46 thoughts on “[OAP SURVEY] Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

  1. froyo! =) oh but i like the one in MOA better .. correct me if i’m wrong it’s “I lover berries??”

  2. FROYO is great….. but sometimes you crave for the ordinary and sinfull ice cream… cookies and cream and sometimes the classic mango or chocolate flavors…..woot woot

  3. definitely ice cream! and so much better if it’s gelato! the best dessert ever! i can never ever resist!! tried frozen yogurt once and never ate it anymore… the sour taste just didn’t work for me and even the sweet toppings didn’t do anything to disguise the tartness.

  4. I like yogurt with strawberry topings 🙂 Healthier than Ice cream and more delicious 🙂

  5. Frozen yougurt if I feel full or wants to feel good.
    Froyo with toppings; namely walnuts, frozen blueberry and triple berry cereal.
    Ice cream if I need comfort and relaxation.
    Sebastian’s Ice cream or Ben and Jerry’s

  6. plain Frozen Yogurt…not unless you make me choose between FROYO and a tub of Choco Chip Cookie Dough ice cream…(^_^)

  7. Ice Cream is still the best. No substitute! Try the YOSHI’s Ice Cream premium concoctions that mixes with the Ice Cream! Yummy!

  8. Between Ice Cream and Yogurt, I have a bias with Ice Cream so many happy thoughts and memories if you are eating ice cream especially the flavors you grew up to like with. Yogurt, just lately trying this stuff to make me feel good, I find it really curing for any GI problems.
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