Hermanos Rolled Beef Tacos

Hermanos Taco Shop’s Rolled Beef Tacos


We love Mexican food (although I’m not quite familiar with what they call California Mexican Food, like Baja in Greenbelt). Hermanos (meaning “siblings”) Taco Shop claims to have the most authentic Mexican dishes in town since the owner’s stepdad is actually Mexican. The rolled tacos here are quite popular because they are unique fare.

Hermanos has a simple open kitchen setup that looks like a disarrayed home kitchen — not very appetizing. It would have been nice if the ingredients were displayed Ristras-style. The owners seem intimidating at first but, in fact, they are very friendly.

Here is a closer look at the Hermanos Menu.

The ambiance at Hermanos attempts to be homey, something like your neighborhood taco shop located in a Petron gas station. There is an accent wall of square blocks of log ends and a giant mirror, which gives the illusion of a larger dining area. In my opinion, the interiors look a bit “bland”.

Carne Asada Burritos (P295). Served with your choice of Black or Pinto Beans, Spanish Rice, Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa, Sour Cream, Guacamole (seasonal) Except for Chorizo & Egg.

I like the tenderness and tastiness of the beef and the paella-type of rice they used for the burrito. The tomato salsa was a bit watery, though. I find it a bit expensive at ~P300 for a beef burrito, considering the serving size is good for one person.

Rolled Beef Tacos (P3pcs – P195). Served with Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream, Guacamole (seasonal) & Roasted Tomato Salsa.

I love this! It is like eating barquillos, beef taco-style. ๐Ÿ™‚ Their sour cream-guacamole combination, together with the fresh lettuce, added to my enjoyment of the tacos. The serving size is really good for one and a bit bitin if to be shared.

One thing I’m trying to figure out is: the place is located in a gasoline station, the presentation and ambiance are just ok, the serving size isn’t meant for sharing, so why are they charging so much (on the same level as Ristras)? Is it because you are paying for the “authenticity” factor? Although, I would agree that the food is good. Is Mexican food really this expensive? Do share your thoughts.

Hermanos Taco Shop
#27 Granada Ave. corner Jose O. Vera St.,
Brgy. Valencia, Gilmore, Quezon City
Landmark is the Petron Gasoline Station and JT’s Manukan.
Telephone: +632 570-8425
FB: www.facebook.com/hermanostacoshop
Email: hermanostacoshop@yahoo.com

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P.S. Before eating at Hermanos, Aidan had a date with the Transformers when Jollibee launched its Transformers-themed birthday packages. He was happy to wear his favorite Transformer costume. ๐Ÿ™‚



But the best Transformer cosplayer we’ve seen was during the Powermac Center Greenbelt launch.


35 thoughts on “Hermanos Rolled Beef Tacos

  1. I’ve seen their resto a few times and I agree it doesn’t look appetizing from the outside so I didn’t go ๐Ÿ™‚ With that price, EXPENSIVE nga yung food! Will try the rolled tacos.

  2. The California-Mexican thing, they call it that way ‘coz of the way they serve it. In California, they serve the burritos with everything in it, the rice, beans, and the salad. In Mexico, they serve the rice and salad on the side. Some people also prefer their beans on the side with melted cheese on top..

  3. I hope the burrito place owners get to read this… they might consider taking their prices down heheh =) But then again I’d like to still munch on that… and keep my eyes closed when paying up LOL

  4. As far as the prices, Meixcan food are pretty good on the budget that’ts why it pretty popular here in Cali much like Chinese. Either you go Mexican or Chinese or whatever ethnicity you have most in your area.
    Filipino food here from like Goldilocks, cost a lot compare to others (we pay more to feel closer to da pilipins). If you want inexpensive here, and ethnic go Vietnamese, Chinese or Mexican (taquerias!!!)
    Mahal siguro dyan kasi it’s not your everyday thing.

  5. I ate there last week and loved it! We ate the taquitos (I actually preferred the chicken to the beef), burrito, and tamales. We loved all except the tamales. It is not that they were bad–I am just really picky about my tamales. We loved the pico de gallo, although you are correct about the extra liquid. I actually preferred this place (at least based on our single visit) to Ristras for three reasons: 1) Ristras puts some sort of bacon or the like in their refried beans and it makes the entire burrito taste like bacon, 2) I prefer the tortillas used at Hermanos–they are thicker than the ones at Ristras, and 3) we have had multiple times now where the pico de gallo at Ristras tastes a little old.
    Yes, prices were a bit high, but being from San Francisco, I have to have my Mexican fix and so I will pay almost any amount for it. The three dishes we ordered we Php810 and the burrito heated well the next day.

