Malugay’s The Collective Beginnings…

It was great to meet Dustin, the brains behind renovating a warehouse full of car shops on Malugay Street into the Creative Scene of Makati. We met Dustin in his gallery called OuterSpace during our Photoblogging class. He shared with us his vision of a no-pretensions, honest, creative space for entrepreneurs. It’s interesting to note that he used to convert useless spaces in New York into something functional. And now, he’s reapplied all his learnings here in Manila.

It is called “The Collective”.

They offer low-rent space versus malls, so that young/start-up businesses with great ideas or products can set up shop and succeed with the collective help of the group. Think of it as “Bayanihan” for niche businesses. They already have 16 different niche businesses as members and they are hoping to reach their full capacity of 22.

(No, it is not Makati-X, and they don’t want to be compared to Cubao eXpo either. For some reason, the Cubao eXpo tenants decided not to join the Collective. This is an entirely new breed of creative shops from a different breed of Entrepreneurs; nevertheless, it actually has that Cubao X vibe when it was just starting.)

At the center of the Collective is the Atrium, where people congregate. The only thing with the enclosed design of the place is that it acts as an echo chamber for the noise pollution of cars passing through Malugay.

The cafe/bar called b-side is already open and is always packed during weekend nights.
 (Have you been to b-side already? What is it like?)

The bike specialty shop “New Old Bikes” is open for business. It specializes in customizing bikes.

Inside the Bike Workshop…

They are also interested in antique bicycles and spare parts for bikes.

They sell specialized T-shirts and prints, too.

These are some examples of the different designs they offer.

The Collective will also become home to interesting restaurants like the noodle house called Wabi-Sabi, and an American-style grill called Wingman.

Several clothing stores are going to set up shop there, too. The trendy Sundae is already open.

Here is a sneak peek at the stuff you can buy @ Sundae.

I can’t wait for the opening of Ritual, an organic grocery that will specialize in little-known Filipino products. Rob  of World Pyro Olympics fame (and one of the owners of Ritual) shared with us that they would have “tingi” servings of organic products, similar to that of a sari-sari store. To keep the cost low, they removed the packaging cost component. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers. (What a great environment-friendly idea!)


Other shops that will soon open are a graffiti art store and gallery, a vinyl and collectible toy store, and an old-school, New York-style barber shop. I’m excited for the opening of the barber shop — we will be one of the first customers there for sure. 🙂

The Collective 
7274 Malugay Street, Makati City
Driving DirectionsTo get there from Buendia, turn right at Chino Roces, then left at Yakal Street and turn left at Mayapis (parallel to the railroad tracks) then left again into Malugay Street (it’s a one-way street).

Parking tips: Parking is outside along the road. During rainy days, this part of Makati can get flooded, so it would be a good idea to check the weather forecast beforehand (especially during the rainy season).

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P.S. Thanks to the Photo-blogging Class of March 2010! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Malugay’s The Collective Beginnings…

  1. Hi, Anton! The owners of B-Side are friends of mine. I’ve been to their bar many times since they opened, and often stay till around 4am. I really like the cozy, comfortable vibe there, and of course, the great music. (Three of the owners are DJs.) If you go, make sure to try the teapot cocktails! They also have some barchow.
    I’m quite excited for The Collective to fully open. Once most of the shops are done, I think it’ll be a terrific place to hang out. I just hope they solve the parking situation soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing Katrina!  Yeah, it is really a popular hangout in the DJ scene here in Manila. Are they open only on weekends?

  3. Hi there! This is a great entry and fantastic exposure for The Collective since your blog is followed daily by thousands! Just wanted you to know that there will also be a costume and costume accessories store called SKITZO coming up! Here you will have all your costume and themes party needs (not only for Halloween!) Do come by again when everything is open! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  4. I came back to this page because I forgot to mention that B-Side’s open Wed.-Sat., but I see that Anna has already beaten me to it. 😉 Another thing worth noting is that it isn’t only DJ music there. Thursdays are band night, so you can also hear rock, reggae, or soul music there. Just check the sched so you know what to expect.
    Anton, if you and Rache go, let me know in case I can join you. Let’s get Tina to join, as well! 🙂

  5. Hi Anton,
    Would you know if there are still free spaces in The Collective? If so would you know who to contact?

  6. hi anton!
    would you know when RITUAL will be opening? very interested in the organic items, hope it will be sometime soon 🙂

  7. I got the permission of Erik to share his contact number… Please contact Erik 0920 947 0828
    I actually got alot of inquiries so I'm sure Erik would be bombarded with inquiries about space.

  8. I have been a little bombarded with calls since this article was posted, but it’s definitely something I like! Keep them coming! Thanks again for the great article, Anton. The number of calls I’ve been fielding is a statement about the quality and reach of your work.
    Since the article’s been posted, we’ve had a couple of other stores open, and will have several more open next week.
    Our grand launch is on May 8th, I hope to see everyone there!

  9. I really love quality and creative Pinoy concept stores around the metro. Been googling around for concise directions to The Collective :p Thanks for this Anton.

  10. wow! makes me proud to be pinoy again & again lol you guys got the right concept for the young generations as a senior citizen soon i wouldnt mind sitting-dining there with my grandchildren i love those made to orders stuff i can have my childrens name email businesses address & locations-maps drawn in give away hats-shirts-bags-shoes lol i also like our bicycles-racers made to orders so we can choose colors sizes shapes we wanted ang gagaling talaga ng mga filipino talagang very creative ang mga dating su-swerte nyo andyan kayo sa bayang minamahal nyo here in america united states hindi kami mahal ng gobyerno tulad ng mayroon kayo so good luck lol

  11. Is the Wingman that you mentioned in your Charlie Chicken post the same as the Wingman here in Malugay? I pass the area often.

  12. Is the place available in the 3rd week of January? My classmates and I are planning to conduct an exhibit. Your place is recommended by one of our lower class-men who exhibited there before.
    Hope you can reply 🙂 Thanks 😀

  13. I realize this is a really old blog post, but I’ve been trying to look for someone to contact at The Collective ad saw Erik’s number. Is he still the contact person and is he still using the same number?

  14. um hello i would like to ask if this place is also for some teenagers? because my friends and i are looking for a different place to hangout and i would like to ask if this is the right place for us to do that? 🙂 i mean is there a place to eat that is not expensive? or other things to do there?

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