The Bead Lady Live @ Cubao eXpo!

Cubao eXpo: The Next Evolution Series

Angeli is known as the Bead Lady and enjoys a cult following for her Yummy Trinkets like cupcakes, cookies and candies made from Polymer Clay. The goodies look very real, and some people collect them, especially the cupcakes. Angeli, together with some friends, recently opened The Beadlady Craft Cafe in Cubao eXpo to showcase her creations.

You can also buy Polymer Clay Essentials there. Soon, she plans to conduct her most raved about workshops at the 2nd floor of her Cubao eXpo store.

Angeli partnered with her friend to open a cafe together with the store. I can’t wait to taste her friend’s pastries and coffee… This reminds me of an artsy shop ala Sonja’s Cupcakes but located in Cubao.

The most saleable items in the store are the customize-your-own-bracelet or accessories (Divisoria-style), where you can buy one piece at a time.

The cool Bangles in the Beadlady Craft Cafe are must-haves too. You can order your own customized bangles (check out the Cory Aquino Bangle)…

Printed shoes made by Angeli’s friends are also available…

It was cute to see these young fans of Angeli meeting her for the first time. 🙂

Angeli Sobrepena, The Bead Lady!
The Beadlady Craft Cafe
+63 915 561-5586

Live an Awesome Life,  


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

4 thoughts on “The Bead Lady Live @ Cubao eXpo!

  1. i like her i like this place too i like the idea of all white paint but with RED DOORS{thought provoking color theme}also coz i have many choices of what kinds what colors what shape what sizes what styles my own hand made umbellas abaniko head band notebooks diaries necklaces earrings pins bracelets rings shoes-bakya belts hats backpacks socks sunglasses purses bags or even clothing beads etc. i like beads but just on the back or in the sole of my shoes while i like them in the handle or both hidden sides of my bags or on the shady parts of my hat or to glue them on my friends neighbors schoolmates CELL PHONES lol!pero ang paborito ko ay beads sa mahogany o maple na kahoy-bakya either sa cotton padded o rubberized straps ng kahoy na bakya ni neneng kasi that will be the future it{takong eh hand carved na na letters}i couldnt wait to own at least 6 by 2012 lol

  2. also what is really nice is a canary yellow wall paints with semi lighter green like the green stripes of our awesome planet blog site or orange wall paint but with purple doors also for cutesy curtains try using collections of unique SOCKS or folded table napkins-handkerchiefs could be curtainless but just artistic glass paints of ivy leaves or trees if not waves of window bushes etc. as curtains if not maybe just an awnings or using a vibrant colorful ice cream wheel-vendor by the windows if not those plain wooden-cloth but headless maniquins to wrapped classic ribbons o di kaya super wow na pieces of materials{retaso} o i-pin some old letters thank you cards o di kaya those few but very tall metallic o classic shopping bags inseted{tallest}w/pastel colors na onion skins ng gift wraps standing in low-high glass windows facing outside window..pero mas attractive kung my light mannequin na may head pero faceless or in silver color tapos dress & accessorized mo sya ng mga drop dead gorgoues na sets of your best designs jewelries-accessories i couldnt wait to open a store of my own this time paying full monthly rent water-electric telephone & all other maintenance bills here in the states maybe next springtime i will open one in another but ‘fashionable’ town not where i live i will buy my stuff made in china made in india at u.s. & european made too hopefully coz your store is inspiring so thank you for having a cute shop in cubao philippines

  3. an attractive o thought provoking window displays which is the main themes of ‘unang pag ibig’ {my main past present future business storebrand themes} could be a water fountain inside the store would be interesting or multi colorful all walls shelves where you place all the merchandise complete with mini island center glass shelves wouldne interesting but what will really attract are those tall but thin ceramics o metals ng mga animal figurines like leopards dogs and monkeys{standing or climbing} o di kaya colorful wooden horse o mas effective yung a miniture of a ‘carousel’ in the store do really stand out..or if you want to ne more naturally creative in extending more business stores elsewhere try having a tall natural tree{dried or not} inside the store where most of your goods are hanged and walls of all built ins white o pastel color wooden cutesy benches for the customers to hang outs while self serving themselves with coffees teas o di kaya fruit juices a complimentary social business athmosphere w/ smiles business theme ideas to welcome customers exclusively designed for some of the ‘unang pag ibig’ store brand themes anywhere

  4. i want thousands of filipinos nationwide to open boutiques shops stores like these like my descriptions her as my unang pag ibig store brand themes para lalong mas masaya dyan sa pilipinas kasi pag mas maraming disenteng boutiques shops stores eh di mas pleasants ang athmosphere o enviroment friendly kayo lalo sa mga kaeskwela sa elementary high school man kapit bahay kamag anak strangers bakla maitim puti o kayumangi man o hindi as long as your filipinos nationwide eh mag bulkas na ng mga tindahan ng mga sapatos just undies o clothing lines o accessories o all types kinds writing pads-notes-pens-inks-shopping bags-calendars{stationaries}but self-hand mades o toys o functional ceramics-pottery items o bakya-tsinelas specialty pero filipino made-creations-styles a garden o outdoor patio items o exclusively filipino made wall-standing-ceiling lamps{bamboo o embroideries designs
    so go go go dream & design all your dream merchandise-items-goods start with few inventories say one of a kinds {first attempts} then find a location list all your dreams sketch plans in a note paper card board o cumputer approximate your future costs-expenses like rents renovatios on maintenances o a little fix up {if needed} your merchandise costs if handmades by yourself you’ll save way a lot more then go to the banks find out IF & how much maximum capital you can get to make your boutique-shops do come true when you open o extensions of businesses like these filipinos nationwide should think that hiring your own families friends & relatives are better in the long run maybe except for ‘family politics’ but still it is advisable so go go go now make them lol

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