The Birth of Baby RAPHAEL ANTHONY (A Photo Essay)

A photo essay on the birth of Baby Raphael Anthony Uy Diaz…

The Birth of Baby Raphael-180
Proud Mom Rache and the Diaz Musketeers: Ahiya Aidan, Dihya Joshua, and Syoti Raphael

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The Birth of Baby Raphael-12
We decided to have the birth take place in Makati Medical Center on the 5th floor of the new wing. The doctor opted to confine us on Feb. 9, around 10pm, when Rache was already in active labor.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-15
We were debating naming BB5 as Raphael Isidro vs. Raphael Antonio. We wanted the second name to be the name of a saint. For Aidan, it was St. Dominic; for Joshua, it was St. Francis Xavier; and for Raphael, St. Anthony, who is also my patron saint. 🙂

The Birth of Baby Raphael-91
It was a very smooth delivery — the natural Lamaze way. No anesthesia, no epidural. Just good ol’ hee hee hoo and push. I’m so proud of my wife, Rache, for bearing all the pain and for pushing just once.

Thanks to our OB, Dr. Lilibeth Genuino!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-85
The first photo of Baby Raphael Anthony Uy Diaz… What an angelic face! 🙂

The Birth of Baby Raphael-107
First photo of Mommy Rache and Baby Raphael. 🙂

The Birth of Baby Raphael-138
Baby Raphael spent his first night in the nursery for proper cleaning and observation.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-160
Our dearest pedia physically examined Baby Raphael for the first time for any abnormalities and to check if everything is in place.

Thanks to Dr. Vienne Saulog for checking up on Baby Raphael!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-152
Probably a birth mark?

The Birth of Baby Raphael-165
Joshua was so happy to see the baby!

The Birth of Baby Raphael-1
He was trained to take care of Diego (given by his ninong Rommel), so he was excited to be a kuya already.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-173
Aidan was a bit clingy when we saw him. He missed us and was also happy to see his youngest brother.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-185
Lola Emy and Ama Imelda with Rache and a smiling Baby Raphael. 🙂

The Birth of Baby Raphael-195
Tita Lot was Baby Raphael’s first visitor outside of our immediate family. 🙂

The Birth of Baby Raphael-197
My Awesome Pilipinas partners — Maribel and Dedet — visiting us and the newborn baby. They brought a nice bouquet of flowers and 3 blue balloons (in the background).

The Birth of Baby Raphael-206 
It was painful to see the baby being pricked for blood for the newborn screening test.

The Birth of Baby Raphael-209
Mommy Rache recovered fast. After 36 hours, we were ready to go home. 🙂

Thanks to the nurses and staff of Makati Medical Center — very professional and very caring!  We were deciding whether to give birth in the new St. Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City or Makati Med. We are glad that we made a great choice. 🙂

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P.S. Thanks also to Geiser Maclang for the lovely bouquet of flowers with balloon when we got home. It was designed by no other than Michi Calica. 🙂 Thanks so much!

105 thoughts on “The Birth of Baby RAPHAEL ANTHONY (A Photo Essay)

  1. Anton! Congratulations! Im an avid reader and you’ve answered an email or two in the past. It’s funny – our kids are all the same age but I have three girls! I also just gave birth (although prematurely) to my third… Plus we have the same pedia 🙂 Vienne is very nice 🙂 Hope your wife will recover well 🙂

  2. Wow, same pedia 🙂 Ang galing! we should meet up with the boys and your girls one of these days, hehe.
    We might bump into each other in the clinic, just say hi 🙂 Thanks for the comment and the congratulations!

  3. Yes we opted for circumcision immediately after birth. The labor was very easy… after 8cm and when the bag broke, lumabas na kaagad yung baby… we did it the lamaze way 🙂 

  4. congratulations. i’m a regular reader of your blog, saan mang bansa ako mapunta. 🙂
    my son’s name is also raphael. i love that name! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Anton and Rachel on your new baby Raphael. Same here we also have 3 boys…..
    I’m an avid reader of your blog.

  6. congratulations… i’m in awe of any mother who can give birth without anesthesia. been there twice and di talaga kinaya ng powers ko 🙂

  7. congratulations to you and Rachelle…i can only imagine having 3 boys could be such a riot! BOW ako to Rache for going through Lamaze! Will you try for a girl pa? (“,)

  8. Congratulations to your new baby!
    Dra. Lilibeth Genuino is the OB of my wife, too (and her mom the Pedia of our son)! Indeed, MMC is the better choice — value for your money.

  9. Congrats Rache and Anton! God bless your growing family 🙂
    I admire Rache for doing it the natural way sans anesthesia/epidural. Such a brave momma.

