What is Aidan’s Favorite Restaurant?


I get a lot of questions about Aidan’s favorite restaurant. We ask him from time to time about it. He would often answer either Jollibee or Pancake House. He likes both of them because most of the food is not spicy and the food is yummy daw. We try to develop his sense of taste and to discern what he likes and dislikes.

Aidan’s #1 Favorite Meal: Pancake House’s Mini Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and M&Ms! (He claims that Pancake House pancakes are better than his mom’s pancakes…)

What is your kid’s favorite restaurant and food in Manila?

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8 thoughts on “What is Aidan’s Favorite Restaurant?

  1. I hope not Jollibee. But her father is influencing her with McDonald’s fries. But like Aidan’s I think pancake meals for a kid is just ok.

  2. my son loves pancake house as well – mashed potato and pan chicken 🙂 he discovered one near his school so now he asks yaya to buy food for the long trip home .

  3. Its such a delight to see kids excited with food. my son who is one likes jollibee’s palabok, Conti’s seafood chowder and DQ’s milkshake. we try to expose him to different tastes and foods everytime we dine out para hindi sya maselan sa pagkain.

  4. My daughter loves the Shakey’s chick ‘n’ chips and Starbucks’ strawberries & creme frappuccino… 🙂

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