Omigod High! (A Legally Blonde Manila Review)


There won’t be any spoilers in this review because it is best to watch Legally Blonde The Musical without knowing what would happen beforehand. I was laughing almost non-stop throughout the show (and even after the show) with my wife — I can’t wait to watch it again this Saturday.

The supporting cast was AWESOME! Jett Pangan, Geneva Cruz, Calvin Millado, Joel Trinidad, Jinky Llamanzares and Felix Rivera all delivered. We also loved the Greek Chorus and Delta NU girls. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, Guji Lorenzana and Cris Villonco’s performances were a bit tame; and Nyoy Volante and Nikki Gil did not have that much chemistry at all (maybe because of the height factor?)

Nikki was a bit tentative at the start, but she started to get her groove on after the Harvard scene. She still needs to internalize the role fully. There were flashes of brilliant performances, though, especially when she dances.

One thing they can improve on is the wireless mic/sound system. The sounds were choppy, which got kind of annoying. I do hope they fix it before opening day. The first performance was not as stellar as it could have been just because we could not hear the voices of some of the Delta NU girls.

Some of the memorable performances for me were:

Nikki Gil’s cheerleading dance in What You Want
Jett Pangan’s Blood in the Water
Greek Chorus’ Positive
Jinky Llamanzares’ Ireland
Geneva Cruz’ Whipped into Shape

Bend and Snap ๐Ÿ™‚
There! Right There!

Half of the crowd gave a standing ovation to Nikki Gil during last night’s Final Dress Rehearsal performance. The show is great, and it can be as awesome as RENT and Avenue Q. After all, It is a feel-good, funny musical with a lot of girl power.

Let’s compare notes. Feel free to share your own review in the comments section. ๐Ÿ™‚

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P.S. Bring a jacket because it is a bit cold in the Meralco Theater. Bring an umbrella too because, when it rains, you need it to get to your car in the open parking space.

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25 thoughts on “Omigod High! (A Legally Blonde Manila Review)

  1. Saw the preview yesterday. Ok naman sya. Kaso it looked really cheap–from the dresses to the set to the stuffed toy dogs (which was awfully tacky). Kung di naman kaya gawin ng maayos, why do it at all? The appeal of Legally Blonde The Musical is the glitz and and glamour. It’s supposed to be expensive-looking with elaborate set design and fancy clothes. They can’t even afford to get a ninth female dancer to spell “Elle Woods” during “So Much Better”–and yet they have the gull to stage it. Some of the actors were ok–Nikki Gil wasn’t awful and, yes, moments of brilliance (I expect her to improve as the show progresses); Jett Pangan is awesome as always, although the two male leads were extremely blah; and the dancing was truly the show’s highlight. But overall, it’s a very disappointing show.

  2. “They can’t even afford to get a ninth female dancer to spell “Elle Woods” during “So Much Better”–and yet they have the gull to stage it.”
    -the technique to have just 8 girls is for symmetry. look at the london version, they also did not include a 9th girl. negative vibe ka.

  3. im watching it on sunday. may nakapanood na ba nung opening night? kamusta?
    hindi maganda yung performance ni nikki gil sa asap eh. pero i think it’s because of the nerves din. but i really think she’ll do better in the actual performance.

  4. I agree with excuse me ๐Ÿ™‚ I was expecting nice and classy wardrobe but it really look cheap nga…and Nyoy my goodness d sya bagay dun sa show…a bit disappointed about that…buti na lang andun c Jet and Geneva ๐Ÿ™‚ sayang perfect na sana…to sum it up, it’s ok ok lang…

  5. I feel like its wrong to compare the Manila version to the original one in New York. But, I strongly feel that Nikki Gil did not give justice to the way Laura Belle portrayed the role. It would have been better if they got professional Theatre artists na lang.. We have lots of talented thespians here in the Philippines, why can’t they get actors that are REALLY thespians?
    anyway, I agree with the set design and costumes, REALLY CHEAP-LOOKING. I hope they could still replace it!

  6. Haha. Sorry naman. Pero yun talaa pumasok sa isip ko since the show has a cheap vibe. Nakakalungkot lang kasi Atlantis could have done better if they chose a simpler, less expensive show (in terms of set and props anyway). And the talent in the show isn’t even that remarkable although Nikki Gil will definitely improve later during the show’s run; her dancing as early as now is already amazing. I hope they get her for another show. That said, I can’t wait for Atlantis’ Next to Normal!
    As for Legally Blonde: Panoorin nyo na lang yung movie ulit or, better yet, watch the entire Broadway show on Youtube.

  7. Hi Anton! Sayang I missed claiming my OAP prize for this. We were bazaar exhibitors on the same day with my husband conducting a cooking demo in the afternoon – so much for his plan to sneak out just to catch the LBTM show. We couldn’t even find time to bring my son to Meralco Theater so he can claim the prize in my place. After reading the feedback here and elsewhere, I know we missed out on an otherwise great time to de-stress and marvel at another commendable staging of a Broadway heavyweight production. Thank goodness there are other show dates to catch – this is definitely a show too good to pass up.
    @ Ching Yu: Read your review – it was so rich in details that I felt like I was actually there! Truth to tell, I have never heard of LBTM prior to the buzz over Nikki Gil copping the lead role in the local staging. But after your review, I felt so “enlightened” and filled with endorphins to catch it the soonest. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i liked it!
    i like nyoy’s voice, pero sana they got someone na mas may chemistry with nikki onstage. ๐Ÿ™‚ sana din real dog ginamit sa US version daw, real dog eh. hihihih.

  9. I watched it because my girlfriend really wanted to watch it (cats din daw). It was not too bad. Nikki Gil was not really great but shell pass. As for Nyoy, his voice is ok but he just doesnt fit the role. I never felt like the main characters were really “in” to each other. They could have gotten better talents with not so overused names. All in all passing at 75%. Hopefully cats get 90+. Hehe.

  10. Thank You! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a very, very big fan of Legally Blonde the Musical. You should catch it as soon as possible! It’s a very beautiful show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Anton. I just have some questions. Is there a show on the 10th of July? May available good seats pa ba on July 3?

  12. Yeah meron pa yan. Try to contact the following people:ย 
    3 JUL, SAT, 8PM: RIA BUENAFE 0917-534-9437 | 0917-795-6272
    10 JUL, SAT, 2PM: CARMELA MANUEL 09152155947 | CALVIN MILLADO 09175290467
    10 JUL, SAT, 8PM: REYES SISTERS Cristina Oben-Nazareno 0926-6316466 (Kris) | Christina Esperon-Patiรฑo 0999-5205205 (Leah) 0927-8484378 (Chris)

  13. i’m suddenly reminded of a reaction that i overheard while watching the show. at the part where emmett’s makeover is complete and it was mentioned that he looks just like warner, somebody definitely said “hindi naman” at the row behind us. but i did enjoy the show despite the ill fitting track suit.

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