Banchetto Love – Friday Night Foodie Market Feast!

If you are looking for a place to eat after a late Friday night gimmick in the Ortigas area, then Banchetto is the perfect foodie place for you. Banchetto is an Italian word meaning “a feast”, and it lives up to the expectation of being the best foodie night market in the area. It was organized for the call center crowd in Ortigas as it literally opens at 12 midnight.

Here is a photo essay of our Banchetto Food Trip on Emerald…

It is best to come at exactly 12mn, when you can see the vendors still cooking some of the dishes on the spot.

They only set up a few tables with plastic chairs (for an al fresco ambiance) in the middle of one side of Emerald Avenue.

All transactions are cash basis only, and you can eat a full meal at less than P100.

Vigan Longganisa at P40 for 2pcs per stick. 🙂

People are friendly and the food is prepared catering- / turo-turo-style.

Barbecue ranks among the more popular fare.

My personal favorite is the Food Guru, where you can buy Angus Beef Skewers for P50 only. 🙂

My wife’s favorite is the Mongolian — for only P80! You can get as many vegetables and rice as you want, but the meats are portioned properly per order.

There is only one Mongolian stall, and it seems to have no name.

The crowd favorite is Isaw for P20.

The Three Sisters stall serves all types of barbecue you can think of.

There’s the Monster Burger for P130.

Big Liempo sells for only P75.

Takoyaki is also available, alongside a variety of the usual street food.

Le Blanc serves the most eye-catching desserts and gourmet food.

We ate alongside the call center agents on the steps of the PLDT building.

Rache enjoying her Mongolian dish. It’s been a while since we had Mongolian this good. 🙂

Fresh fruits and fruit juice are available. Beer and hard drinks are not allowed.

Even foreigners buy take-out food in Banchetto.

There is a stall that specializes in cookies that you can buy without the branded packaging.

Check out the shoulder-to-shoulder traffic in Banchetto during the Friday call center mealtime rush.

Banchetto Food Market-166
Thanks to Chef’s Pastry Shop for the tip on Banchetto! They sell 3 for P100 cupcake desserts.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella because Banchetto is al fresco. You’ll really get wet if you get caught in a downpour in the middle of the market.

Parking is usually allowed along Emerald Avenue already by this time.

Organized by Funky Princess Marketing Specialists

Banchetto Emerald
Right at the middle of the street of Emerald Avenue (now called F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue) in Ortigas Center
Every Friday Only
Opens 12:00 midnight FRIDAY until 11:00 am SATURDAY

Banchetto Forum
Back of Cybergate Tower 1 Building, inside the road premises of Forum Robinsons
Pioneer Street corner Edsa
From Tuesday to Friday
Opens 9PM “Overnight” until 6AM the next day.

For vendor inquiry, please contact
Telephone: home office +632 6550590
Mobile: +63 9228800861
Website: Banchetto Multiply Site



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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are not partners in any way with the organizers of Banchetto. 🙂


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33 thoughts on “Banchetto Love – Friday Night Foodie Market Feast!

  1. i am speechless wow! a true fiesta style open street market this is what makes me homesick lol! more than 4 decades ago outside school fences isaw bbq’s is only 0.15 cents lol!

  2. We always drive by the Friday stalls. Pero di kami bumababa. After reading your entry, we’re trying the kebabs, longganisa and Mongolian bowl! Thanks!

  3. Hi Sir Anton, thank you for featuring Banchetto in OAP..It’s nice to know you enjoyed it. We’d love to meet you and your wife. Please let us know when you plan to visit again.:)

  4. Gee thanks for the heads up, Anton! I never knew they already have this in Ortigas. Wish I had known this much earlier though. The missus and I celebrated our 16th anniversary yesterday and we were looking for a “different” pre-anniversary treat last Friday with our kids – this would have been a memorable foodie experience for us. Oh well, there’s always next Friday evening (though technically this is an early Saturday morning event). Gotta check out them really cheap Angus beef kebabs – seriously at P50 per stick?
    Banchetto – what a ingeniously hip play of the Tagalog word bangketa which means sidewalk. Dunno if that’s how they got to coin the monicker though.

  5. i heard that there’s one in pioneer but i haven’t tried it yet. after reading this and seeing the pictures, i’ll try it next time that i’m working late! 🙂

  6. I work in a call center near the Banchetto kaya pag Friday I always love eating there kase maraming variety. Although I opt for green salad and potato salad all the time. Yung binenebta nila dun na burger patty makapal so matagal lang maluto pero patok sa mga customer. 🙂
    Actually, until 11am andyan pa ren sila so you can buy food before magtanghalian.

