Masawa Hong Butuan

A 24.7 meter-long second balangay named “Masawa Hong Butuan was built in the historic Butuan City where the first Balangay relics were discovered. It was named after the place where the first Christian Mass was held in the Masawa delta in Agusan River (with Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan). This is to put a stake on Butuan’s claim and to correct the history books that the first mass was held in Masawa and not in Limasawa in Southern Leyte.

The 16-man “Masawa Hong Butuan”, together with the newly repaired Diwata ng Lahi, will sail from Butuan to Cagayan de Oro, to  Zamboanga City, to General Santos, to Davao City, and finally, to Tawi-Tawi. From Tawi-Tawi, they will sail to South East Asia — Yahoo!

To Art Valdez and crew — Ingat po kayo sa inyong paglakbay! How I wish I could be part of your awesome adventure. 🙂

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P.S. Here is the Balangay Travel Route (Phase 2):

Destination/Port of Call Direction Approx. Distance   Dates   ETD  ETA

Butuan City                          
Jurassic, Carmen, Caraga       WNW           30 km 04/05 Feb     0600H     1500H
Gingoog City, Mis. Or              SSW           35 km 05/06 Feb     0600H     1600H
Balingoan (pier)          NW           30 km 07/08 Feb     0700H     1500H
Benoni Port, Camiguin       NNW           30 km 08/11 Feb     0600H     1500H
Salay, Misamis Oriental         S                  40 km 11/12 Feb     0600H     1700H
Cagayan de Oro, Mis. Or.         S                      40 km 12/15Feb     0600H     1700H
Initao, Misamis Oriental      NW/SW           50 km 15/16 Feb     0600H     1700H
Iligan, Lanao del Norte         S                      30 km 16/18 Feb     0600H     1500H
Ozamis, Misamis Occ.       WSW           45 km 18/20 Feb     0600H     1700H
Oroquita, Misamis Occ.       NNW         &#
0160; 40 km 20/21 Feb     0600H     1600H
Dapitan, Zamboanga d N       NW           70 km 21/23 Feb     0600H     1700H
Manukan, Zambo del Norte      WSW           30 km 23/23 Feb     0600H     1500H
Sindangan, Zambo d Norte        S                     40 km 23/25 Feb     0600H     1500H
Labason, Zambo del Norte        SW           60 km 24/25 Feb     0600H     1700H
Siocon, Zamboanga d N        SW           60 km 25/26 Feb     0600H     1700H
Sibuco, Zamboanga d N         S                      45 km 26/27 Feb     0600H     1600H
Zamboanga City (pier)         S                   65 km 27/02 Feb     0600H     1700H               

Panubigan, Zambo del Sur        NE           30 km 02/02 Mar     0600H     1500H
Port Banga, Zambo Sur        NE           45 km 02/03 Mar     0600H     1600H
Olutanga, Zambo Sur               ESE           55 km 03/04 Mar     0600H     1700H
Tambulian Pt., Zambo Sur         E                      65 km 04/05 Mar     0600H     1700H
Cotabato City            ESE           80 km 05/07 Mar     0600H     1800H
Port Lebak/Kalamansig Pt         S                      80 km 07/08 Mar     0600H     1800H
Milbuk, Sultan Kudarat        SE           60 km 08/09 Mar     0600H     1700H
Kiamba, South Cotabato        SE           40 km 09/10 Mar     0600H     1500H
General Santos             SE           80 km 10/12 Mar     0600H     1700H               
Glan (pier) South Cotabato         S                   30 km 12/12 Mar     0600H     1500H
Batulan Cove, Davao Sur        SE           40 km 12/13 Mar     0600H     1500H
Jose Abad Santos               NNE           55 km 13/14 Mar     0600H     1600H
Malita, Davao del Sur                  N                   55 km 14/15 Mar     0600H     1600H
Digos, Davao del Sur               NW           50 km 15/17 Mar     0600H     1500H
Davao City            NE                   50 km 17/20 Mar     0600H     1500H           

Malita, Davao del Sur             S                     70 km 20/21 Mar     0600H     1700H
Jose Abad Santos             S                   50 km 21/22 Mar     0600H     1700H
Sarangani Island             S                   60 km 22/24 Mar     0600H&#016
0;    1700H
Tandubas, Tawi-tawi            SSW                    560 km 01/02 Apr     0600H     1500H
Bongao, Tawi-tawi             W                   70 km 02/04 Apr     0600H     1500H
 Sibuto, Tawi-tawi            SW                   50 km 04/09 Apr     0600H     1500H

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  1. hi anton! been waiting for them here in Zamboanga City! 🙂 they’ll be here na pala next weekend! im excited to take pix!!! is there a way to reach them? 😀 thanks thanks!

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