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There’s a foodie buzz going around about Tippi Tambunting’s new restaurant, and Rajo, Heart2Heart and EyeOnWine were ahead of the pack. It is called Masseto, named after an Italian wine, and it’s a fine dining restaurant/wine bar. It has an extensive wine list much like Cav (without the wine dispensers), and is as elegant and hidden but more spacious than Elbert’s (without the steaks).


Masseto is owned by the same people behind Premium Wines and they did a very good job of integrating the wine cellar with the dining setup and gourmet food by Chef Tippi. It has a better execution than the Wine Museum setup of Ralph’s. Check out EyeOnWines‘ review of the wine selection there.

I’m excited about Masseto because it elevates the fine dining scene in Manila. If you like Lolo Dad’s and Aubergine, you’ll surely enjoy Masseto. Plus, it’s a great place for Valentine’s. 🙂

The crowd is mostly composed of business people and the gourmet foodies of Manila. The place gets packed at around 9pm onwards. I love the heavy couch seats — very masculine with the strong lines and dark colors. Great job by Maja Olivares-Co for the design of the interiors! 🙂

Masseto’s MenuBar Menu | Appetizer Main CourseDesserts

The menu is quite simple and limited, which I like because it gives you the impression that each dish was carefully chosen by the young Culinary Institute of America-trained chef.

Goat Cheese Ravioli, Olive Butter (P350 +10%sc).

It’s very soft and light; even the taste is subtle. The only thing is, it’s gleaming with butter oil.

Before the main dishes, sorbet is served. A bit icy and served in a simple, blue crystal glass. I can taste the ice more than the flavor.

Crispy Duck Leg, Roasted Potatoes (P990 +10%sc).

This is Masseto’s signature dish and the top recommendation of the waiters. It’s like duck confit. The presentation is simple but carefully crafted. I like the crispiness and flavor of the skin, and the layer of fat together with the meat. Each strand of meat has good flavor — no need for additional spices — just perfect as it is.

Lamb Rib and Sausage, Couscous and French Beans (P800 +10%sc).

My friend Jean ordered this dish, so I only got to taste a bit of it. The lamb meat itself is so tender that you can easily take it off the bones. I’d say it has the texture of corned beef.

The lamb tasted a bit more of tomato, though, and Jean requested to have more pepper added into it.

Thanks to Jean for the engaging discussions on social media, love, and life in general. 🙂

Pavlova, Strawberries (P330 +10%sc).

This is the killer dessert of Chef Tippi — crusty meringue with strawberries and ice cream inside. 🙂 Ah sarap!

Warm Chocolate Cake, Honey Ice Cream (P360 +10%sc).

It’s more expensive than the Pavlova (by P30), but a bit disappointing. The ice cream doesn’t really taste like honey and the chocolate cake is just a moist cake of toned-down chocolate.

Let me know if you like this…

It was nice of Chef Tippi to drop by our table and have a short conversation with us.

I wanted to ask a lot of things, particularly about her home-based Saltine dessert business and Masseto, but I didn’t want to monopolize her time. I’ll just wait for all the features that will be released in the leading newspapers and high-end magazines soon. 🙂

Entrance of Masseto. There’s no sign that says it is Masseto except for its signature red M-stamped logo.


Enjoy Chef Tippi Tambunting Gourmet Creations set in an intimate hidden restaurant in the heart of Makati with an extensive Wine Cellar by Premium Wines. 

Address: SB Cards Building, Mezzanine Level, 114 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone: +632 810-3565, +632 338-0929
Mobile: +63 918 811-8088
Email Addressinfo@masseto.com.ph

Parking Tips:
Masseto is along Valero near the Starbucks on VA Rufino (or Herrera). You can go to Ayala, turn right on De La Costa, then turn right on Valero. Masseto will be on your left, 2 buildings before VA Rufino. You can park in front.

However, I prefer to pass by the back street (San Agustin St.) and park beside the building of Masseto. San Agustin is one-way going to Buendia/Ayala direction and the parking entrance is along this street. After you pass by VA Rufino (formerly Herrera), the parking area should be the first open parking lot on your left.

You won’t really see a lot of action happening from the outside, but you’ll definitely see a lot of drivers waiting for their bosses. 🙂

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P.S. Thanks to Jean for the treat! (Next time Trip naman… 🙂 ) Follow her blog at www.TripOrTreats.com

26 thoughts on “Tippi Tambunting’s Masseto

  1. Been to Masseto’s twice, and am really, really loving their Bacalao fritters! Goes wonderfully well with their bread 🙂

  2. hi anton.
    Im a great fan of your website.
    I’ve noticed lately lang na mabagal mag-load mga pics dito — too many visitors ba? Hope you can fix this. thanks

  3. Just a couple of things:
    1. You found the crispy duck leg “like confit”, because it actually is duck confit.
    2. Only some of the owners of Masseto are also owners of Premium Wine Exchange. Some owners of PWX are not involved in Masseto, and some owners of Masseto are not involved in PWX.

