Strawberry Ginger & Orange Whisky — The Fruit Garden Jam Love!

 Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner
The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams!
Orange Whisky, Dalandan, Strawberry Ginger, Peppered Pineapple, Mango Coriander, Mango Banana, Pineapple Banana.

 Total Number of Foodies who rated: 194

“Interesting flavor combos! and they work!”


weet but with a kick at the end-

– Jams are unique and very good”

 – Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Fruit Garden debuted in UTT3, and most of the foodies there raved about it (Read: The Fruit Garden as the Best Fruit Jams in Manila). We received Fruit Garden Jam as gifts last Christmas, and we loved it.

In UTT4, they introduced an innovative line of Jam flavors. Most foodies raved about the Strawberry Ginger, Mango Coriander, and their premium jam — Orange Whisky, made with the Scottish Glenlivet whisky, which is 12 years old!

To make jams, fruits and sugar are cooked together, so adding an exotic ingredient like ginger, coriander or whisky is quite tricky. But when balanced perfectly, it enhances the overall taste so that you won’t get tired of it and, as the UTT 4.0 foodie commented, it does give the jam a nice kick in the end.

Congratulations to The Fruit Garden for their consistent product innovation — proudly made in the Philippines!

Fantastic flavors. Love the orange whisky & pepper pineapple.” 

– Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

The Story of The Fruit Garden – Home Made Jam
by Pierre Marmonier

The Fruit Garden (TFG) company mission is to offer to the consumers all-natural, high quality fruit products, using local resources.

Inspired by French cooking tradition, the company introduced its first product line: Luxury Jam.

Cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons (like how it used to be done in France years ago), the TFG jam does not use any preservatives — only natural fruits and sugar.

Three main jam collections were introduced last year: Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple; and new flavors have been added earlier in 2010: Orange Marmalade, Guava.

For the UTT 4.0, 7 new flavors were exclusively introduced: Orange Whisky, Dalandan, Strawberry Ginger, Peppered Pineapple, Mango Coriander, Mango Banana and Pineapple Banana.

TFG jams are available at the following locations: Legazpi Sunday morning market, Mickey’s Delicatessen on Jupiter Street, Bacchus Epicerie at Rockwell Power Point Mall, The Market Deli on Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Coffee Beanery 5/F Shangri-La Plaza…

To know more about TFG products and retail locations around Metro Manila and the country, log on to

What Foodies Say about The Fruit Garden Jams:

– good for gifts 🙂

– although sana nachos instead of bread

– strawberry ginger is love 🙂

– generally ok, dalandan tasted a bit bitter

– over-rated!!! not luxurious at all!

– clean taste but too sweet

– mango coriander was a revelation!

– pepper, whisky and ginger OK

– too sweet

– I like them but quite sweet. It will be perfect if less sweet

– best jams I’ve ever tasted

– probably the best jam I’ve ever tasted

– interesting flavors
– perfect gift

– loved the mango coriander

– Great Taste!

– Great Taste. was able to identify each flavor.

– flavorful

– not a fan of fruit jams

– the strawberry ginger is a must try!

– mango whisky is innovative

– strawberry ginger jam. Excellent

– unique concoctions


good jam. sana may bread. 

– not my cup of tea


– ok lang.

– yum! interesting flavors, not too sweet!

– Tasty!

– strawberry ginger was sweet with a kick

– fresh, unique

– loved new flavors

– nice subtle fruit jam flavors

– loved the strawberry & ginger

“Refreshing flavors! not artificial tasting!” 

– Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Foodie

All Flavors – Jars of 120g – P140 (All flavors except Orange Whisky – P180)
All Flavors – Jars of 350g – P300
Discovery Set (6 flavors in 30g jars) – P350

The Fruit Garden
Gomega Building, P. Martinez Street
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Contact: Pierre Marmonier
Mobile: +63 920 945 3565

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Disclosure: All the food suppliers who joined Ultimate Taste Test 4 provided FREE samples to 1,000 foodies. Only those suppliers who were rated 3.3 and above (by the foodies) are featured as the UTT4 winners in the blog.

P.S. We are now receiving applications for Foodie Suppliers and Event/Media Sponsors for the Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 in August. Please email or text/call 0917-5318949.

The UTT5 has been pushed back to a later date. We will announce the date soon (when we are able to reserve the venue).

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9 thoughts on “Strawberry Ginger & Orange Whisky — The Fruit Garden Jam Love!

  1. Yay TFG Strawberry Ginger Jam! My clear favorite among all their samples during UTT 4.0 – unfortunately it was not yet for sale at that time or I would have gotten me a couple of them big jars. Went to their booth last night at the Eastwood City Mall Gourmet Food Market, but still nothing for my strawberry ginger fix. Got a nice fallback though with their strawberry banana and strawberry mint variants. C’est tout simplement magnifique, vos confitures, Pierre!

  2. Thanks a lo for your comments,we were waiting for Anton’s post to start the sales : HERE WE ARE. Our new flavors will be introduced this coming SUNDAY at Legazpi market, we will have the winning flavors of the UTT4.0 : Orange whisky, strawberry ginger, Mango coriander, peppered pineapple, but also Mangosteen and Mulberry. Hope you come to visit us. Merci!

  3. congrats ria and pierre!
    i also saw the fruit garden jams at mickey’s deli…
    nurnberger sausages and beer
    then some of your jam & butter on pretzel breads from lartizan bakery?
    omg. perfect.

  4. We love their jams! Specially the Orange Whisky! And the price is reasonable considering it’s specially home made. Pierra and Andrea are nice too! Congrats guys! ^_^

  5. i also liked strawberry ginger (to think i dont normally like ginger)! i think it would go so well with pound cake! yummy!!!

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