Dirty Ice Cream Burger


I would like to share with you a foodie discovery. I love this Dirty Ice Cream Burger for merienda that you can buy for only P15 from your Dirty Ice Cream Vendor. Sarap! I prefer the mix flavors of cheese, chocolate and mango ice cream as palaman for the monay bread. 

A lot of people are already busy this week with the last minute Christmas rush for gifts or attending to last business meetings for the year. Some are celebrating Christmas parties with friends and others maybe preparing for the Simbang gabi.

Don’t forget to have fun and to have a meaningful Christmas 🙂

16 thoughts on “Dirty Ice Cream Burger

  1. Would you believe it — Andrew Zimmern, when he shot his show here, found the ice cream in a burger bun bizarre? It’s more like bizarre-fascinating though, and not his show’s typical bizarre-shocking features.

  2. my wife and i stopped eating dirty ice cream (even taho, bbq & fishballs on streets) years ago after we watched a local tv documentary of how it’s done and prepared. i am not making a general statement that all ‘dirty ice cream’ sold in the streets of the metro aren’t germ-free but i wish all food handlers -in streets or even in high-end restos will be all hygiene-conscious for the sake of consumers.
    anyway, have a blessed holiday to all of us and may we all have a more AWESOME new year!

  3. i miss eating this, last time i ate this was when i was around 12 or 13 years old. my family found it quite weird but it’s really yummy. i should have this again one of these days. ihihihi!

  4. One of the best treats a kid could ever had. Although it was expensive when I was a kid I still manage to buy one for my self… ahh the memories comes crashing back to me LOL
    Sir Anton, how about a simbang gabi special where people prepare things after the mass? I heard St John in Proj 8 and Holy Family in Eastwood serve bibingka and puto after the mass… just thinking aloud hehe or maybe a feature of the perfect Christmas dinner? =)

  5. my wife love that. she always buy ice cream at Dan Eric and bread loaf. then voila ! sandwich with ice cream spread. How I wish I can take it for baon.

  6. weeeee! i just had this again when we had our mini family reunion in lebak, sultan kudarat just 2wks ago… 😀 even my old titas had them too… t’was fun… ;D

  7. my mom grew up in nueva ecija..she said that then, the dirty icecream that walked around selling ice cream didnt have cones and uses pan de sal..or a big bun. We grew up eating magnolia ice cream w/ pan de sal and not cone:D

  8. hi i’ m not sure if you still have this information but may i know the info you posted about your source for dirty ice cream in guadalupe? thanks so much.

  9. Hi, could you share the dirty ice cream supplier too? Planning to book one for a party. Thanks!

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