Denim Kitchen’s Smoked Mackerel!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner
Denim Kitchen
Bangus Sardines in Canola Oil, Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil, Crunchy Garlic, Mango Chutney

Total Number of Foodies who rated: 274
 Subtle, delicate…flavor, just right saltiness”

“Love the smoked mackerel. May konting spice.” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

This is one of the surprising discoveries in Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 because it is quite rare for foodies to rave about this kind of food. During the event, you could see a lot of the foodies were delighted with the homemade bangus sardines and the smoked mackerel.

I find the branding strategy counter-intuitive, using a type of fabric as branding for food. They do have very unique packaging, though — a 750g microwaveable tub placed in a pine crate.

The taste is way better than the bottled ones you can buy commercially. It has the right amount of flavor and salt that goes very well with rice (although some foodies did find it a bit too salty). The love and dedication the owners put in their product are quite evident in every bite.

Homemade-Tasting Food + Awesome Packaging = Winning Foodie Product!

Congratulations, Denim Kitchen!

We will definitely order again! Mackerel was very very good!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Story of Denim Kitchen
by Joey Pineda-Frias

We are Denim Kitchen. A couple of years ago, my husband, Patrick, started making Bangus Sardines from full-size Bangus and gave them to friends and family as Christmas gifts. It was well-received and we started getting orders. From then on, we decided to offer our products thru weekend markets and bazaars. We added a few more items, such as Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil, Crunchy Garlic and Mango Chutney.

A lot of clients ask, “Why Denim Kitchen?”…Pat & I both love denim fabric for its versatility. You can wear it just about anywhere! Dress it up, dress it down, use it for accessories, home items, etc. When we got married, we veered from the traditional and decided to make give-aways from denim fabric. We wanted to have the same mindset for the food company: To put a youthful twist to traditional recipes. We want our food to be versatile too, so aside from rice, we encourage our clients to try the Bangus Sardines and Smoked Mackerel on pasta, sandwiches, as appetizers, etc.

What Foodies Say About Denim Kitchen:

– Sarap!
– to die for…
– Gourmet quality
– Not too salty bangus
– My absolute favorite!
– yummy fish
– tasty
– bad combo with rice, dapat crackers
– great flavor, eye-catching & unique packaging
– the smoked mackerel!
– Smoked Mackerel – 10, experiment on smoked bangus
– very flavorful
– great combo with garlic chips
– loved the mackerel, bangus was a bit on the salty side
– Bangus – OK, Mackerel – a little salty
– 5 – Very Good!
– very very good!
– very original taste; well prepared
– smoked sardines has good flavor
– I’ve enjoyed these a long time, fresh good quality
– exciting sardines, but I’ll easily get tired of it.
– unique interesting combination
– a bit oily but delicious nonetheless
– mackerel is very tasty
– unique & flavorful
– loved the concept of serving it on rice bite size
– good with me! highly flavorful.
– smoked mackerel with a spot of rice was divine!
– the best I’ve tasted!
– nice presentation
– bangus was good
– I love the sardines
– love it – I’ll buy it as gifts
– very good taste
– hindi malansa
– Excellent smoked mackerel!

“5 – lovely! very classy taste! feel-good food, friendly person!” – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The classic sardines reinvented! Bangus sardines made from fresh, full-size fish, cooked to perfection in Canola oil and select spices. Tastier, healthier and none of the harmful preservatives.

Filleted, deboned and soaked in Pure Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and spices. A must try!

Thinly sliced mangoes, preserved in its natural juices and seasoned with spices. The balance of sweet and sour flavors complement fried, grilled and savory dishes.

The perfect appetite enhancer. Best on rice, grills and pasta.

Contact Person: Patrick/Joey Frias
Email Address:
Mobile Number: +63 917.536.08.53/0917.838.33.74
Legaspi Weekend Market (Every Sunday)
Food Exchange Deli (Timog cor. Tomas Morato, Q.C.)

Live an Awesome Life,

Call or Text Me: +63917 5683-627 (LOVE-OAP)
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Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined Ultimate Taste Test 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog.

P.S. We are now receiving applications for Foodie Suppliers and Event/Media Sponsors for the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 in August. Please email or text/call 0917-5318949.

The UTT5 has been pushed back to a later date. We will announce the date soon (when we are able to reserve the venue).

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5 thoughts on “Denim Kitchen’s Smoked Mackerel!

  1. Holy Mackerel! Glad to know this made it as UTT 4.0 winner! But then I already know it back then, hehe… Congratulations, Patrick and Joey!
    Indeed what wonders packaging can do – I was already impressed with the flavor of both their smoked mackerel and bangus sardines on minute scoops of rice (can’t get any better than that), but I was floored by their ingenious use of wooden crates as holder for those ubiquitous microwavable plastic containers.
    I agree though that their branding is kinda counter-intuitive – it initially gave me the impression that they were selling aprons, potholders and the like. Just my two cents’ worth.

  2. That’s my sistah and bro, Joey and Pat!!!
    I’m so happy for you guys. And happy for the rest of the world getting to know the yummy-original tastes and Frias-Flavors (because only the Frias’s can create them! o, di ba!?! new catch phrase! heehee!!!)
    Lalo ko tuloy na miss ang aking beloved Smoked Macky which Les and I always “died for” during brunch…memories of summer vacations are flooding back to your Até!
    Love and miss you guys and CONGRATULATIONS. A WELL-DESERVED AWARD, I BELIEVE. Bon a petite and great job, Anton Diaz and OAP!
    Chiqui Pineda-Azimi
    (Joey and Pat’s “Big” Sis in Toronto)

  3. Hi Ted!
    Thank you for the very positive feedback! They are indeed words of encouragement 🙂
    We’re actually pleasantly surprised that people remember us more, due to the unique name. In the near future, we might actually launch our line of denim kitchen accessories! 🙂
    Looking forward to bumping into you soon!
    God bless you
    Joey & Patrick Frias

  4. Hi Ate!
    You are one of our original tasters, fans and maybe sometimes, (willing) guinea-pigs! 🙂
    Patrick and I are so blessed to have such solid support from you. Thank YOU!!!!
    We shall find a way to send you some, soon! :*

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