  7. hi! check out Tantoco’s Catering and got a taste of our best seller’s Mushroom Lasagna and Chicken Cordon Bleu. See yah!

  8. hi! check out Tantoco’s Catering on it’s 7th Friday dis July 30 and got a taste of our best seller’s Mushroom Lasagna and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Tnx yah!

  9. Awesome banchetto is! I just hope they can be more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY 🙂 The sight of all those Styrofoams and plastic cups makes me weep a thousand sores T_T Albeit disposal is superb! 🙂

  10. What? You went to Banchetto, sat on the steps of PLDT and missed eating at Tapatouille (which is directly in front of PLDT)?! You should try their Korean Tapa! The best! Also try the Brazo de Mercedes of Sweets for My Sweet. Heavenly!
    Banchetto has been around since 2007. We’re moving out of Ortigas by end-month and I will terribly miss Banchetto. *sniff!*

  11. wow! another “food market”, similar to the night food hawkers in seoul and busan, south korea and in bangkok, thailand. this is something that can be done in makati too. our country should develop activities like these similar to what the cities i mentioned have, or even those in hongkong and singapore.

  12. Hi! Hope you’ll try Pitagoras next time, we are serving 12-inch mouth-watering grilled chicken Pita with your choice of gourmet sauces like Pesto-mayo, Curry-mayo, Garlic-Mayo, Tzatziki, and Hummus 🙂 it’s very yummy and is good for 2 na coz it’s pretty big 🙂
    Hope to see you in Banchetto again 🙂

  13. I tried the Pitagoras Pita Pillars and it’s so huge!!! haha! I thought I could eat it all by myself but I ended up sharing it with my friend. haha! I think it’s really ment for sharing. haha! I tried their Pesto-mayo sauce, and it’s resto-quality! It’s really good. My friends also tried their Toasted Pita Chips with Curry-mayo Dip! I’d definitely recommend this food stall! You should try their Pita Rolls! Two thumbs up for you guys!

  14. Reading this article made me feel a little twinge. I was always aware of this great food place and yet I ordered only 1 item for 4 straight Saturdays – the bargain roast beef with mashed potato. Those kebabs certainly make me want to visit again.

  15. I haven’t been there but as I saw the place and their awesome looking food from different tv shows makes it more inviting to consider one of these days my hubby whose in Canada wants to visit the place next may (on his upcoming vacation) he’s a food lover by nature. hope he will never forget it.

  16. I really want to visit this place. I hope they will be able to open Saturday night even just this Christmas Season.. Give chance to other GY shift employees working outside Ortigas, please.

  17. Just like to ask if they’ll be open this Christmas? We work in a callcenter here in QC and would like to check the place out. Thank you in advance and Advance Merry Christmas..

  18. I found this market by chance, wandering around Ortigas after midnight. It is truly amazing, and anyone visiting manila should go at least once. The food variety is amazing, the quality is great, and the atmosphere is fantastic. This should be publicized more – it’s a great place to eat.

  19. me and my boyfriend will have our valntine’s date right after my class and his office work… weew!!! so ecxited. it will be my first time to be there… waaa…

  20. I read a lot of Banchetto raves on the foodie side of the blogosphere, that’s why we tried going there last Friday (Banchetto Megatent) and I must say the experience is awesome. We end up happy and fully loaded!!!
    Thanks for sharing information like this.

  21. It’s been a long while since I first tried banchetto in ortigas. Before it was located along the Emeral Avenue, Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City. However, I think due to traffic congestion issue, since this banchetto was place and occupying almost half of the said street, it was moved to the empty / parking area beside “The Podium”, in Mandaluyong. It’s not too far, a little walk will take you there.
    The food are so good and affordable. I remember I spent my 1st salary in my first call center job buying food, treating and rewarding myself for hard work. I’m with my ate Friday that night. Banchetto is definitely a good place to hang to, relaxed and feast all your heart content.

  22. As a reply to the comment above my first post here is the detail about banchetto:
    Beginning next Friday, February 3rd, we did not only change the name of the venue to BANCHETTO MERALCO AVENUE (formerly Megatent), we also changed the time schedule to 5pm Friday until 4am Saturday (formerly 8pm until 7am). This is to give chances to those going home from office or from school, to experience BANCHETTO MERALCO AVENUE every Friday, along Meralco Avenue between DepED and Renaissance Towers. Please inform all your friends. Thanks so much for all your love and continuous support!

  23. well as i”ve seen all those pictures of banchetto.i was really amazed of those various cuisines which actually made by filipinos.Im really interested to share my knowledge in food,so just wanna inquire how to be part of banchetto..if ver u read my message..pls text the full detail..thank you..heres my digit the w3ay im aj saripe..

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