Who Wants Coney Island Ice Cream?

Did you know that the Trillanas of Go Nuts Donuts fame are also the original owners of Coney Island Ice Cream (before it was sold to Purefoods)? They are finally reincarnating the Coney Island Ice Cream, but this time, rebranded as Go Nuts Ice Cream!

Coney Island is a very nostalgic ice cream brand, 100% Pinoy, and introduced more than 35 years ago (tama ba?) No, this is not the same as Coney Island in the US. Apparently, the Trillanas are known for “reinventing” popular American brands into their Filipino versions. From Coney Island in the US to Coney Island here in Manila, from Hostess Twinkies to Whammos, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Go Nuts Donuts.

In the meantime, I’m craving for the Eskimo Roll! We want the Eskimo Roll back!

Once you get a free taste of all the flavors, you’ll be instantly hooked because it is so creamy. It is made from Fresh Cow’s Milk and Cream. It is as yummy as the Extra Creamy Premium line of Selecta Gold Series made by the Celebrity Chefs. Best of all, it is affordable, and very nostalgic too — especially the Bubblegum flavor!

I would recommend ordering Pistachio. The nuts taste like they’re freshly opened and just sprinkled on top of the ice cream.

Go Nuts Ice Cream Premium Flavors (Single Scoop – P80, Double Scoop – P135, Tub – P215)

Strawberry – Immerse in full strawberry goodness with fresh fruit slices

Choco Hazelnut – The most delightful dark chocolate flavor, drizzled with oh-so-heavenly hazelnut syrup – a must-try for choco addicts

Pistachio – Authentic nutty pistachio essence chilled to perfection

Ito’s Macadamia – Go macadamia all the way! Macadamia ice cream with a dash of real,  nutty macadamia bits

Ozark Black Walnut – Walnut bits in extra rich vanilla ice cream – imagine crunchy and creamy all at the same time!

New York! New York! – Delicious buttery taste with that premium pecan flavor

I tried the Bubblegum flavor, which certainly invokes the “ratatouille” effect — memories of childhood days flashed through my mind while I was tasting it. I don’t remember Pastillas De Leche from before, I guess this is a new flavor?

Go Nuts Ice Cream Favorites (Single Scoop – P60, Double Scoop – P100, Tub – P185)

Belgian Chocolate – Cool scrumptiousness of rich dark chocolate intensified with gobs of chocolate shavings

French Vanilla – Richest Vanilla flavor from real vanilla beans and fresh eggs

Cafe Mocha – Perk up your taste buds with our frozen delight with a hint of chocolate

Pastillas De Leche – A swirl of milky sweetness of the much-loved Pinoy delicacy

Bubblegum – Savor some Tutti Frutti sweetness infused with real juicy bubblegum bits

Rocky Road – A luscious swirl of milk chocolate with surprising sprinkles of nuts and marshmallows

For a price of P100 for two scoops, you can choose two flavors for the maximum “Coney Island experience”. Each scoop should exactly weigh 90g. I wonder if you can choose more flavors as long as the total weighs 180g?

Go Nuts Ice Cream is only available at Go Nuts Donuts SM Makati, West Gate Filinvest (Alabang) and SM Mall of Asia. I can’t wait for them to expand to Go Nuts Donuts Global City!

What’s your favorite Coney Island Ice Cream flavor?

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P.S. We already know that Filipinos are good at “reverse engineering” but I believe that Filipinos are also good at launching world-class brands directly to the global market. Just look at what Korea did in Electronics, where they were initially reverse engineering Japanese products. But now, they are leading in this industry. I believe the Filipino Era has arrived and the “Pacquiao” effect will inspire more Filipinos to dominate the world. 🙂


59 thoughts on “Who Wants Coney Island Ice Cream?

  1. I grew up on Coney Island because it was a landmark in Session Road, Baguio. My fave flavors were mint, pistachio and bubblegum. I also remember the cotton candy that they used to make – in raspberry, blueberry… And oh, yeah, the Eskimo Roll… Ay, Ratatouille effect nga! 🙂

  2. I was a bubblegum fan, and loved their Eskimo Roll! Back in college, I used to treat myself to that small stand across Ateneo whenever I had extra allowance to spare teehee. Thanks for the good news! Sana meron din sa Fort!

  3. Ahhh… Coney Island. I still remember their branch in San Juan St in Bacolod. My parents use to bring me there whenever I get an honor in school. Bugglegum flavor. Yum. Will try this out later. 😀

  4. Oh, WOW! Thanks, Anton.
    This I have to go to. I grew up with Coney Island ice cream, Ling Nam, Automat and the rest of ’em nostalgic places gone (but sometimes being resurrected again). Okay, so I gave out my age (hehe). When that thing came out, boy, I mean who would have heard of 20-something or 40-something flavors in one ice cream parlor? It was a hit! I think the first branch of Coney Island was at the building besides QUAD theater (now the extended wing of SM Makati), where the Makati Post Office was before and the very first fast food center in the Philippines was also located at the basement. I think…
    Nonetheless, thanks again.

  5. You’re welcome Raffy! Yeah, how I wish may mga old photos pa ng Coney Island Ice Cream Parlors… if anybody has one, please email it to me please…

    1. Our eldest sister used to work with the sison family . As I can remember they used to own coney island. She used to give us coupon so we can have free ice cream . That was the good old days.

  6. Make mine Bubblegum and New York! New York! which have always been worth the frequent trips to their Cubao store of yore. But I agree that they played only second fiddle to the Chocolate Eskimo Roll which I considered back then as the penultimate ice cream treat.

