The New Look of Cafe Juanita in Pasig

First, see the old look of Cafe Juanita: OAP | Cafe Juanita – Eclectically Romantic

Some say the ambiance is now East Asian Chic
Some say it’s maaliwalas because of the lighting and high ceiling…
Some say that they are afraid that it would lose its charm and look like Cafe Juanita at the Fort
Some say they feel like royalty every time they eat in the new Cafe Juanita…
Some say it is about time to upgrade the look and give it a modern chic ambiance…

On its 20th anniversary, Cafe Juanita decided to celebrate its success by moving into its new home beside the Shunji Matsuo hair salon (same owners as Cafe Juanita), which is across the old Cafe Juanita. When the lot owner of the old Cafe Juanita informed them one year in advance that the lot will be used for something else, the owners decided to find a new home for it. One of the main considerations was to get an old house that they could transform into a restaurant.

We attended the blessing, and here’s how the new Cafe Juanita looks now…

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:

As you enter, you’ll see a chandelier masterpiece and a staircase leading to the mezzanine level.

As you climb the stairs, to the left, you’ll see an elegant and well-lit setup, which seemed a bit crowded.

To the right, you’ll find a more homey-but-still-classy type of dining setup. You can reserve the mezzanine level for a private function. It is bigger than the function room they had in the old branch.

It is more orderly than the original Cafe Juanita (and not as scary, too). Usually, the owner, Dr. Vasquez, arranges things first and “messes up” the decor later on.

The grand piano, an integral part of the Cafe Juanita experience, is still the centerpiece. 

I like this booth-type table. It’s probably the best place to reserve for a romantic date for two. 🙂

One great thing about the new Cafe Juanita is the bigger and cleaner restroom at the back of the restaurant. 🙂

The new Cafe Juanita is located beside Shunji Matsuo Japanese Hair Salon (which is designed ala Cafe Juanita style). It is also beside the Bahay ni Juan restaurant along West Capitol Drive.

(Inside Shunji Matsuo)
Since the salon’s next door, you can drop by there first and look fabulous before eating at the new Cafe Juanita.

When the lot owner postponed the original plan of constructing a new building, the Cafe Juanita owners decided to transform their original branch into a different restaurant concept, focusing on Asian Cuisine (in the meantime).

New Cafe Juanita
#19 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Capitolyo
Telephone Number: +632 632-0357 (same number)

As for me, I miss the kitschy charm of the old Cafe Juanita. What do you think of the new Cafe Juanita?

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:


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P.S. Congratulations on the 20th successful year of Cafe Juanita and its new home, Dr. Vasquez! 🙂

Erratum: The lot owner of Cafe Juanita did not threaten Dr. Vasquez, they just informed them of the plans as early as 2008 so that Cafe Juanita could find a place with sufficient lead time. 

27 thoughts on “The New Look of Cafe Juanita in Pasig

  1. Thanks Anton. We are glad you and your family came to the party. I love your cute kids! As to the look of Cafe Juanita, don’t worry, it will “fill-up” sooner than you expect. 🙂 Part of the Cafe Juanita experience is seeing it transform and change through time.

  2. Hi Doc,
    Sige, yes you are right part of the experience is to see it transform 🙂  We will go back from time to time to take snapshots of the place 🙂  Thanks for creating an awesome resto!

  3. So that’s why there have been lots of cars parked in front of Shunji Matsuo lately! But you’re right, Anton, part of the old cafe Juanita’s charm was the kitschy yet quaint decor. Granted it became too cluttered and almost claustrophobic the deeper you went inside, but again, that was part of its charm.
    Judging from your photos, at least the new location looks roomier which means less chances of you tipping over one of their expensive decors, not that I did the few times I went to the old location. Hahahaha…
    Can’t wait to drop by the new Cafe Juanita!

  4. Nothing will beat the first resto, when I ate in the resto sometime in April the waiters informed us of the new move and that there was a possibility of retaining the old resto as a big function room for parties…I sure hope the owners would still consider that option cause I think a lot of the patrons of the resto wouldn’t want to see the old one go…

  5. this is nice, but i will miss the ‘homey’ feeling of the original place, cause it’s like just attending a fiesta at your rich neighbor’s place. This new one looks intimidating (this just me). Eto na lang. Before I’m excited to bring my family there (which we never had the chance due to our busy schedule) cause i know that they will enjoy it. But with this new one, i think they will not like this, and they might be overwhelmed by the place instead of the food. Maybe we’ll just stay at Cafe Augusto (which i believe is also theirs right?) but i will still visit and try this new place.

  6. Oh wow, I just saw this! Last time I was at Cafe Juanita was in December. I have to agree that I prefer the “kitschy charm,” as you put it, of the old venue.

  7. just ate at the new cafe juanita…
    i liked it. we stayed on the second level. they even have a cozy smoking room where you can bring in your tea or coffee while smoking away…
    a bit different from the original, but equally endearing.

  8. just ate at the new cafe juanita…
    i liked it. we stayed on the second level. they even have a cozy smoking room where you can bring in your tea or coffee while smoking away…
    a bit different from the original, but equally endearing.

  9. hello anton! I love your site. My only vice is going to new restaurants and trying out their new dishes. I don’t care whether it is expensive or far, as long as it is new in town! I never eat at the same restaurant. I always look for new places and I always get a high everytime I enter one!
    My son will be celebrating his 2nd birthday and we decided to just have an intimate lunch / dinner with my husband’s immediate family. My budget is at around P5000 for 10 adult pax and 3 kids. Can you suggest an interesting place with good food within Metro Manila? Thanks!

  10. Hi Doc,
    I’m a big fan of Cafe Juanita though I haven’t eaten there for quite a long time now because I live in the south area. Please please open a branch in the south area 🙂
    Thanks and love your food! 🙂
    Bernadette 🙂

  11. Sir Anton,
    I’m curious about what happened to the old Cafe Juanita place? If I’m not mistaken the new restaurant is called Asian Soho and there’s also Kainan Gusto. How’s the food there? Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your awesome Blog.

  12. Hi Klang,
    The old Juanita place is the same. You can order the same food but they are trying to make it into an Asian Resto. They offer the same yummy food for now.

  13. Hi,
    I am planning to have a dinner in Cafe Juanita sometime in september. It’s been quite a while since I last ate there. Based on the pictures you posted, I still loved the old (original cafe juanita). The new place is overwhelmingly big. Not a perfect place for a romantic dinner. Can I still go and eat the same food/menu in the Original cafe juanita? I really like it there, small, more personal, more romantic. Thanks

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