Oh, Tapa of My Dreams!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Overall Winner
JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa!

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 544 
 “The Best Tapa Ever!”

“The Best Tapa Ever!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

The Ultimate Food Discovery and overall winner during the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 is JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa! 

Most of the foodies couldn’t stop raving about how the tapa was bursting with sweet flavor in every strand. Since it’s USDA certified beef angus tapa, you can be assured that the meat is tender and has the right texture.

Best of all, you can buy it for take home. The tapa is marinated already and frozen when delivered. All you have to do is cook it at home together with eggs and rice, cooked the way you like it. Most of the raves were transformed into actual purchases during and after the
Ultimate Taste Test event.

Congratulations to JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa!

*** July 7 Update: a customer complained about JAM Foods Tapa and I would like to share it with you:

“I was disappointed to find out upon delivery of this product labelled USDA Certified Angus Beef that it was incredibly full of fat under which the meat was hidden, and the real product was, to me, a misrepresentation of its name. When I wanted to have the product replaced, the JAM foods contact told me that all their products were that way because it was ‘beef bacon’, then, why not label it so? The consumers must know as this product is certainly not the best tapa for those who stay away from so much fat. I’ve tried a lot of better beef tapa. The one served at Pancake House in their breakfast menu, for instance, is real beef and delicious.”


“Savory & Tasty, Bought a Kilo of it” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

The Story of JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa
by Michelle Navarro Cu-Unjieng

From being a humble part of Pasta Works’ menu, Angus Tapa has gradually made its way to the hearts of its customers. Due to the overwhelming experience the Angus Tapa brought to its clients, owners Chef John and Michelle Cu-Unjieng realized that it would be great if customers could take it home and share it with their loved ones as well. Now, Angus Tapa is freshly and deliciously packed, and comes with a friendly price that everyone can afford. It is fast becoming the city’s favorite! 🙂

Chef John is currently the Executive Chef for Hexagon Lounge in RCBC and Recipe Hunter Food Concepts. He is also the Chef Consultant for Las Paellas Cafe, Tia Maria and Cowboy Grill Concepts.

JAM is a family acronym, which stands for Chef John, Alfonso
(son), and Myka (daughter) / Michelle

Blogosphere Raves About Angus Beef Tapa:

Manila Reviews’ Ultimate Taste Test 4.0

Best Over-All Taste Test Experience: JAM Foods’ Angus Beef Tapa

The line was long but true to the adage… it was VERY MUCH WORTH THE WAIT! The tapa, sliced thinly, has to it the perfect blend of sweet and salty. The tapa experience is even taken a notch higher because it’s of the Angus beef kind—tender, tasty, with just enough fat to bring you to heaven and back. Needless to say, I went home with two kilos of this ready-to-cook winner. (Php 500 per kilo)”

Abbie’s Unreal The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0

“One of the best we had was the Angus Beef Tapa of JAM Foods. Looks like they are very new in the business since I cannot get any information about them via Google. I am hoping that Anton would blog about them soon. I can’t wait to give my dad and bro some of those marinated uncooked tapas.”

Loving the Distance | Future Date #10: OAP’s Ultimate Taste Test

“Oh my, this I was able to try! Thank God! REALLY Good melt in your mouth flavorful tapa. They even have a special vinegar to go with it. I forgot the variants though. Another fail! Anybody who remembers their vinegar sauces?”

“I would love to cook a batch of angus tapa for Dodong’s brunch (He’s not a breakfast person) or maybe pang midnight snack. With matching sinangag (garlic fried rice) and scrambled eggs. Grumble. Just imagining is making me a-hungry.”

