[Ultimate Taste Test 4.0]: Lessons from The Battle of the Lechon

Mark your calendar: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 on April 16, Friday, 7pm, somewhere in the Fort Area.

Finally, the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 is all set for April 16, 7pm, somewhere in the Fort area. We have a bigger venue and we can accommodate more foodies and help more food suppliers. Ultimate Taste Test is an event where emerging food suppliers, who believe they have an awesome product to share with Filipinos, can be discovered. Foodies who attend the Ultimate Taste Test will rate the food from a scale of 1 to 5. If the food gets a rating of more than 3.3, I will be blogging about the product in Our Awesome Planet. This is the fastest way for a new supplier to be known by the foodie community.

The Ultimate Taste Test is also open to established food suppliers, restaurants and food manufacturers who want to showcase a NEW product in the market. We are open to any food and drinks category — from appetizers to main courses to desserts. Anybody can join as long as you have something NEW to offer and you have to provide taste test portions for 500 foodies.

One hundred percent of the Ultimate Taste Test proceeds goes to the St. Michael the Archangel Parish of Bonifacio Global City.

Please email or call my wife, Rache, if you want to join the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 as a SUPPLIER at rache@diaz.ph or +63917 5318949.  Kindly indicate in the subject: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 SUPPLIER.

We will open registration for foodies on April 5, Monday.  Kindly register ONLY thru her email at rache@diaz.ph with complete name/s preferably with email address too.

CASE STUDY: Lessons from The Battle of the Lechon

For those participating in the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0, I’ll share with you some lessons learned and how tough the foodies were during the Battle of the Lechon during the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 (UTT3.0). We had three of the best lechons in Manila — Ulcing’s Cebu Lechon, Leonardo’s Chicken Inside the Lechon and Sabroso’s Native Lechon.

Ulcing’s is known for having the Cebu Lechon, but all their pigs are roasted in Bonifacio Global City. Leonardo’s is known for the yummy chicken cooked inside the lechon at the same time. Sabroso’s is known for its native pig with skin that stays crispy for hours.

Ulcing’s Lechon technically won the battle with a 3.4 rating, but it was not conclusive because they only provided a small lechon and they ran out of it immediately. That was in contrast to Leonardo’s and Sabroso’s — both had two lechons good for 500 people.

The foodies during UTT3.0 last November were very critical about the lechon. The comments and ratings were varied, from “I love this lechon” to “I hate this lechon”. Comments from foodies are super subjective, but we learned that if you hit above the 3.3 rating, your product will be a hit with most foodies.

Consistency plays an important role in having a product that foodies would rave about. If you put similar products side-by-side for an Ultimate Taste Test (like lechon), most people would have a favorite and then they would tend to give a lower rating to the others that they didn’t like as much. Check out the contrasting comments of the foodies during the UTT 3.0 last year:

Ulcing’s Lechon

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.4 out of 5.0

Ulcing‘s Cebu Lechon 
Email: juliejavier04@yahoo.com;
Text/Call: +63 928 500-0920

What Foodies Are Saying About Ulcing’s Lechon

“Not sure what’s wrong but it’s the worst lechon I’ve tasted so far. Sorry.”
“Lechon skin melts in my mouth! bit salty yung laman.”
Manipis ang skin. Masyadong ma-lemon grass.”
“Best lechon in the festival! crunchy skin, tender meat. Love it!”
“Very good, delicious.”
“Was not able to taste it, ran out of supply for taste test.”
Kulang sa lasa ang pork, pero masarap ang sauce.”
“Flavor taste(s) ordinary but the meat is tender.”
“It’s salty yung skin.”
“Yum! Just like your usual Cebu Lechon.”
“Good tasting meat, really thin skin though.”
“Crispy skin! Good even without the sauce.”
“Bingo! I love the taste and highly recommended!”
“Had a savory time from first bite to end!”
“Doesn’t like the flavor/ aftertaste”
“Skin not so crisp but flesh super tasty even without sauce.”
“Very flavorful and still crunchy!”
“Meat was very tender and flavorful.”
“Ulcing’s no need for sauce. Very tasty skin & meat.”
“The meat was flavorful.”
“The taste of herbs is consistent throughout the meat, making it distinct.”

