Jo Koy in Manila!

I was virtually introduced to Jo Koy by Benji Reyes through Facebook. I’ve been watching Jo Koy’s stand-up comedy set online this holiday season. I can’t wait for his first comedy show in Manila on January 21! I would agree with Benji that he is better than Rex Navarrete.

But, just a warning, some of his jokes are For Adults Only. He talks about taboo things — like his son’s ting ting. For parents like us, we can relate. 🙂 Really funny! 🙂

He seems to be virtually unknown in Manila (based on an informal poll I did with Manila-based OAP readers). But most Filipinos in the US know him — even my brother in LA.

Jo Koy guested in Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, proudly wearing a shirt with a Philippine Flag. We love him for being proud to be Pinoy. 🙂 Check out his stand-up comedy set in below:

(For more Jo Koy videos, check out Kewlit Co’s You Tube Channel!)
Jo Koy – Wii

Jo Koy on playing Wii with his Filipina mom.
Jo Koy – Tornadoes

Jo Koy on tornadoes in Kansas City
Jo Koy – Jo’s Son

Jo Koy’s son and his Ting Ting

For more Jo Koy videos, check out Kewlit Co’s You Tube Channel!


Thursday, January 21, 2010
Friday, January 22, 2010
Saturday, January 23, 2010
Time: 6.30 to 9.30pm

Location: Music Museum, Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines

Facebook Event InviteJO KOY Live in MANILA!

Tickets are available at:

TicketWorld Office
Visit TicketWorld Web Site
Call 891-9999 for inquiries and reservations.
Selected major National Book Store branches
Selected major Robinsons Department Stores
Cinema Lobby – Greenbelt 1
Glorietta 4 & Trinoma

Music Museum 721-6726 / 721-0635

I don’t want our OAP Friends to miss this fun event!

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P.S. I’m doing a series on New Year’s Parties in Manila. It looks like there will be the usual hotel celebration in Manila Pen. Bonifacio Global City will have a Fireworks Display to be launched from the Bonifacio Global City Open Grounds.

Can you share any New Year’s Eve Party worth going to? Where will you be this New Year’s Eve?

14 thoughts on “Jo Koy in Manila!

  1. I don’t have a son, but I’ve been exposed to other people’s, so of the three, the last one was the funniest for me. I still prefer Jon Santos and Rex. Didn’t see Jo Koy in Chelsea. Anton, you’ll probably enjoy Last Comic Standing, one of the few shows that I watch on Jack TV, on Destiny.

  2. He is really funny here much like Navarette, but a little different because Rex is more old school and Jokoy is new school. I think they’re both from the Bay Area though. They embrace their ‘Filipino’ness by having fun with it, culture and all. They usually both copy how their parents and relatives talk in English much like Happy Slip(though she’s not a comedian by profession)
    He’s gonna be funnier for you, if you’re a (1)Filipino,(2)understand American English (pronuciation, colloquial worsd)and of course understand Filipino way of speaking English. Especially the pronunciation as the words take on a different meaning, like the word ‘winner’ if said by an older pinoy who grew up in PI would sound like ‘wiener’ as in hotdog – “hey good job kid, you’re the wiener” and kids would just laugh out loud hahahahaha (much better in words).
    Even little Filipino kids here copy their grandparents,they copy my mom hahaha as they do not understand some words she says like ‘by and by'( instead of later), ‘for awhile’ (one moment please/could you hold on a sec. etc) when one answers the phone, I gib you ’embrace’ (instead of hug) and so on and so forth and she’ll go – “hey, what’s punny? ha” 🙂

  3. Yeah I heard it was cancelled which means they were not able to fill up the venue. I'll contact Jo Koy nga and see what's the real story.

  4. it might be, coz 6shows in 3days might be rough. ticketworld told me that it was still a good turnout, but they just dunno why suddenly the promoter said cancelled, maybe he’s not satisfied with the turnout of the ticket sales then. Now the worse part is ticketworld says about 2 weeks to refund the tickets.

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