Flavored Kefir-licious!

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.4 out of 5.0


My favorite healthy drink these days is Jeren’s Flavored Kefir. The healthy benefits of Kefir are popular among the Chinese community. There is already one seller of Kefir drinks in Salcedo Market. I usually get my fix of Kefir in Arama in Serendra.

I had no doubt that the Flavored Kefir of Jeren would pass the discriminating taste of foodies. Some people even commented that it was so good in terms of sweetness and flavor that they couldn’t believe that it’s made purely of Kefir. I like the Mango and Vanilla variants (in that order). It’s like drinking ice cream — very milky rich, very tasty but still very healthy. How can you beat that?

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What Foodies Are Saying About Flavored Kefir

“The plain milk needs improvement.”
“Mango was good — too good! I can’t believe something so heatlhy can taste this awesome!”
“I would buy this!”
“…. but too pricey!”
“I don’t like the taste but it’s healthy :)”
“So healthy — a way to go”
“good flavors”
“green tea didn’t taste very green tea-ish but mango was good!”
“Mango flavor is best”
“lacks green tea taste”
“The chocolate is a little too sweet”

My Yummy Flavored Kefir Story by Jeren Cabral

Through my first article in this awesome website entitled “My Milk Kefir Story” (posted sometime in August 2009), I narrated how I came across the precious kefir grains and how I developed “milk kefir” out of raw milk.

A few days after that blog, orders for milk kefir suddenly soared. Some customers even ordered in bulk for retail purposes. Now aware of the health benefits of milk kefir, my friends and acquaintances are constantly texting or calling me for supply such that I have to work double time to accommodate them. Deprived of ample rest at night, I decided to give up my work in Serendra and focus on manufacturing milk kefir for my treasured friends and customers.

Since plain milk kefir has a tart or sharp taste, not everyone likes drinking it on a regular basis. So I came up with the idea of flavored milk kefir that will be enjoyed by everyone — adults and kids alike — to the last drop, depending on his or her favorite flavor. Currently, the available flavors are chocolate, mango, vanilla, and green tea. Other delicious flavors are still being developed and tested in my small food lab at home. I will be updating you soon…

For those who are not yet familiar with milk kefir, please be informed that it is 100% natural and very good for your body because it strengthens your immune system and, in the process, cures your illnesses.


Plain milk kefir  – Php270.00 per liter

Flavored milk kefir – Php480.00 per liter
– Php260.00 per 500ml (chocolate, mango, vanilla, green tea)

Kefir ice cream – Php269.00 per 1 pint (410g) (mango, vanilla, strawberry, fruits in season)
– Php275.00 per 1 pint (410g) (choco berry)
– Php580.00 per 1000g

For flavored milk kefir and kefir ice cream, please order a day or two in advance. The introductory price of Php240.00 for plain kefir has now been increased to Php270.00 because of the 12% VAT. Be assured that all ingredients being used in my kefir products are of premium quality.

Have a healthy day!

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11 thoughts on “Flavored Kefir-licious!

  1. hi guys,
    kefir is available at ArAma Cafe in serendra fort bonifacio taguig its beside different bookstore. it will be available in greenhills next year.will inform you when we open.
    Have a Healthy lifestyle,

  2. Hi Jeren,
    Did not know that you are no longer with Arama but I am glad business is doing great. Congrats, birthday twin and I hope to see you soon!
    🙂 Issa

  3. Well, I've pretty much blogged most of the highly rated ones. The last
    batch are the 3.3 rated items which are snack-related items.
    Thanks for asking 🙂

  4. hi anton. happy new year! im reading your blog on a regular basis. i really like your features. im just curious if you know the mexian restaurant “taqueria chilanga”. it used to be in metropolitan avenue in makati (near shopwise) then it moved to greenbelt 3 and branched out in shangrila mall. i dont know where they are now but i really really love the food in that restaurant and im just wondering if they’re still around. hope you can help me find them.

  5. Parang totally nawala na yung Taqueria Chilanga. Not sure what
    happened to them. Hopefully some readers would be able to comment on

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