  7. OMG namiss ko na ito! Childhood memories returning… ibalik ang Coney Island Ice Cream Sandwich or Eskimo Sandwich ba ang tawag dun? 🙂

  8. I was wondering what ever happened to Coney Island Ice Cream. I remembered that I used to go to Greenhills to get two scoops of Rocky Road Coney Island Ice Cream on a cone…

  9. From go Coney Island to go nuts, a big transformation and re-branding I guess. I never thought Coney Island was 100% Pinoy. Now I know. I wonder why they have to change the name though. I think Coney Island is way much better….hehe

  10. I guess they sold the rights to the name to Purefoods a long time ago. This is the same question I wanted to ask the owners if I get a chance to meet them.
    Also, we would like to petition to bring the Eskimo Roll and Lemon flavor back 🙂

  11. gusto ko ‘to! the last time i saw coney island was when they had this parlor at the back of unimart in greenhills, way back in the 1980s (along with the choo-choo junction spaghetti train resto, bumpcars and skateboard competitions in virra mall, and the mom & pop convenience store that sold ‘giselle’ melon-flavored milk and ‘angelo’ fresh strawberries. mga fellow oldies diyan, mag aminan na rin kayo). i can’t wait to try the new, improved, revamped ice cream flavors. just a thought though… wished the owners named the ice cream something else instead of ‘go nuts’ since it would be easily associated with the donuts… and the latter is not exactly enjoying brisk sales as it used to, having been overshadowed by arch rival krispy kreme. the old name coney island would have been just fine, and it would have had an automatic captured market in people who grew up with the brand (like me).

  12. YES , I want the Eskimo Roll!!! Bubble Gum, New York-New York, and Mint Chip are my favorites back then! Hope they can open a branch in Ortigas/Greenhills area…

  13. oh my gosh!! coney island bubble gum ice cream!! my family and i used to buy it all the time along session road in baguio every summer!!

  14. oh my gosh!! i loved the bubblegum ice cream as a kid!! my family and i would always visit the one along session road in baguio every summer!! this is great!

  15. OMG, finally!!! I’ve been wishing for them to bring these back!!! I miss the cream bars [in bubblegum & pistachio], though. Oh and I agree… BRING BACK THE ESKIMO ROLL!!!

  16. OMG, finally!!! I’ve been wishing for them to bring these back. I miss the cream bars [in bubblegum and/or pistachio], though. Oh and I agree… BRING BACK THE ESKIMO ROLL!!!

  17. yes i remember this. i think there was even a time they had something like an ice cream stick. im looking forward to trying this and be nostalgic. ihihihi!

  18. I think I remember eating my first Coney Island ice cream flavor! 🙂 I love their cookies and cream. When I couldn’t find Coney Island anymore, I tried the cookies and cream versions of other brands but I still look for Coney Island’s! 🙂 Woooo!
    Pero parang wala na ata sa list 🙁

  19. omg! it’s back.. i only remember the one in greenhills.. and of course i always order bubble gum.. thanks for sharing this anton =)

  20. bubblegum flavor! i miss that! i remember the coney island in greenbelt one. the one near national bookstore. that’s where we always buy coney island ice cream.

  21. Yeah, i remember eating lots of Coney island ice cream when i was in college….jeepney stop was quite near the CI outlet 😀
    having said this, i wish the owners had brought back the CONEY ISLAND brand name, rather than naming in Go Nuts…..Coney Island has instant recall and nostalgia, whereas when you say Go Nuts, you think of donuts, not ice cream….

  22. Yeah, Bubble Gum is popular when we were kids… pero ngayon parang
    most people outgrew the taste of the Bubble gum already.
    The Eskimo Roll is coming soon na daw 🙂

  23. I remember being amazed as a child by their chocolate dip which immediately hardens into a chocolate coating over your ice cream (which we can now buy in supermarkets as Hershey’s or Smucker’s “chocolate shells”) ..I also always have to buy a scoop of their bubblegum flavor every Saturday right after my electone organ lessons in Yamaha Greenhills, those were the days…

  24. cherry bonbon, grape and orange county… do they have the hard chocolate shell topping and sprinkles? sure hope it’s still the same coney island taste as before.=)

  25. hehehe di naman siguro 35 years ago to …parang ang tanda na natin e hahaha
    pwede ba gumawa ng petition to bring back the old goodies
    1) Coney island – eskimo roll
    2) Jack n Jill – muchees, barbecue curls,beef curry curls,prawn curls
    3) hay ano pa ba ?

  26. Anton they have a promo right now in Facebook and they are giving away free ice cream tubs and double scoop ice cream. I have posted some details on my blog. btw, thanks for the details above. 🙂

  27. i had bubblegum kanina lang! they have a stall in greenhills (food court in theater mall) and they only sell the ones in tubs! pero ok na ren. even if i have a bad cough ngayon, nag ice cream pa din ako! woohoo!

  28. Go Nuts ice cream are sold at the food court of Greenhills Theater Mall, a kiosk just right in front of Mann Hann. Go get some!

  29. I seriously missed Coney Island! I remember the violet rectangular tubs from before. There was an outline of a carousel of some sort on the side, if I’m correct. My favorite was the bubblegum flavor!! Can’t wait to try the new flavors 🙂
    Btw, was it coney island who made those yummy bubblegum ice cream in plastic cones with real gum balls in the bottom? I miss those, too!

  30. thanks for this post. i will definitely try their ice cream. im a big coney island fan. my family and i use to eat at the branch near malate church. love love the bublegum ice cream!

  31. lemon chiffon, lemon chiffon, lemon chiffon was my fave coney island flavor!! pls have it back.. it was divine…memories of a very beautiful past gome rushing back…

  32. Hi sir anton can you write a blog about best korean ice pop/ice cream bought in korean groceries here in the philippines….i really really like their melona ice pop. I’d also like to try other ice pop from korea with your recommendation! Kamsamnida 😀 thank u!!!

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