  10. Hi Anton. Congratulations on your third bundle of joy!
    This is a gem of a photo essay. Glad to know that it was a successful Lamaze delivery sans anaesthesia. My wife and I wanted the same thing fourteen years ago with our firstborn – we went through all the requisite training and preparation for that much anticipated moment. But halfway through the labor process, our yet unborn son exhibited fetal distress – his heart rate dropped to less than half that of normal. The next thing we know, it was a flurry of activities straight out of the TV series ER as an emergency caesarian operation was in order. Everybody was so focused on both mother and child that nobody noticed the expectant father gleefully clicking away with his trusty camera – inside the über strict delivery room of Saint Luke’s Hospital at that! Indeed one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! Unfortunately the ordeal rendered my wife practically incapable of undergoing a Lamaze delivery again with out younger son.
    We pray that both Rache and Raphael will continue to do well. Wishing all the best for your family!
    From Ted and Joyce Capacillo

  11. Thanks Ted for the sharing your own emergency caesarian experience… it was a funny now and I can imagine what was happening at that time. Thanks for the greetings and the prayer 🙂

  12. Congratulations Anton! The OAP family is expanding…
    If my second child had been a boy, we would have named him Rafael as well. We had a princess instead, and we named her Rachel (another lovely name, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

  13. Indeed it is an amusing priceless story worth retelling countless of times over. Just imagine – the doctors and nurses even forgot to hand me a face mask while inside the delivery room to which I was supposedly off limits! When somebody did notice, I was already taking pictures of my newborn son, hehe…
    Oh, just an erratum…
    Unfortunately the ordeal rendered my wife practically incapable of undergoing a Lamaze delivery again with our younger son.

  14. Wow, I can’t help but be at awe in what Ms. Rache did…. she is your one awesome wife!
    She looks like a complete miniature Ms Rache =)
    Look at all of us, not just being avid readers of your food reviews, we are literally being part of your family too.. well in one way or another… =)
    Congratulations Sir Anton and Ms Rache, I am also looking forward to seeing this third kid running around your next events… you’ve got good genes, they all look soooo cute! =)

  15. Hi Anton! WOW! I was very impressed with which method rache used in giving birth..She is a very brave! Congratualtions to both of you!

  16. Yeah he looks like really chinese and white 🙂 thanks for the greetings and the comment 🙂
    Live an Awesome Life,
    Anton Diaz
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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  17. congratulations! it will be interesting who’d he look like! aidan is mini-you. josh is after rache. in-between kaya??? 🙂

  18. Congratulations. I admire Rache for doing it the natural way. Having given birth 2x already under anesthesia, I don’t know how she manages the pain.

  19. Yeah, mukha kang mixed si baby Raphael.. it would be interesting how his face develops hehe
    Live an Awesome Life,
    Anton Diaz
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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    Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Masawa Hong Butuan

  20. congratulations anton and rachel! your growing family looks awesome 🙂 good job Rachel for going through the birth without an epidural! I know what that feels like! 😛

  21. It's really painful according to her and she can't explain it because there's nothing more comparable to it.
    Live an Awesome Life,
    Anton Diaz
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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    Latest Blog Post on Our Awesome Planet: Masawa Hong Butuan

  22. Congratulations! Another beautiful baby boy 🙂 I loved seeing the face of Dihya Joshua, he looks excited to be a Kuya!!!
    Kudos to your wife for giving birth via Lamaze!

  23. I just heard about this last night. Congratulations, Anton and Rache! I hope to see you with your new baby soon. 🙂

  24. Thanks Katrina for the greeting! Yes, we have 3 boys na! how time really flies…
    Live an Awesome Life,
    Anton Diaz
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  25. Congratulations Anton and Rache! Raphael, I like that name. Very masculine. I wanted to name our second child Raphael but we opted to name him Francesco after the boy in Fatima since his older sister’s name is Giacinta. Galing ni Mommy Rache, ang tapang!

  26. Congratulations! I like the second name – Antonio. If ever my wife and I decide to have another baby and it turns out to be a boy, Antonio will be the second name.
    Btw, I find it surprising that your wife allowed you to take her pics after giving birth. Women normally hate it when you take their pics after delivering a baby, more so when you post them for the world to see.
    God Bless and more power (and kids)!

  27. Yeah, Antonio name is really name 🙂 It is named after St. Anthony de Padua 🙂
    Live an Awesome Life,
    Anton Diaz
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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  28. Congratulations Anton on your new bouncing baby boy! I still remember reading your blog entry when baby #2 was born. How time flies!

  29. omg 3 boys na pala kayo! congrats to you and rache. we were schoolmates in HS, batch mate ko si jencctan. i don’t know if she remembers me but we were emailing each other maybe a year or so ago. regards nalang kay rache…one more baka girl na! 🙂

  30. Hi Anton!
    I would like to ask why you chose Makati Medical Center over St. Luke’s or Asian Hospital for the birth of your third son? I read your blogposts regarding the birth of your eldest (in Asian Hospital, 2005), and middle child (in Makati Medical Center, 2007), and I am extremely curious why you chose Makati Medical Center for the birth of your third son.
    pital, and St. Luke’s

  31. The main reason is that St. Lukes just opened and I heard the name is still not "seasoned" and they plan to recover the cost of capital with the high cost — about 3x that of Makati Medical. It would have been nice to give birth in St. Lukes Global and blog about it but for 3x + the cost, we decided to go Makati Medical which upgraded their facilities already.

  32. Thanks Anton! The reason why I’ve asked is because I am due to give birth this November and my husband and I are contemplating on which hospital is best (among Asian, MMC, and St. Luke’s)..

  33. Was trying to read more about Lamaze and I stumbled upon this entry.
    Where did your wife have her prenatal classes? And were you her coach?
    Beautiful children btw. 🙂

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