Chef Martin Yan’s LIVE Show in Manila

Here are the highlights of Martin Yan’s LIVE Cooking Show in Manila:

How to Debone a Chicken in 18seconds? (Mabilis ba talaga ang 18s?)

(Update 12/5/09- Arvin was right, “He didn’t debone it, he just sliced it into parts and removed the breasts”)


How to Cook Martin Yan’s Szechuan Kungpao Chicken?
(There was no recipe given but I guess you can deduce it from the cooking procedure above)

Who is Martin Yan? Q&A with the Master Chef?
Get to know more about Chef Martin Yan by listening to this Q&A Session.

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How to Debone a Chicken in 18seconds?
How to Cook Martin Yan’s Szechuan Kungpao Chicken?
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Who is Martin Yan? Q&A with the Master Chef?
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4 thoughts on “Chef Martin Yan’s LIVE Show in Manila

  1. He didn’t debone it, he just sliced it into parts and removed the breasts. Still very fast and impressive, I could never do it, but I was expecting two plates: one with just meat, and one with just bones, in 20 seconds. That’s what you would assume when you debone a fish…

  2. I must expound on the MSG topic. MSG comes from seaweed, which I eat nearly every day. Most foodies profess a love for Japanese food which uses seaweed abundantly and in various guises. Why don’t we blame the Japanese instead of the Chinese for poisoning us with MSG then? Ajinomoto is a Japanese brand after all. Well it’s because we haven’t been told to do so. It’s simply scaremongering at work here.
    MSG is a flavour enhancer, as Chef Yann repeatedly stated. Glutamate stimulates your taste receptors, for that magical, hyper-deliciousness called Umami. Yes, they even gave us the word. And yet we never hear people complain of a headache after a Japanese meal. Or after eating cheese. Or anything with fish sauce, soy sauce, or shrimp paste. And yes, that most Australian of food, Vegemite, which has the highest concentration of MSG in a manufactured product. It’s yeast extract, which is fermented, therefore naturally containing a truckload of MSG. All fermented food do, hence their addictiveness. Kimchi, miso, cured meats. Cured meats and cheeses? This means Asians don’t have monopoly of MSG! Why aren’t the Italians, the French, the Spaniards, and the Germans dropping like flies after lunch?
    What if you went vegan you say? Just stay away from tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus then, which all are natually MSG-laden.
    So if MSG is so bad, why doesn’t everyone in the world have a headache all the time?

  3. I agree…
    He never really “deboned” the chicken…
    He just cut it into pieces…
    Or just separated the meat from the body…

  4. Why do dogs die when fed with MSG? hmmm… maybe we would too in higher concentrations…
    well no one would volunteer to test it I suppose… unless they want to eat their last meal

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