Leonardo’s Lechon

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.1 out of 5.0

Ultimate Taste Test 2.0 Winner: OAP | Leonardo’s Chicken inside the Lechon

Ultimate Taste Test 3-47

Leonardo’s Lechon (chicken-stuffed lechon)
89 J. Basa St. San Juan City 
Contact Person: Leonard Aquino
Email: nardaquino@yahoo.com;
Call: +632 7243068 / 7269828 / 7258618 / 7445172

What Foodies Are Saying About Leonardo’s Lechon

“lacks flavor. sauce is not good.”
makunat yung lechon skin. chicken is superb!! hint of herbs!”
“lechon is yummy!!! – sauce is too strong though”
Medjo matigas yung meat. Manipis ang skin.”
“Juicy meat, flavorful taste, love the sauce!”
“Always delicious. skin is crunchy!”
“Taste like regular lechon, didn’t taste the chicken”
“Didn’t have the ‘chicken flavor’ as promised.”
Masyadong lasang spices but good sauce.”
“Regular taste but chicken’s divine.”
“Seasoning is just right but nothing special.”
“I like the lemon grass better”
“tastes normal.”
“Very tasty. Have a hint of chicken on the lechon.”
“Not the best Cebu Lechon I’ve tasted.”
“Tasty but a little matigas skin isn’t crispy :(“
“The chicken taste(s) like the ordinary lechon manok.”
“Gravy was good, didn’t have any chicken, but lechon was tasty and juicy.”
“Tasty flesh and skin crisp.”
“A little salty though. Crackling skin. Rosemary very evident.”
“Tasted this the last time but it really tastes like ordinary lechon.”
“Very savory with all the herbs out. I think the sauce needs to be more refined.”

Sabroso’s Lechon

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 3.0 RATING: 3.2 out of 5.0

Taste Test 1.0 Winner: OAP | Sabroso’s Native Lechon

Sabroso Lechon (Free range native lechon)
Call/Text Charlie +63 915 741-6220 ;  +632 2327454

What Foodies Are Saying About Sabroso’s Lechon

“Meat is flavorful in itself. No need for sauce.”
“Tasty even without the sauce!”
“Nice skin with fat, could be enjoyed without the sauce.”
“Taste is ordinary. Sauce needs improvement – taste is like Mang Tomas”
“has a smell or the meat!”
“meat could be tastier”
“I don’t find anything special in it.”
“Tasted really good because of lemongrass.”
“Really good. I’ve been wanting to try this.”
Masarap even without the sauce. Masarap yung balat.”
“Tender, flavorful.”
“Sarap, but I would still buy lydia’s.”
“Gravy is good.”
“The best… I tend to believe that cagayan’s is better than Lechon Cebu now even without sauce.”
“Very very good. esp. the sauce which has a citrus taste. good skin too! parang chicharon.”
“Skin is perfect! meat cooked just right”
“Skin isn’t as crispy.”
“Tangy kick c/o lemon (or whatever) eliminates the ‘umay‘ taste even for the fatty part!”
“I like it done and reasonable price as well.”
“Herbal taste. Makunat.”
“Not fond of the spices — has a funny flavor. Lemongrass?”
“Skin hard & flesh needed sauce for taste.”
“Tender and the sauce is very tasty!”
“Sauce was very good.”
“The skin was very crispy and meat has less fat.”
“Very crispy with a somewhat nutty aftertaste on the skin. Unique.”

So, are you ready for the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Challenge this coming April 16, Friday at 7pm?

Please email or call my wife, Rache, if you want to join the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 as a SUPPLIER at rache@diaz.ph or +63917 5318949.  Kindly indicate in the subject: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 SUPPLIER.

Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
Call or
Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)

P.S. We will open
registration for foodies on April 5, Monday. We will accept online payment for registrations for the UTT 4.0.  Kindly register ONLY thru her email at rache@diaz.ph with complete name/s preferably with email address too.

For Food Suppliers, please email or call my wife, Rache, if you want to join the Ultimate
Taste Test 4.0 as a SUPPLIER at rache@diaz.ph or +63917 531 8949.  Kindly indicate in the subject: Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 SUPPLIER.

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  1. Oh, this is such good news…my husband and I are looking forward to joining this event again. We will be in Mindanao on April 5 but will find a way to register with Rache. Thanks!

