Anvaya Cove’s Reeforestation with Giant Clams

Last Saturday, Aidan and Joshua participated in the Reeforestation with Giant Clams in Anvaya Cove.

In this video, you’ll learn more about Giant Clams from Kaloy Yap.

Some interesting facts:

  • Did you know that Giant Clams are Hermaphrodites — both male and female? At age 8, clams become male-mature and at age 10 they become both male- and female-mature.
  • Did you know that the Giant Clams have a symbiotic relationship with a plant?
  • Did you know Giant Clams release millions of eggs in the water, resulting in increased amount of available food and increase in fish density and biodiversity?

Aidan and Joshua also had the chance to tag one of the first clams named ANV02A1. Hopefully, when they are older, they can go back to Anvaya Cove again and check out the clam’s growth.

volunteering for our planet

This is our family’s own volunteering effort to support the UN Worldwide Campaign on Climate change: Seal the Deal!

Thanks to Anvaya Environmental Foundation, Inc. (AEFI), which “aims to realize Anvaya Cove’s commitment to sustainability and a healthy environment.” Anvaya Cove is Ayala Land’s first seaside community in Bataan, about 3 hours away from Manila via SCTEX, passing through Subic.

See Jayvee’s Video on the actual Clam Seeding in Anvaya

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P.S. Anvaya Cove is really well-developed. Despite the financial crisis, they were able to continue developing the place versus other resorts that stopped their development. The beach and nature club areas are very nice. Plus, they have fast, free WIFI. 🙂 Galing!

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