Omigod You Guys! Legally Blonde Contest Winners (Bend and Snap)!

Congratulations to the five (5) winners of Orchestra Side Tickets worth (P1,000) of OAP’s Legally Blonde contest! Thanks to the 99 contest entries for the Legally Blonde Contest — ALL of you will get an exclusive 20% discount on selected Legally Blonde Tickets for the June 26, Saturday, 2pm Show!  

You can text/email Rache to reserve the tickets and you can claim them at the Meralco lobby during the show itself. Just let us know the name and email address you indicated in your contest entry. 🙂 Here are the winners:

I Love to Watch Legally Blonde because….

1. christine00900 said…

I would love to watch Legally Blonde the musical because I loved the original movie. It has inspired me to break the stereotype and conquer my fears.

You see, I was a really geeky kid in school. Everything associated with anything kikay, I felt was a worthless past time. Little did I know this thinking was the result of my own insecurities. I was so afraid of trying out new things thinking I might look stupid and idiotic.

Elle’s character showed me that you can be stylish without coming off as a ditzy airhead. It also has made me realize that I was missing a lot in life because of my insecurities.

Ever since watching the original film years back, I have, among others, danced like a lunatic in a club, started my masters degree, travelled internationally all on my own, broken up with my loser “Warner Huntington”-esque of a boyfriend and found my own “Emmett Richmond” (who I did marry).

Legally Blonde breaks the stereotypes and shows just how far you can go if you believe in yourself and work hard. Its not how much you fail but how many times you’ve stood up and conquered your fears. =)

2. Joyce Capacillo said…

I love to watch Legally Blonde because…

The movie has effortlessly left an indelible impression on me with regards to the age-old merits of unwavering perseverance in fulfilling one’s goals in abject defiance of unwarranted family and peer pressure, and traversing the road less traveled in one’s own inimitable albeit somewhat trifle style in the pursuit of staying true to oneself. To find that in this gem of a chick flick – and that it is exceedingly amusing to boot without bordering on being mawkish and effusively emotional – is but mere icing on the cake.

Reese Witherspoon has amply proven her mettle as an award-winning actress, but she will always be memorable to me as the seemingly ditzy but incorrigibly feisty Elle Woods who is the epitome of successfully though frivolously eschewing stereotypes and being a neither-left-nor-right-yet-never-center kittenish intellectual. Plus her predilection for embracing endorphins is plain infectious! How I wish I can pull off a Harvard Law School admission essay video like hers! That plus a whole slew of memorable nuances in her character brilliantly show that a young woman can realistically balance a genuine enjoyment of life with an unyielding nobility of dedication and purpose. For this precious character alone, the movie already figures prominently in my list of movies worth watching before considering kicking the bucket – go figure.

It will be an absolute feast to witness how Nikki Gil, Nyoy Volante and the rest of the apparently dynamic local cast uphold my undying faith in the world class Filipino musical talent as they hopefully essay effectively the beyond caricaturish characters of the movie. Can hardly wait to relish them bringing to life onstage Elle, the proverbial knight with token chivalry Emmett Richmond, the virtual cad Warner Huntington III, the bitch with a heart Vivian Kensington, the deliciously rotund yet pixieish Paulette Bonafonté (can’t hold back the guffaws whenever I see her execute the “bend and snap” in the presence of her crush the UPS guy), the very human Brooke Taylor Windham (arguably Ali Larter’s claim to fame long before her Heroes role), the astutely stern yet inspiring voice of wisdom Professor Stromwell (love her scene in the parlor after overhearing Elle’s soon-to-be-botched decision to quit law school) and a host of others who hands down help immortalize the movie and seal its indubitably worthy metamorphosis to the musical theater realm.

3. Kane said…

My Tita Lyding celebrated her 86th birthday this month. I would like to take her to see the show. She always marvels how the world has drastically changed during her lifetime and she oftent talks about how women’s roles and representation in society has evolved.

I think she will enjoy watching Legally Blonde and it will remind her that she has been part of that change too. When she was 21, she decided to work at the province of Zamboanga against her family’s wishes to pursue her dream, travel the Philippines, and be more independent.

It would mean a lot to her, and to me if we win the contest. Cheers.

4. Tin said…

I’d love to watch legally blonde simply because I love this movie with a great passion! I can’t believe it’s going to be a musical here in our country. I’ve been looking forward to see the stage/musical version of this movie. I like Elle very much, she’s an inspiration even though I’m not a blonde. After watching the movie, I completely changed from punk to girly. I really can’t wait to hear all the songs with all variety of talents. Also i would love to see how the transition goes from movie to musical. Being looked down upon for something you can’t help about yourself is a big thing (I know), and not only does she deal with it everywhere she goes but she also deals with it in a very graceful way. She helps other people with their problems and is an all-around good person, though a little silly at times (yay!). Elle is also a smart person; she can analyze a situation and handle it correctly, and she works hard to acquire any other knowledge she was missing. I’m not a law student (I’m an art student), but aren’t those qualities a nurse should have? So this movie shows that anything can be achieved when you put your heart in it, and to not be afraid to find your true calling and chase your dreams (or in this case the “love of your life”). It gives the rest of us dreamers hope, because who really knows what we could do for the world? I’ve never been in a musical show and given a chance to see my favorite movie in live, fun, and musical event is gonna be a life changing experience.

5. Ching Yu said…

I love to watch Legally Blonde because I’ve always been a fan of this show. If there’s a broadway musical closest to my heart, this is Legally Blonde the musical. I’ve learned about it 2007, watched the MTV taping, and totally adored Laura Bell Bundy. I am not ashamed to say that I’ve memorized the whole book, even the San Franciso cut songs. I also watched MTV’s the search for Elle Woods, where Bailey Hanks won and even though people hated her, I still love her– because she’s Elle Woods. Then months before the show closed, it was announced that it will be on tour with Becky Gulsvig, and I know it is impossible for me to fly there, because I don’t have the money. So, yeah, I would appreciate if I get to watch the show for free. I believe in Nikki Gil’s talent and I know she will rock it blonde. I’m just 16, so I don’t really have enough money to see the show.

P.S., I also won the LBTM London contest, but since I’m not a London resident, I gave my tickets to a random Legally Blonde fan in UK. I didn’t regret giving it, Blonde fans must stick together, right?


Congratulations! See you on Saturday!

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5 thoughts on “Omigod You Guys! Legally Blonde Contest Winners (Bend and Snap)!

  1. Woot woot! Snaps!
    Thanks for picking me! 😀 This made my day and my week so much.
    Hehe, should I claim my ticket at the lobby? :> Thanks again soooo much.

  2. Hi Anton! Thank you so much for this privilege! My husband Ted and I are immensely thrilled with our winning streak in OAP after he won the contest for the recent staging of Rent and now this. We are so looking forward as it is to watching the show this coming Saturday – however, I just found out that there is a likely conflict in our schedule. In which case I will most probably pass on the prize to my elder son who is a big fan of anything Reese Witherspoon and Nikki Gil (though not necessarily in that order). At any rate, we truly appreciate your singling us out as one of the five winners – your token gestures of generosity are indeed blessings to us your avid readers.

  3. You're welcome, Joyce! just email Rache regarding the name of your son para we will take note of it 🙂 Maraming salamat!

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