Shoot a Real Leaf, Win a Nano!

Sponsored by Coca Cola’s Real Leaf Green Tea
Contest Duration: December 28, Monday to 11.59pm January 30, Saturday

A Toast to the Green Life! (see: Real Leaf Photo Album)

We brought home Real Leaf Green Tea as pasalubong for Aidan and Joshua. I was able to convince the two boys to do a photo shoot near the pool for this photo contest. If you have toddlers at home, you will know how difficult it is to convince little boys to do such a session. I’m glad the boys were game to do it. 🙂 I can’t wait to have another boy to complete the Three Kings!

Now, it is your turn to capture an awesome picture of a person drinking Real Leaf and get the chance to win an 8GB iPod Nano!

It is easy to join this photo contest with 3 easy steps:

1. Sign in to your OVI account (or Create an OVI account)
2. Upload a photo of a person drinking Real Leaf in my shared OVI Photo album: Real Leaf
3. For every photo entry, you should have your name, email address and a creative write-up on:
(a) Why the person was drinking Real Leaf and (b) The situation the person was in.

– You can use a dSLR, point-and-shoot, webcam, cameraphone or just any device that can take pictures.
– Alternatively, you can also upload the photo to any of your favorite photo-sharing sites (Flickr, Photobucket, TwitPic, PicasaWeb, etc) or in your own blog or FB account. Leave a comment here with the link to your photo and the write-up.
– This photo contest is open to all OAP friends (based in Manila).

I will select an awesome photo that will win an 8GB iPod Nano with Photo/Video Camera!

Live an Awesome Life,  


Anton Diaz
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P.S. Concurrently, AbeNoemiChris, and Apples are running the same contest and they are also giving away an iPod Nano. You can also join their Real Leaf Photo Contest to increase your chances of winning. Just remember, participants can only win once.

Coca-Cola Philippines will also select a Grand Prize Winner among the 5 winners from the 5 host blogs to win Php10,000 in cold cash and one (1) year’s supply of Real Leaf Green Tea. I want an OAP reader to win that grand prize. 🙂

Upload your photo entry now in my shared OVI Photo albumReal Leaf

and the Real Leaf Contest Winner is…

52 thoughts on “Shoot a Real Leaf, Win a Nano!

  1. Hi Anton,
    I just joined the Real Leaf Green Tea contest! 🙂
    I hope mapili 🙂 thanks and more power to this awesome blog!
    btw, I read about you in the Entrepreneur Phils mag.
    Nothing beats doing what you love to do, and getting
    to spend more time with your family. God bless and more power!

  2. A Hard Days Play…
    a hard days play...

    My wife and I love to do concept shots for our son like these. These were taken from our room with a wall as a backdrop. We prepared a few cut-outs for the wall to match the theme. Although the concept isn’t really complicated, setting up the props and lights takes quite a while but the actual shoot usually takes just a few seconds considering the attention span of kids his age. Surprisingly for this set, we were able to take more than we normally get– our son got hooked with the Real Leaf Green Tea and wouldn’t let go!
    These were taken a few days before he turned 2.

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