Maven Secret: Did you know that Blog Readers are 80% Visual?

NLP Master Ben Ampil sharing his expertise during his NLP & Effective Communications Workshop

Before you read the entire post, please answer this simple diagnostic* on what kind of Blog Reader you are… (You can answer this in a minute before you read through the entire blog post.)

1. Ask yourself: Before going to bed at night, it is most important for you that:

(a)    the room is nearly or completely dark,
(b)    the room is quiet or has pleasing sounds, or
(c)    your bed feels comfortable.

2. For you, having rapport with someone is to:

(a)     see that person in a wonderful and easy-to-be-with manner,
(b)     hear that person communicate things to you in the same manner that you would, or
(c)     feel toward that person the way you sense he/she feels toward you.

3. When you agree with someone, you would most likely say:

(a)     “that looks right”,
(b)     “that sounds right”, or
(c)     “that feels right”.

Please take note of your answers and post them in the comments section with your insights after reading this blog post.

Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK) Types

If you answered all “A” in this admittedly-simplistic diagnostic, you may be a predominantly Visual personIf all “B”,  Auditory. And if all “C”, Kinesthetic. **


Based on NLP statistics, 80% of people are visual. (I’m interested to see, based on the comments here, if that is true to some degree or not.)

If you have blog readers that are predominantly visual, they:

– Prefer the “big picture” rather than the details
– Learn best by seeing
– Prefer clear and concise statements (and dislike “flowery” talk)
– Value “time”

Maven Secret: That is why in OAP I use a lot of photo essays and I make my blog posts as straight to the point as possible (with even less than 300 words sometimes). I want my visual blog readers to get the point of the blog posts even by just scanning through the photos.


If you have blog readers that are predominantly auditory, they:

– Learn best by listening / hearing
– Are “ideas” people (great for brainstorming)
– Love discussions (tend to repeat themselves)
– Give strong opinions (whether solicited or not)

Maven Secret: These are the people who typically comment with strong opinions and who like to discuss in the comments thread. These are the comments I make sure I listen to and answer in the thread.


If you have blog readers that are predominantly kinesthetic, they:

– Learn best by doing
– Need to be “convinced” (before they “sign on”)
– Tend to provide more details than most people need or want
– Are extremely loyal and great team players

Maven Secret: Most of my blog posts have a call to action or ask people to do something. Involving the “Kinesthetic” tendencies of people is key in building a solid community around one’s blog. 

That’s it, hope you get insights on how to improve your own blogging techniques.


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*Note: This assessment is based on VAK Neuro-Linguistic Programming diagnostic by Ben Ampil, given during the NLP & Effective Communications Workshop.

**According to Ben, “You may also wish to say that in the same manner that even right-handed people can also use their left hands — and their use of their “right hand” merely reflects their dominant preference — the same is true with the 3 “Sensory Modalities” (Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic). We all have manifestations of all these 3 senses, but with varying degrees of dominance.”

33 thoughts on “Maven Secret: Did you know that Blog Readers are 80% Visual?

  1. I’m part of the 80 percent! I really love looking at things rather than reading the accompanying text (especially when it’s long), learn instructions by watching, and remember how things look more than how they were explained to me (as in a map vs. directions to a place).

  2. As an artist, i believe i visual to be visual.I learn by looking, likewise i appreciate things by scrutinizing every part of of what i see or read about. But what about the other side of me? How would you categorize a person who is a combination of A+B? as a marketeer, i need to probe and prove to myself people that what i saw is right? Can there be such a thing?

  3. I answered all Bs. So that’s why I talk too much in my blog, I’m not a leisure blog writer at all (and that’s what I strive for so readers can browse through my pages easily). I have to loosen up! xD

  4. A/C/C — this is an eye-opener, thank you for sharing this! 🙂 I’m more Kinesthetic (in blogging and reading, haha…) so I will heed you advice on being more direct, and visual.

  5. I answered all “C”, so kinesthetic 🙂
    Funny that I just blogged about team play 🙂
    Although I like the big pictures and hate it when I have to read to learn, I know that experience will still be the best teacher

  6. Hahaha this quiz is funny, I dont want to admit what time of person I am! Lol. But then if most blogreaders are visual then I definitely have to up the ante on my photos + get on your suggestion of beautifying ToT!

  7. I’m a visual reader!
    Interesting results. It’s very telling of how reading has been transformed by connectivity and digital information… there’s just so much content to digest that we prefer to read simplified, straight to the point, clear pieces of information. Though I still prefer to read books which contain more complex information than most things on the web.

  8. That was very interesting. I answered C,C,B. The descriptions certainly do fit my profile. Thanks for that, Anton.

  9. The foregoing Diagnostic Quiz is only a “teaser” and not meant to be conclusive. There are more questions and explanations that are offered in the full NLP Learning Event. And all of us have manifestations of Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic traits… just in varying proportions. Some do have strong dominant “Representational Systems”. I am a dominant Auditory, for example. (Hence, this somewhat lengthy posting… as Auditories cater to sounds and words). Each Dominant Sense also has corresponding behavioral patterns. If we wish to be more influential and persuasive, we should adjust to the Dominant Sense of the person(s) we are interacting with (rather than insist on behaving in accordance with our own Dominant Sense). Those who would wish to know more about this topic, do a google search using the search words “Representational Systems”.
    NLP’s applications span the entire range of concerns of Leadership, Management, and Peak Performance.
    I would be facilitating a Whole-Day Seminar/Workshop on the topic “Personal Excellence and Peak Performance” this 8 June 2010. For those interested, kindly email me at both and so I could send you the Course Outline. Kindly cite OAP in your email as I would extend a 10% Discount to OAP Readers who would register to this NLP Learning Event.
    Blessings to you all 🙂

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