The Best Fresh Chocolate Milk is made by Holly’s Milk

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner 
Holly’s Milk by Real Fresh Dairy Farms
Whole Milk, Low Fat Milk, White Cheese

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 400

“I love the milk & milk chocolate, so fresh, unlike those commercially produced milk”

Fresh, pure, high quality, fantastic dairy”  – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

We are fans of fresh milk, and my favorites include: Rizal Dairy Farms and Holly’s Milk! In UTT4, the foodies were raving about the fresh milk and fresh kesong puti by Paco Magsaysay’s Real Fresh Dairy Farms. Paco is known in the foodie circle because he founded the “Tuesday Group“, which is a foodie club that tries out the latest restaurants in the metro.

From their delicious offerings, our personal pick is Holly’s Choco Milk — it is not too sweet and has the right amount of chocolate. The chocolate is smooth and does not overpower the milk. Aidan, Joshua and I can finish one bottle in one sitting during one of our bonding sessions together.

Congratulations to Holly’s Milk! 🙂

love, love, love it! choco drink & kesong puti…” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Story of Holly’s Milk by Real Fresh Dairy
by Paco Magsaysay

Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 2007 as a dairy business entity engaged in dairy cattle farming and dairy processing. Its sprawling 27-hectare dairy farm, nestled in the rolling foothills of majestic Mt. Makiling, is home to over 190 heads of Holstein – Sahiwal dairy cows imported  by the company through the National Dairy Authority from New Zealand in 2007. Around 1,000 litres of milk are produced daily by the milking cows, which are processed into different dairy products by the dairy processing plant of UPLB-DTRI in Los Banos, Laguna. The dairy products include, among others, whole milk, low fat, non-fat and flavoured chocolate milk, white cheese or quesong puti, butter, cream cheese and yogurts. Although barely three years in operation, the company, through sheer determination and patience, was able to get a sizable slice of the elusive local dairy market normally dominated by imported dairy products. The impressive list of valued clientele includes major hotels and restaurants, exclusive schools, and government institutions strategically situated all over the Metro Manila suburbs and cities. …the subdivisions and individual customers are served by distributors and dealers who make sure that fresh milk products are delivered daily right to the doorstep of every milk-drinking Filipino family.

The company envisions to provide locally produced fresh milk that will make every Filipino SMARTER, SHARPER AND STRONGER. A milk product that is prepared the traditional way with all the natural nutrients intact, like what our old folks used to drink and enjoy…unadulterated, with no preservatives and harmful chemicals added. A milk product we can truly say PROUDLY PHILIPPINE-MADE!!!

What Foodies Say about Holly’s Milk:

– I (love) Holly’s!!!

– white cheese good
– chocolate milk needs a bit more chocolate-y flavor but yum
– white cheese was okay, nothing remarkable
– very nice feel in the mouth
– Too chocolatey
– sarap ng kesong puti
– milk is sweet
– perfect quesong puti

– low fat choco milk was a bit “thin”
– tastes bland, even the full cream milk
– no tetra pack taste
– light & creamy, very fresh tasting
– choco love!
– I love the choco milk
– I feel like I went home to our province
– great choco
– I super like the choco
– Medjo matabang 😐 
– Great whole and chocolate milk
– just right
– refreshing
– loved the choco milk
– yummy kesong puti
– tamang tama ang lasa
– normal, I’m a chocolate fan
– low fat milk — too bland
– white cheese — too salty
– reminds me of DTRI milk, but better quality
– love Holly’s! I wish you had more varieties at Santi’s deli
– very good
– nothing extraordinary
– choco milk is OK. Not too sweet & creamy.
– I love choco milk!
– yummy milk
– low fat is still creamy
– creamy goodness!
– the cheese sucks!
– yummy!
– very creamy!
– very very yummy! I want more…
– whole/low fat milk — good!
– white cheese – a bit flat in taste
– don’t like the cheese
– cheese was just right in texture and milk was not gagging 
– great milk

“The choco milk is heavenly” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

Pasteurized Whole Fresh Milk.   1 Liter – P70
Contains Approximately: 3.8% Fat, 3.4% Protein, 4.5% Lactose

Low Fat Milk.   1 Liter – P70
Contains Approximately: 1.9 – 2.0% Fat     

Low Fat Chocolate Flavored Milk.   1 Liter – P80
Contains Approximately: 2.0% Fat, 8.0% Sugar, 0.9% Cocoa and 0.2% Stabilizer 

White Cheese (Quesong Puti). – P70  200 Grams HDPE packaging
Contains Approximately: 20% Fat, 11% Protein, 3-3.5% Salt and 60% Moisture

Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc.

Centrum II Building, Room 202 150 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone Number: +632 813-1385
Mobile Numbers: +63 939-5406908, +63 918-9330276
E-mail Address:

Taguig Area
Contact: Lanie / Tess / Rico
Market! Market! The Fort
Pelican Fresh Farm Produce
Telephone no. +632 889-6696
Cellphones: (+63 922) 812-9842, (+63 928) 945-7417

Makati Area
Salcedo Village Market
(available Saturday mornings only)
Contact: Jing / Virgie
Telephone no. +632 816-1034
Cellphone: +63 923 455-0299

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Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined Ultimate Taste Test 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Fresh Chocolate Milk is made by Holly’s Milk

  1. I am also doing a post on Holly’s since it’s one of the best, if not the best, chocolate milk I’ve tasted. No aftertaste like most liquid cow’s milk in tetrapack.
    Clarification lang about the price Anton, coz I bought 2 bottles from their booth at P100@ (not P80). Saan ba may benta na P80? 🙂 Then I bought at Santi’s Deli for P119 per bottle.

  2. There is also a milk produced in Davao City called Dairy Best and its chocolate milk tastes exactly the same as Holly’s milk. It has other flavors like melon, strawberry and durian. You should try it too!

  3. hi, Rencie and I hope that you’d be able to get a goat’s milk supplier to join next time. Our son is allergic to cow milk and soya milk. Thanks.

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