More Raves about the Angus Beef Tapa from Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodies:
– made the event worth it!
– tasty! I bot nga eh
– perfectly seasoned! Great to pair with beer!
– very tasty tapa with great texture
– tapa heaven
– really yummy
– tapa was nicely cooked, will buy!
– had to buy some
– love the soft crunchy tapa
– not that oily
– yummy tapa! very good with beer
– best with suka, bursting with flavor
– super flavorful & not tough
– very good! well seasoned!
– the best tapa I’ve tasted! More Power!
– tasty & crunchy
– oh tapa of my dreams
– loved the crunchiness
– love the crispy bits
– hands down favorite. Best Ever!
– love the tapa, tasty
– tapa was very flavorful
– really good esp with vinegar
– Beef Tapa is Awesome!
– Best Tapa ever! 6!
– the best ever! bacon/tapa! crunchy bacon tapa! love it!
– love the tapa!
– heavenly!
– perfect tapa

Foodie Suggestions:
– beef too thin but delicious
– lessen the oil
– great tasting but too thin strips
– it’s sweet and spicy, I want it salty
– very good but oily tapa
– not very memorable
– sweet & sour taste… weird!
– wish I had sunny side up & garlic rice
– more garlic pls.. =)
– sana may kanin…
– paired best with rice! sarap!
– the tapa was good but the serving was bitin!
– does not taste like angus but very good
– amazing! sana may rice

“OMG. wuhooo! 10!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4 Foodie 🙂

JAM Foods ANGUS BEEF TAPA (P500 per kilo per pack)

Contact Person: Michelle N. Cu-Unjieng / Edward Go
Email: mbn677@hotmail.com
Mobile: +63 917-5331371
Phone: +632 502-5282
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    Let me know what you think of JAM FOODS Angus Beef Tapa… 🙂

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    Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
    Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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    Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined the Ultimate Taste Tests 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog. 

    P.S. We are now receiving applications for Foodie Suppliers and Event/Media Sponsors for the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 in August. Please email rachediaz@gmail.com or text/call 0917-5318949.

    Also, we will sell tickets to the event so that we will solve the registration line issues. 🙂 I will announce when it will be available during the first week of July. 🙂

    Thank You to our Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Sponsors:


    20 thoughts on “Oh, Tapa of My Dreams!

    1. tapa lovers, you should also try the US beef tapa of Mom and Tina’s..One of the best
      I have ever tasted..It’s like the old fashioned sun-dried plain, salted and crispy tapa
      of my childhood..i never did like sweet tapa, (the same way i cannot stand sweet bagoong) though i sometimes have to compromise with my kids for a little sweetness in my own
      home recipe…their tapa is bacon-like, thinly sliced, the meat in between very thin layers of fat..served with garlic rice, egg cooked accdg to your choice, achara and vinegar. quite reasonable at 175.00
      i did try jam’s at the recent UTT 4.0, it was good, unfortunately, the particular serving
      i got was probably a little too oily that’s why i was not able to fully appreciate it.
      P500/kilo for angus is also a very reasonable price.

    2. waaa…I was NOT able to taste this! I guess I’ll have to order 🙂 Looking forward to the results from UTT4 — some of my faves were the Roast Duck Siopao, FIC Pistachio Cake, Holly’s Chocolate Milk

    3. thank you so much! =)
      fyi…distributors are welcome. =)
      currently, we are available in the following areas: 09175331371 / 09228505658 ALABANG * 09178146124 Koyen GM, VALLE, WHITE PLAINS, CORINTHIANS, DAVAO, CEBU; *09173206773 SALCEDO SATURDAY MARKET / DASMA * 028172106 SAN LO MAKATI * 09178999643 Faye A. BF Paranaque * 09189115148 Mel Oca SAN JUAN / GREENHILLS * 09228945148 Grace Y. QC; TIERRA PURA * 09228780620 Clarisse BO. KAPITOLYO * 09175278810 J * 09175353199 Anna LAS PINAS * 09278356910 Paulo S. * 09178090368 Jill V. Rosewood * 09209046861 Tita Buthcing GILMORE * 024877537 MAKATI CBD * George / Kate 09163325564 QUEZON CITY
      new flavors will be available soon. as well as other products.