  2. This is something that I missed last year! I am very much looking forward to join this event! I would like to inquire about the details for foodies who want to attend the taste testing event 🙂

  3. Wow, my Husband and I are truly hoping to be able to join UTT 4.0 as Foodies! We have missed the first series but hopefully not this one! Thanks Sir! Hope to also finally meet you and Rachel in person! 🙂

  4. Wow! Im really excited for this as a food supplier. Can’t wait to meet you and Rache. Ihihihi!

  5. Yes please ask your foodie supplier friends to join. On Piccole, yes they should join and they have a great chance of winning.

  6. Yes this is open to any foodie… but we will cap it at 1,000 maybe. around P200/head because it is a bigger venue and 100% of proceeds goes to the construction of the St. Michael the Archangel Church.

  7. Hi Anton,
    More than the food..
    We at Sabroso Lechon Inc. are more than happy to part of your cause. We hope that the construction of St. Michael the Archangel Church will soon be completed.
    More Power!

  8. Hi Anton! This is great news! I hope to be part of this. By the way, there is a quaint space in Tagaytay, called Yellow Coco (fronting residence inn).
    My family and I got intrigued so we checked it out. Cool place for family with kids. They have a spacious garden, and there is free wi-fi! We like the interior of the houses (villas as they call them) – it unique with a touch of old, rustic meet modern. We stayed for a day and just lounged around. Maybe you can check this place out. 🙂

  9. Hi!
    i enjoy reading your site very much! Most often, I read your reviews first before going to the place itself 🙂
    Btw, is there a fee if you want to participate as a “foodie”?

  10. ack!!!!!! I am so looking forward to attending UTT4.0 (had a blast in UTT3.0), but off to Calaguas that night. Booooo.

  11. Hi Anton,
    I am so excited to join this foodie trip. Just thinking about this makes me giddy and nauseous with excitement! Let the taste test begin…when???

  12. hi anton! i’m just wondering, i haven’t received a reply from rache yet. am i supposed to get some kind of confirmation? just asking, ’cause i really want to attend this event! teehee. thanks! = )

  13. Hi Halley,
    My wife will reply to all the requests. We are just finalizing the details… you'll get a reply soon. 
    Thanks for the patience 🙂

  14. Hi Anton! Any updates on the Ultimate taste test event date? Registered names last April 5 through your wife’s email but no updates yet.

  15. hi! Sir Anton,
    is the UTT 4.0 will push through this friday, April 16? i have heard no news about it since your last post..im interested to join as a ‘foodie’ and emailed Ms. rache for registration last April 5 but i received no reply since then..
    Thanks! 🙂

  16. Thanks for the notice Anton. I was also a little worried since I haven’t received a confirmation from Rache yet. I’m looking forward to this huge gastronomic event! 🙂

  17. Yes, Just make sure to email Rache… the emails are dated so we will follow a first come first serve policy.
    Yes, this will be our biggest foodie event ever 🙂

  18. WE moved it to May 14, Friday night… I posted it in my Facebook account. Will do a post tomorrow…. Apparently, some people don't know that it was moved to May 14.

  19. I am one of many who was wondering, coz no updates nor reply from email since April 5 🙂 sorry I am not a follower of your FB kasi so I was expecting an announcement or any update here earlier. Anyway, still looking forward to UTT4 in May.

  20. Hi Anton,
    I registered via email, I didn’t get reply though. How do we know that we can join the UTT? Also, has the date been moved?
    Looking forward to joining this event!

  21. Cebu Lechon for me is the best, although the one featured here in the blog is of a specific cook or mangangasal, if you go to Cebu and would want some of the best tasting lechon you can definetly see it almost anywhere. Traditional Cebuano Lechon is a labor of love. My mom and I attended this wedding celebration of whom my mom was the main principal sponsor and we have the first slice, or bite of the freshly cooked lechon. the lechon with all it’s glorious crispy and steamy skin was infron of us and we were requested to have the firt taste. And what I can remember that day that the taste was just absolute heaven! Even up to this day when someone mentions best tasting lechon that is the ONYL memory I can think of. ANd to begin with the one who cooked and prepared it was a woman mangangasal, she was just their neighbor, very simple and down to earth woman who cracks jokes once in a while and she was cebuana and not to mention she cooked it single handedly! LOL!
    Her secret ingredient only the freshiest herbs and best ingredients stuff inside the lechon, sea salt, bathed in 7-up or sprite as I remember it, when she told us. It’s traditional cebuano way of cookign it includes only local herbs like tang-ad and what american calls local basil and it’s pods stuff in the lechon. And offcourse the slow cooking process makes it more tender inside and crispy outside.

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