Lu Moroccan/Mediterranean Restaurant

Yes, we now have a decent Moroccan restaurant in town. Most yuppies and business people are flocking to Lu (named after Luis, the owner) for a good meal of Moroccan/Mediterranean food. The place converts into a bar by 10pm — this is one of those restaurants where you won’t see any kids dining.

Some people mistakenly call it Lu Lu because of its logo, which represents a mirror reflection of LU. This was the perfect venue for us to meet one of our good old friends also named Lu (short for Luisa). 🙂 I like it because of the exotic taste of the different spices used. Plus, my favorite couscous is a staple on the menu. 🙂 Some people probably won’t like it because of its “Indian” taste, which some taste buds can’t seem to appreciate.

If you are looking for a new place to try in Rockwell, Lu is the place for you. 🙂

Lu Moroccan/Mediterranean Menu:
appetizers, salads, soups and sandwich | pasta, fish, seafood, meats, dessertsdrinks, wines | cocktails

The place gets full every night, so reservations are highly recommended if you want to dine on the first floor. The mezzanine level is good for groups, but it is a bit noisy because the acoustic design of the place does not absorb the sounds around the restaurant.

LU’s favorite dips (Single – P120, Trio Sampler – P300 +10%sc): hummus beirouty, eggplant caviar, pico de gallo.

We started with the usual dips. The eggplant mash was good because of its grilled flavor and mix. The hummus was velvety, with a nice complement of spices. I prefer chopping the chili into pieces and mixing it in the hummus. This sampler appetizer was just perfect for three.

Grilled tomato & red bell pepper soup (P195+10%sc).

The soup was very smooth, which shows you the quality of the preparation of their dishes. We liked the grilled taste of the tomato.

LUjito (P240 +10%sc). Fresh lime, mint & tarragon leaves muddled with white rum.

One of the good things about Lu is that it has a bar and you can order cocktails while you wait for your food. (This seems to be the trend nowadays.) The Lujito is Lu’s version of the Mojito. I didn’t like it because the tarragon didn’t blend well with the white rum.

Feisty Moroccan Fish & Shrimp brochettes (P385 +10%sc) with edamame rice.

Our friend Luisa ordered this dish. The fish was fresh with “Indian” spices, according to her. However, the shrimps were not fresh and they had no bite (time to get a new supplier for shrimps!)  🙂

Turmeric Chicken (P370 +10%sc). Grilled and super juicy with pomelo cucumber atchara. 

My wife ordered this and liked it. Personally, I’m a fan of anything turmeric. I think it would have been nice if this was served with yellow turmeric rice as well — similar to the ones they serve in Batanes. The unusual combination of pomelo and cucumber as an atchara was a pleasant surprise, and it worked! 🙂

Herb-crusted Lamb Spareribs (P420 +10%sc) with bejeweled couscous.

As for me, I enjoyed my lamb spareribs with all the yummy spices. The meat was not exactly falling-off-the-bones, but it was very tasty. Our favorite game in iPhone is Bejeweled, so it was interesting to see our couscous become “bewejeled” as well with all the different, colorful chunks of vegetables. I loved this dish. 🙂

Recommended for a yuppies’ night-out for enjoying cocktail drinks and a different kind of cuisine! 🙂

Lu Restaurant, Rockwell
G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati City, Metro Manila
To reserve: please call (+632) 403-3991

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13 thoughts on “Lu Moroccan/Mediterranean Restaurant

  1. just curious, why are you a fan of “anything turmeric”? seeing as how turmeric retains little to no flavor after it has been cooked, I see no reason to be a “fan” of this spice, aside of course for that natural golden yellow hue it gives dishes, which is hidden by the fact that the piece of chicken in your photo is overcharred.

  2. Well I've tasted a fresh turmeric spice from freshly grounded yellow
    ginger in Batanes and ever since I've got hooked to it. The turmeric
    powder is not as flavorful as the fresh one but it is better than
    nothing. I've been looking for that flavor ever since.

  3. Lu is not bad–
    I ordered the lamb ribs, which I have to say, is fantastic with the couscous. (It was reallly good)
    Meanwhile, my friends ordered steak. One of them got a larger cut while the other, a much smaller cut.
    And the steak wasn’t great.
    The desserts were good though– I agree with Judy, the PJ&J was awesome.

  4. Too bad they don’t serve tagines or my absolute fave Moroccan dish, b’stila. Kasbah in Boracay Station 1 makes a really good seafood tagine. But I’m absolutely craving for b’stila now!

  5. Then you must try Adobo sa Dilaw…. also made by young yellow ginger, very popular in Taal town.

  6. I agree. I love turmeric. And yes, Adobong Batangas uses fresh turmeric and it gives our adobo not just a wonderful tinge of yellow color but also of that distinctively adobong Batangas taste =)
    BTW, I love Lu. Too bad they moved na.

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