    4. ma’am pls coordinate po with our distributor at Salcedo Market. Juliet 09173206773.
      thank you. =)

    5. Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 is just around the corner already? Woohoo! Reserve me 4 tickets puhleeze!
      Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa was certainly one of the most memorable savory items my family and I got to taste at UTT 4.0 – though the sample I got was not exactly melt-in-the-mouth tender, nevertheless it was outstanding taste-wise. Contemplated on buying some, but decided against it when I considered the possible inconvenience amidst having a lot on my hands, still falling in line for all the other food suppliers and having no place to deposit our stuff. Points to ponder for UTT 5.0, eh Anton? Thank goodness I now have the contact numbers of their distributors in the south.
      I was actually hoping for a new foodie discovery to dominate UTT 4.0 – beef tapa in whatever form does not exactly fit the bill. But I ain’t complaining – just goes to show that comfort food types still reign supreme in the palate of the average foodie.
      – Ted Capacillo

    6. I tried Jam’s Tapa. It was OK. But the sweetness is a bit cloying. I’ve lived in Makati my entire life but I have to travel all the way to Malate for tapa because the best tapa I’ve had, bar none, is the “Mega Tapa” sold at the San Andres Market. The way it’s cured, the meat retains its beefy goodness. It’s not sweet. It’s not salty. But it is so good. Very tender. And, best of all, it has just the right amount of yellowish fat in the side of each tapa piece.

    7. could this be the tapa that used to be sold at the Cash N Carry stalls (where
      others were also selling tinapa, tuyo, sinaing na tulingan). i used to make
      dayo all the way to makati from qc just to buy that tapa, but they have since
      disappeared in CC. i don’t recall the brand, though i vaguely remember they were
      sold in like half kilo vacuum packs. even if this is not the one, just by your
      description, i think it is worth checking out. thank you for the tip.

    8. for those looking for unsweetened ANGUS TAPA, we actually make now because there are a lot of people looking for unsweetened. if you want to try the unsweetened ANGUS TAPA, just place your orders here.
      0917 5331371
      0922 8505658
      02 5025282
      0916 3325564
      0917 8146124
      thank you.

    9. For tapa lovers in Makati, you should try the tapa sold in Camia st. Palm Village, behind the School. You have to order first to make sure you can get, since its just a small home business. Garlicky salty strips not too thin with just the right amount of fat, beef is very tender too, all natural, no preservatives…..hmmmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

    10. I guess the tapang San Andres secret is out…
      Yes it is exactly in San Andres Market along San Andres St. and in front of Puregold… If you are coming from taft ave., go to the last fruit stall and then simply ask for tapa… weird isn’t it? a fruit stall that sells tapa…
      They sell 3 types of tapa.. the Regular tapa (P440/kilo)which is meaty and very little fat (best for the health concious), the Super tapa (P460/kilo) has a little more fat that Regular tapa.. and the Mega tapa (P480/kilo) which has the most fat.. about 80-85%meat and 15-20%fat…
      Some pointers about tapang san andress:
      1. The Mega tapa was perfect about 10-15 years ago but now, for some reason, i find it a bit salty.. maybe they wanted to add shelf life on the tapa… What I usually do is wash the tapa a little before cooking so as to remove some of salt…
      2. Tapang san andres uses local beef.. so it may be tough for some… you can tenderize the meat by giving it a good beating before frying..
      3. And the number one secret in cooking tapang san andres (specially the Mega) is not to use oil when frying… separate some of the fats of the tapa (about 50% of the fat) and then fry the fat first.. and then you can fry the meeat part.. a classic style of niluto sa sariling mantika.. d:)..
      Best enjoyed with sinangag and fried egg… and also great for pulutan… Enjoy. d:)

    11. I just tried the grills and sizzles breakfast buffet in examiner, qc this morning. Tapa is made exactly the same as Jam’s angus tapa. Very thin sukiyaki cut with little bit of fat. But the best thing is that it is just P400/kilo and packaged in 500 grams. One should try their buffet for P139 only and get to try their beef tapa before buying the uncooked one. Their tapa is not that sweet.

    12. You guys have never tried the Tapa of your folks……GARCIA’S Meats..in Quezon City . 50 plus years serving most of the restaurants and caterers you’ve eaten from. They sell one of the best hams during christmas as well.

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