Baptism of Chocolate Fire

We celebrated Raphael Anthony’s Baptism last March 28, Palm Sunday, at Chocolate Fire. We decided to have a private event — a Chocolate and Wine Baptism with our immediate family and the Ninongs and Ninangs only. I’m glad that Chocolate Fire specializes in chocolate-themed events, and we were happy to be their first event here in Manila. 🙂

Chocolate Fire is a Melbourne-based enterprise and is currently the best Chocolate Cafe in Manila. It’s very interesting that they chose Manila as the location of their first store outside Australia. They opened it here for two reasons: (1) their top customers in their Melbourne store are Filipinos, and (2) a popular chocolate brand has Philippines as one of their top market.

Chocolate Fire is starting to rock the Chocolate trend locally by introducing Top Quality Artisan Chocolates produced here in Manila.  High Quality Chocolates actually do not burn your throat and the dark ones, which are made of pure cacao, are healthy. You can actually eat as many as you like without feeling stuffed.

Here is a photo essay of Raphael’s Baptism. Thank you to the Ninongs and Ninangs for making this a special event in Raphael’s life! 🙂

Raphael Anthony Uy-Diaz was baptized into the Catholic Faith last March 28, 2010.

It was held in the temporary church of St. Michael the Archangel in Bonifacio Global City. The Ultimate Taste Test event’s advocacy is to help build the new St. Michael the Archangel Church.

A Chocolate Event is heaven for the kids as well as adults. 🙂 They can eat as much chocolate as they want without feeling guilty and thinking about the price!

We started the Baptismal celebration with a chocolate platter of the best Chocolate Fire assortment we love.

You have three choices of chocolates: The Dark Chocolate, the Milk Chocolate and the White Chocolate. We prefer Dark because it is made from pure cacao without any preservatives or added extenders. The Milk chocolate is actually Dark chocolate with Milk, while the white ones are not really chocolate and the unhealthiest of them all.

Dark Chili Bark (P180 per 100g). This is my personal favorite because I like the contrast of the spiciness with the dark chocolate-y taste. It is definitely not for kids and for those who cannot stand raw chili.

Dark Gold Bark (P280 per 100g). This one is just Dark chocolate with 24k gold dust. The gold does not really add to the taste of the chocolate, it just adds novelty to it (plus bragging rights that you ate gold with your choco.) This golden chocolate reminds me of that Goldschlager drink.

Glazed Fig in Milk (P100 per piece). The fig is an interesting addition to the platter. We wanted to introduce a different kind of texture, something to break the monotony of just eating chocolates.

Dark Truffles (P45) and Milk Truffles (P45). We ordered the truffles as the centerpiece of the platter and asked them to serve it in halves. The truffles are super soft and are Royce-like in their yumminess (without the need to refrigerate).

White Pyramids (P35)
. We included white chocolate so that our guests could try the three different kinds of chocolate. We chose the pyramid to add height and texture.

This platter was our sample platter two nights before the event. We decided not to go with the following:
– The Pringles chip with chocolate (potato chip above) — It was just OK.
– The pretzel with chocolate (in the middle) — It tasted ordinary.
– The liquorice with chocolate (dark chocolate stick on upper left) — It tasted weird.

Chocolate and Wine go well together. The Australian Merlot or Champagne will complement it. My brother bought a Smoking Loon Merlot to be served together with the platter. It’s a good thing they allowed us to bring wine without corkage since they didn’t have their wine bar set up yet.

Aidan, Joshua, Carlos and Siobe liked the chocolates. They were on a chocolate high after munching pieces from the platter and they were very happy playing around Chocolate Fire. The thing with a chocolate-high is that the energy it provides is consistent versus a sugar-high, where you will be high for a moment and then down after a few minutes.

During our event, they only had Paninis available to go with the chocolates. In the future, they will offer pasta and soups, too. They prepared the paninis on the spot after we arrived, which is good, but we had to wait for a bit.

Four Cheese Panini (P180) and Italian Panini (P200) with Tomatoes. Personally, I liked the all-cheese panini. The saltiness and overall texture of the panini matched the chocolate well.

Chocolate Fondue (P400). This is the main course served at the event. We loved the Driscoll Strawberries and Bananas. The apple rings were just OK; I would have preferred fresh apples instead.

The Marshmallows are always a hit when there’s a Fondue.

We were allowed to bring our own grapes to add to the Fondue spread. They were wiped out. 🙂

Joshua, Aidan and Carlos enjoying the Fondue. 🙂

Finally, we served Tomato Chorizo (P140 per slice) and Zucchini Quiche (P160 per slice) to round off the event.. 🙂

The secret of Chocolate Fire lies in the hands of the Master Chocolatier, who prepares the chocolates fresh out of the 2nd floor kitchen. His identity will remain a secret. 🙂 I was happy to find out that Chocolate Fire is run by a family passionate about chocolate.

Coby, the daughter of the Master Chocolatier, manages and markets Chocolate Fire in the Philippines.

In lieu of a cake, we had a cupcake (P70) with a white chocolate angel (P55) on top…

…just like our little Raphael.

Large Dark Strawberries (P95) and Medium Milk Strawberries (P65). As a token of our appreciation for attending, a chocolate-dipped strawberry for take-home was given to all our guests.

