Le Petit Artisan, Authentic French Bakery in Greenbelt 5 :)


Another authentic French bakery recently opened in town — Le Petit Artisan in Greenbelt 5. It’s a bakery owned by Frenchman James Rondane, who has been selling his assortment of bread in the Salcedo and Legaspi Markets. The Max Brenner group partnered with him to set up Le Petit Artisan.

Authentic Baguette (P60 per 300g).

What I like about him is his philosophy of using the finest ingredients and not using any refined sugar in any of his bread. Of course, the bestseller would be the authentic baguette, which Filipinos know as “the French bread”.

A preview of the available assortment of bread in Le Petit Artisan:

Multi-grain Poppy Seeds Bread (P190/ kilo).

Sourdough Loaf Bread (P150/ Kilo).

Californian Walnuts Bread (P180/ Kilo).

Farmer’s Sesame Sourdough (P160/ kilo).

Muesli Grain Bread (P175/ kilo).

US Walnuts Cinnamon (P180/ kilo).

The types of bread here are not the ones we are normally used to because they are a bit hard and somewhat bland. I ordered this Walnut Cinnamon bread, which is the closest thing they have to sweet bread among all the bread offerings. Best to enjoy it toasted and with coffee.

Nespresso Freshly Brewed Coffee (P88).

Coffee is also available (they carry the Nespresso brand).

It is a nice hangout place in Greenbelt 5, an alternative to Starbucks since you can dine al fresco with a view of the greenery while you enjoy your bread and coffee. 🙂

Le Petit Artisan 
by James Rondane
Phase 2 (Ground floor, beside Madison Grill)
Greenbelt 5, Makati
For orders, contact Jhill Rondane @ +63929 842 9824

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P.S. The croissants are handmade but a bit disappointing.

28 thoughts on “Le Petit Artisan, Authentic French Bakery in Greenbelt 5 :)

  1. I saw this kanina and I was about to tell you to visit it. hehehe. I think I will be bringing home a baguette tomorrow after my meeting 🙂 Hehehehe!

  2. We were there last Jan30 because we missed Max Brenner. Glad to see a patisserie beside it so I decided to try it out. Ordered 2 croissants, fromage pizza, a couple of hugmugs. The chocolate concoctions of Max Brenner still warms the heart. Unfortunately, I found the croissants too hard despite asking the counter person to warm it a bit. Still prefer the ones from Alexandre @ The Fort.

  3. I really loved to eat baker food.This loaf bread is one of my favorite bakery food I am very excited to see this one It is very nice for us I am very excited to se thisone It is very cool blog You post very nice bakery food

  4. I used to order my bread from James regularly since he would deliver it to my former office (he had several loyal customers there) and it’s by far the closest thing I have found to bread like it is found back in France. Thanks to James, I got a taste of home right here in Manila! I’m excited to visit Le Petit Artisan in GB5! 😉

  5. Btw best coffee I’ve tasted belong to Red Baron coffee shop, I really recommend to all coffee lovers to try their Americano and Cappuccino, best talaga!

  6. I indicated the directions in the blog post, it is near 7/11 near Shell the Fort.
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  7. unfortunately, there's none in greenbelt 5 or this area.
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    Anton Diaz
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  8. Wala nga silang pang slice ng bread eh. 😐 Bumili kami noon tas ipapaslice sana namin, di daw kaya ng slicer nila.

  9. we used to get our Pain au chocolat from there…last Sunday we bought 4 to go and decided to eat one in. we were so shocked that it was a)dry as a saw dust, b)hard enough to throw at somebody despite having it heated, c)the texture was more of heavy loaf bread than the stretchy/airy/flaky-ness of a croissant. I tried asking the sales person if this was how they typically make it; i should not be surprised when they answered ‘yes’. This is what I’d call a highway robbery – selling failed items to paying customers. To cut the long story short…it is not a place to be patronized having no quality control whatsoever.

  10. quality has gone down considerably. there was a tiny cockroach in the wholewheat that i bought, i thought it was a black sesame seed that got accidentally mixed in with the batter, lucky my wife was there to tell me that it was actually a tiny cockroach or insect. had to throw everything out.

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