Lattize’s Fresh Corned Beef

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING:  3.5 out of 5.0

One foodie commented, “Super Awesome! Better than Delimondo” — this was my sentiment exactly. We knew about Lattize restaurant and we wanted to try it, but I never got any feedback on how the food is until the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0. (BTW, have you eaten at Lattize in Mandaluyong?)

Most foodies raved about their Fresh Corned Beef. In the restaurant, the Fresh Corned Beef is priced at Php 420. It is served with potatoes, carrots & cabbage with a choice of steamed rice or mashed potato. You can order it for take-out this Christmas Season for Php 1,350.00 – Medium (good for 4-6 persons) or Php 2,250.00 – Large (good for 8-10 persons).  

It was very good, but I would have to agree with most observations that it’s a bit salty and oily. I think it would be perfect with rice and egg. 🙂 If you are a fan of Delimondo’s Corned Beef, check out Lattize and compare the two.

This is one of the interesting foodie discoveries in the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0. 🙂

What Foodies Are Saying About Lattize’s Fresh Corned Beef

“Best Corned Beef I’ve Tasted!”
“Too salty, Better if it’s a bit sweet”
“Right Saltiness & Sweetness good!”
“parang sinful”
“could be improved more.”
“Funny I thought it was roast beef. It was good!”
“Tender and really fresh. Pork-fat ratio is so good!”
“A good substitute for meatloaf.”
“A little bit salty.”
“Tender and Flavorful.”
“A bit oily.”
“Tasty & Fatty, but maybe too much fat?”
“One of the best corned beef I’ve tasted”
“Good Stuff. A bit salty but good.”
“Good but salty.”
“but lesser salt”
“Super Awesome! Better than Delimondo”
“Really Delicious”
“I would order this.”
“Nothing great, ordinary”
“A bit tough, not worth the space in my tummy”
“Chunky-size very good! good not just for breakfast!”
“So tender.”

The Lattize’s Fresh Corned Beef Story by Miguela Francesca Que

       Growing up with a lady who has a passion for cooking, my dad, siblings and I were lucky to have home-cooked meals served to us every single day, personally prepared by mom. The recipe of fresh corned beef was handed down to my mom by my grandma, who also loves to cook and eat. It has been a favorite of my family, requested on Sundays, birthdays & holidays.

      Last 2007, my family moved to a bigger house. From there, my dad found a space within our new house and decided to fulfill my mom’s dream — to run her own restaurant. My parents started planning for a year. We were able to open Lattize the following year, August 2008.

      At first, the fresh corned beef was not included in the menu. It did not cross my mom’s mind since she was always thinking up new recipes to be included in the menu. Relatives and friends requested for my mom’s fresh corned beef. When we decided to add more items to our menu, we included the recipe. Since then, it has been our bestseller. Even though we have chefs, it is my mom who personally prepares & marinates it. There was not a day that we did not serve fresh corned beef.

Lattize Christmas Season Take-Out

Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 1,350.00
Large (8-10 persons) – Php 2,250.00

Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 1,450.00
Large (8-10 persons) – Php 2,300.00

Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 1,350.00
Large (8-10 persons) – Php 2,250.00

Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 1,550.00
Large (8-10 persons) – Php 2,450.00

Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 990.00

BEEF LASAGNA (6×8 inch pan)
Medium (4-6 persons) – Php 950.00


Lattize Restaurant (Under Gastronomy Food Haven)
224 Pilar St., Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
(Exactly near Chef’s Nook & Jipan Bakery)
Glenys Que or Miguela Francesca Que
Email: /
For Orders, please contact: CENON ROBLES
Telephone: 727-7239, 718-2693 to 96 loc. 113

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4 thoughts on “Lattize’s Fresh Corned Beef

  1. I noticed that a lot of remarks from the taste test are telling us it’s salty.
    Salty food is unhealthy. It increases hypertension that leads to heart diseases.
    Ask any doctor. While its good to have delicious food or any other delicacies.
    Health should be a priority. Foodies should be aware not just the enjoyment but
    better part of it which is health.
    Yummy but deadly is not worth it.

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