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ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.7 out of 5.0

Canapes Chef was a last-minute addition to the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0. In fact, they just called to ask if they could join one day before the event. We would usually say no since we have deadlines we have to honor, but for some reason, I let them join the event to share their Canapes with the foodies.

The Canapes were an instant hit with a 3.7 rating in UTT3. It was served at room temperature but it was still good — it is best served hot, though. You can keep them in the freezer and then just toast them in a regular toaster for 4-5 minutes for an instant yummy canape meal. 🙂 I like the classic Beef with Mushroom Canape.

These days, if you want Canapes, you have to go to either Bizu or Delifrance. But nothing beats homemade goodness and being able to taste the passion for food of Carrie and Leslie in every Canape bite.

Check out their Canapes for the Christmas Season!

What Foodies Are Saying About Canapes Chef

“Really Good Canapes!”
“Surprisingly good. The crust is freshly baked. Big Flavor in one bite!”
“The pastry could be a lot better though.”
“Taquito with Salsa is Salty.”
“Yum! Will order for Christmas!”
“Beef with Mushroom Canape is Awesome!”
“Served heated”
“Good Flaky shell. Serve heated.”

“Taquitos with Mango Variant is the best.”
“Taquitos are too salty but the puff pastry shells are really light & crispy. Needs more savory filling.”
“Canape Wrap with mango — love it! Taco wrap is crunchy. Mango salsa added nice twist.”
“Excellent concept but needs more flavor.”

The CANAPES CHEF Story by Leslie

Carrie and I are sisters-in-law. We have always
wanted to do something productive together even if we are both retired
and are now ” domestic goddesses”. 🙂 We also happen to love food. I
make artisan breads to begin with, whereas Carrie is married to a
foodie who loves to cook as well and she has exposure and experience in
the hotel business, that being also her course in college (hotel and resto
admin). Likewise, we both love good food. (Who doesn’t?)

We spent months on end with R&D. Our families
(because we are married to brothers) were getting impatient, but we took
our time. We made sure we came up with a product that was not common and
not yet readily available in the market.

We are happy with the results as we are overwhelmed
with the response, especially from the foreign community who are
familiar with vol-au-vents and would rather party with ease.

a short time, the business has evolved to full catering for home and
company Christmas parties, even for a Board of Directors meeting, as
clients picked up and appreciated the idea of having canapes — a complete
meal in a bite, without the fuss of cutlery, china, etc…needed for a full sit-down dinner. In the party or gathering, there is more time
spent interacting and socializing (than worrying about the food).


Our food keeps frozen, another plus!!! You can order a box or two, keep in the freezer, toast in a regular toaster oven straight from the freezer for 4-5 mins, and voila!!!! You can have instant cocktails at home as you serve it with your fave drinks. 🙂

Our hot canapes that come in vol-au-vents are priced at P250/dozen.

Petits fours (our little cakes for dessert), cold canapes, and taquitos are priced at P175/dozen.

Our panna cottas are good Christmas giveaways, at P175/dozen, you have a nicely presented petits fours (little cakes) — a unique Christmas gift indeed.

We also need 48 hours notice for orders.

We offer mouth-watering, convenient, readily available canapés that satisfy every craving at a snap of a finger. Experience a burst of flavors as you savor a whole dish with one bite.

Enjoy one of our elegant platters with treats that taste as delicious as they look.

Our elegant cocktail receptions include uniformed staff and a delicious selection of bite-size treats with tasty homemade sauces.


Chicken Pastel
Beef and Mushroom
Taquitos (with mango salsa variant)
Grilled Lamb/ Beef/ Chicken Wraps
Mini Pitas (Lamb, Beef, or Chicken)
Seafood Thermidor
Lengua Bites
Mini Beef Burgers (with vegetarian variant)
Mini Quiches (Ham and Cheese, Spinach)
Spinach and Artichoke
Aubergine Tapenade
Pizzetes (pepperoni and mushroom, marguerite with basil and gorgonzola)


Smoked Trout on Cucumber Cups
Salad Selection in Corn Cups
(Asian Chicken, Pomelo, Crab and Mango, Caesar)


Panna cotta with fresh fruits
Banoffee tartlet
Coco Tartlet Delight
Chocolate Dobos (with White Icing)
Sunshine Squares with Cream Cheese Icing

Canapes Chef
Mobile: 09217878378 / 09152259312
Email address:

Pick up points:
The Makati Tuscany, 6751 Ayala Avenue
Quezon City: 49 Soliven III Avenue Ext., Loyola Grand Villas.


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