o dry rides all of them i rode them many times as high between 70 to over a hundred floor building heights at the age of over 50 years{my age at that time of the rides} old husband said we should bungee jumping in the new built bridge in the philippines i just laughed coz i can see my old friends relatives will have a heart attack to see a fat ‘old’ lady jumping out of a very tall bridge lol! lol

  4. tinuy-an falls(bislig surigao del sur}..TINUY-AN FALLS FILIPINOS MUST SEE FOR THEMSELVES my advice to swim there and explore the jungle by groups not by couples lol! is an experienced good in moldening one’s super strenght hard to forget..

  5. bcoz maybe when holding your breath thru nose pinch it will help give you extra more air reserve so when you dipped in the water below and it happens to be deeper than what your air lungs reserve has then you will have extra more-that saved{from nose pinch}extra air to supply your lungs as you float above the water or to prevent water to enter your nose as the gravity pull you under water etc

  6. more painful for men maybe bcoz of ‘natural physical make up’..just like how it is more painful for men than women to jump in a taller heights or rides meaning ‘gravitational pull’ or suction ‘blackhole’ syndrome or..if landed straight ‘flat’ on your back bcoz water in very high-long distance is also like falling on top of your car lol!

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