Thank you to Ninang Tina! 🙂

Thank you to Ninang Dedet, Ninang Meg, and Ninong Spanx! 🙂

Thank you to Ninong Willeus and Shai! 🙂

Thank you to Ninang Tita D! 🙂

Thank you to Ninang Janice! 🙂

Thank you to Ninong Francis! 🙂

Thank you to Ninong Ryan with wife Vivian and Ninang Tes! 🙂

Thank you to Fr. Arnold for officiating the Baptism! 🙂


One good thing about Chocolate Fire is that it is open until 12 midnight, so it is a cool place to hang out when you find yourself in Makati. Just a few notes:

1. They don’t allow photography of their displays and menus.
2. They are still on soft opening, so the selections are less than 50% of what they will eventually offer.
3. The second floor has very poor acoustics — you can eavesdrop on the conversations of the nearby table.

Feel free to talk to Coby, Wanda or the Master Chocolatier when you are in Chocolate Fire. They are quite friendly. 🙂

Our bill in the end was P530 / head for 30 pax. We got free corkage for the wine and the grapes — Yehey! 🙂

Chocolate Fire
PDCP Building, Corner of Leviste Street & Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines, 1227
Near the place where they hold the Salcedo Market every Saturday
Telephone: +63 920 6058692
Chocolate Fire Official Facebook Page

Live an Awesome Life,

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P.S. My brother-in-law, who is a feng shui master, said that the ice cream under the stairs and the cactus or plants with thorns used on the second floor are bad luck. I hope they’ll rearrange or remove those items…

27 thoughts on “Baptism of Chocolate Fire

  1. Happy Christening to your new ‘angel’ Raphael 🙂 thank you for sharing this lovely affair and venue as I am a chocoholic too! Your Dark chili bark looks interesting, and the Gold bark — but cinnamon always reminds of Goldschläger, heehee…

  2. Parking is infront of Chocolate Fire along the streets after office hours. There are nearby parking in the backstreets of Salcedo Village.

  3. Hi Anton, Congratulations on the new baby!!!
    Chocolate Fire…I always see this sign whenever we pass by Makati but never really knew what it is. Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. I would like to congratulate Sir Anton and Ms Rache for having the cute and adorable Raphael! Makes me want to have my own set of boys… a basketball team hehe =)

  5. Welcome Raphael to Christiandom! Anton and Rache, has anyone invited you to Couples for Christ? or maybe Light of Jesus (who organizes the Kerygma Feasts)? If none, the let me and my wife invite you 🙂
    About your post, I like this line best: “Chocolate and Wine go well together.” That sounds new to me. This is the line that makes me absolutely curious with i-gotta-try-that-now intensity.

  6. Welcome to the Christian world Raphael! 🙂
    I like their dark volcano. I was curious at first why its called as such, then surprisingly when you reach the center of the volcano, you’ll find the chilly flakes. 🙂 yum! Kaya pala volcanao! haha! I love the spicy and dark chocolate taste. great combination. 🙂 I heard they’re chocolate mouse tastes good also, I’ll surely go back there. Good thing its walking distance from my office. yey! 🙂

  7. i live in melbourne and haven’t heard of chocolate fire… i always go to either max brenner or san churros, but will definitely check it out – maybe this friday when i go out!

  8. happy christening to your new baby raphael. what a nice idea also to celebrate baptism in chocolate fire, with sooooo much chocolates in the menu. thanks for sharing anton!

  9. Congratulations to Raphael and your entire family, Anton! Great post, as always. As you know, I was anxiously awaiting the opening of Chocolate Fire. So far, I haven’t been too disappointed and go there on a regular basis, as I live quite close and have a family of chocoholics. I agree that the chili bark is the best, along with the strawberries and dark truffles. I’m so glad you reviewed some other items (Pringles, pretzels and figs) that always look good, or at least interesting, but that I have yet to try. Looks like you saved me some time and pesos. 🙂 Seeing as it’s summer, here’s a reciprocal tip for you and your readers: Stick to iced chocolate, which are rich yet quite refreshing, instead of the milkshakes and smoothies, which I find to be rather thin and over-blended. I know it’s a soft opening, but hopefully they’ll get better, and thicker, with time. Until then, stick to the gelato (which is quite delicious when in stock), various iced chocolates and imported flavored seltzers. Cheers!

  10. Whoa I am so surprised to find out that Chocolate Fire is a restaurant. I always pass by this place because it is so near our office and I was wondering what it was. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂
    And welcome to the Christian world for you son Raphael. 🙂

  11. I actually tried the almonds chopped milk chocolate and was disappointed. The almonds didn’t taste fresh and the milk chocolate was just ok. I also tried the Hazelnut gelato and it didn’t spark any fireworks for me either. My husband did like the chili bark he tried.
    Unfortunately, I find Chocolate Fire overpriced. Maybe it was because the place is still on soft opening status.

  12. Hi Anton!
    I am an avid reader of your site and I always look forward to your posts, specifically those involving up and coming restaurants. I was wondering, if you are interested to have a student organization as an arm in your advocacy of rebuilding the St. Michael Archangel Church. I am a fifth year in UP Diliman and we are interested to help. Ill be looking forward to your reply! 🙂

  13. We were here twice this month and on both occasion the service was just lousy. The long haired waitress was too busy chatting with her workmates when we were asking to be served (only 2 tables were occupied including ours). We had to call her attention 2x to clear our table in time for dessert. And she even commented that my companion only stated to clear the soup bowl instead of the whole lot. Goes to show the lapse in customer service service training that this person received.

  14. Hi. I was wondering if you can recommend any other restaurants with baptismal packages or big enough to hold events. kahit simpleng kainan lang pero elegante. thanks. hope to hear from you

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