  4. Unfortunately, you are mistaken.
    I know exactly what they use for that dish; I know who the supplier is; and, I used to buy that same product for my home. It is confit. I know that for a fact as I recognized the taste, asked Tippi and one of the owners (I know them well and for have for years) and they confirmed my thoughts.
    Salty=confit? Not salty=not confit? Not necessarily on both counts.

  5. Hi Noel, we’ve met before at a wine event. Thanks for the clarification on Masseto’s duck.
    I didn’t think it was a confit because the menu didn’t indicate that it was a confit. Personally, if it is indeed a confit, then it isn’t a very good one because the salt preservation did not make itself any obvious in the final product. It also seemed to lack duck fat poaching since the leg was on the dry side (not a result of overcooking), rather than crispy, tender but moist. To me good duck confit has the meat a bit stringy as well, this one lacked that quality too.
    It was so-so in my book. I stayed for a short bit in Gascony a long time ago (and indulged in confit, foie and Armagnac). While I don’t expect all confits to taste as good, I think they should at least be true to the basic principles of this classic and staple French dish. I guess we can classify this as Messeto’s version of duck confit.
    Not to say the restaurant isn’t any good. I actually like the place.
    BTW, I am a regular of your blog. Good job on that.

  6. Santi, thanks, at which wine event did we meet? I’m sorry, I attend a lot of these things and my memory is not what it used to be. That, and yours is a popular nickname with the “mestizo mob”.
    I don’t think the Massetto people would like it if I publicly disclosed the source of their confit de canard, but I can tell you it is from Southwest France, north of Gascony – from Périgord, to be exact. As mentioned earlier, I used to buy this for use at home a while back (it is readily available at retail) – so I recognized the taste.
    When I prepare that product the usual way at home – the way I’m sure you know since you have been to Gascony – it turns out how you describe. Several years ago, another friend showed me a different way to cook it, and it turns out the way Masseto serves it. Personally, I usually order the confit when I’m in Masseto (unless a special menu is pre-arranged) because it serves as a good backdrop for Bordeaux and Burgundy wine (I only occasionally order steaks in restaurants because I make pretty good steaks at home).

  7. Don’t we all just love watching pretentious snobs trying to outdo each other? 😉
    Thank you for the review Anton, and I do hope you don’t mind my (slightly) off-tangent observation.
    Cheers everyone.

  8. nice valentines, wish the menu had more options for non meat eaters. Too bad we couldnt have the wine since my wife’s pregnant. Would like to try again when there’s not a set menu.

  9. Don’t we all just love watching pretentious snobs trying to outdo each other? 😉
    About as much as I love reading gratuitous, judgmental and self-righteous comments from persons hiding behind virtual anonymity.
    Why would you consider correcting inaccurate information in a post that purports to be informative (to the dining public in this case) pretentious and snobbish?

  10. Hi santi!
    I have been to Masseto, My supplier was not too happy with his dish, I was ok since I was on a “diet mode” haha and just had fois gras. (ironic!)
    They were still new in May ..but I know the owners are the “experts” with food and wine.
    I am very happy to hear you spent time in the Southwest France!! and appreciate Armagnac and the canard et foie gras! 🙂

  11. fresh out of cooking school food…chef tippi needs more exposure and experience IMO. get yourself better. your customers deserve it

  12. It was my first time at masseto and it was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. we made early reservation at masseto for a family dinner on valentine’s day. it came highly recommended by our chef friend but it was a total turn-off not because of the food but because of the MANAGER named MITCH who was so rude, who was not sensitive enough to realize that people are in the middle of enjoying the occasion. She ruined our simple valentine’s celebration and didnt even bother to apologize. half-way through our main course, i went to the washroom and on my way back to my table, she stopped me to tell me we only have 20 minutes left to finish our course….VERY RUDE…20 minutes to finish my steak and my dessert? I was not on my lunch break. We didnt go there primarily for the food, but we went there primarily to relax after a day’s work wanting to enjoy each others company in celebrating a special day over a fancy dinner, then a MANAGER will just throw you out of their place. I wonder if this is a directive coming from the owner to give their customers only an hour or an hour and a half to finish their meal? or was it just the manager’s decision alone? we understand that this is a business but are they not aware that their customers are professionals responsible enough to know their time.

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