  6. Finally, a Mexican restaurant that delivers. I don’t mind shelling out some money, as long as I know that the food is good. And You’re right, Anton, the food IS good. My friend told me about this place last week. I used to be a regular customer of Ristras, but now I’m definitely hooked on Hermanos, especially those rolled tacos. Fish tacos are pretty good too. Ristras has pretty generous servings, but they usually fill you up with rice and condiments. Not to mention, their tortilla is somewhat raw. From my experience, it’s easy to say that Hermanos serves quality ingredients, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and lots of meat, the food is just delicious. Maybe that’s a factor in the price? I don’t know, but I’ll definitely go back. You’re right, they could do a bit more to help the ambiance, but then again they just opened, maybe they’re still fixing up the place

  7. The Hermanos sign is problematic. You have no idea you’re going into a relatively expensive place for Mexican food.
    If the pico de gallo at Ristras tastes old, it’s one, maybe wo days old. That is not good. It’s just a salsa; tomatoes, onions and cilantro are not expensive ingredients.
    More than that, Ristras set the bar for higher prices compared to other Tex-Mex places like Mexicali, Jalapeno. They shouldn’t slip up or show complancency on such simple items.

  8. Refried beans are traditionally made with some kind of bacon fat or lard, that’s why you think it tastes like bacon

  9. After reading your blog, tried the place with a few friends yesterday. No complaints! Our taste buds were definitely satisfied. We tried their surf and turf burrito, and the chorizo burrito. Wow. And, you were right about the rolled tacos. I had the beef rolled tacos, really good, and they serve it with shredded beef, nice amount of it. Each serving is good for one person, I don’t see any problems with the serving size. Filled me up pretty well. If you want to eat for two or more, then I say order more than one item. ๐Ÿ˜‰ With the growing popularity of Mexican food here in Manila, I’ve tried a few mexican restos in the metro. Hermanos taco shop, by far, is the best in my opinion. Will go back and try the rest of the items on their menu for sure. As for the price, if it’s good, I say, it’s worth every penny! Thanks Anton!

  10. zapata’s (now called iguana) in angeles is still the best mexican resto from me. lucky me, i live 2 mins away lang. cinco de mayo in greenfield, san fernando is worth trying too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I am BIG fan of Mexican food. Whenever a new Mexican restaurant would open here in Manila, I’m sure to be one of the very first customers. Unfortunately, I just get disappointed time after time. None of those “Mexican” restaurants have been able to satisfy my palate. No offense, they’re just NOT GOOD. I lived in southern California for almost two decades, I know good Mexican food when I see it, smell it, and taste it. Menudo, tripas, cabeza, al pastor, enchilada, carne asada, fish tacos, etc… you name it, I’ve tried it. I just love, love, love Mexican food. When I learned about Hermanos taco shop, I was a little apprehensive to try it. Having been disappointed with the other restaurants, I had second thoughts about giving this one a try. I just assumed it will be like the rest. To my surprise, I WAS WRONG. I’m so thrilled that FINALLY, we have an authentic Mexican restaurant here in the Philippines. Hermanos is by far, THE BEST. My compliments to the chef and the owners. They are all really warm and friendly. If you don’t know what real salsa is, you would really think that it’s “watery” because the “salsa” they serve here in the Philippines is not really salsa. It’s like something you could buy from the grocery store. Straight from a bottle or can. I love their tomato roasted salsa. I so love their rolled tacos, too. In fact, I’m so addicted to them right now. I like their tamales, I was told that they are made from scratch. Fresh tamales are the best. They also make fresh Horchata everyday. I love the texture of their tortillas. They also make their own corn tortillas from scratch, and it’s always fresh. As far as the prices, I think they are just right. You have to consider the cost of serving quality food (meat, cheese, sour cream, fresh guacamole & salsa). I asked them where they get their spices, and I was told that they come all the way from California and Mexico. Now, those are expensive ingredients! Mexicali and Agave serve their burritos and tacos with ground beef and lots of veggies. At Hermanos, they stuff their tacos and burritos with REAL SIRLOIN MEAT. If you want good food, then you have to be willing to pay the price for it. For me, it’s worth it. I just noticed that their interior is still a little bare. They DO need to work on that. It would make the dining experience so much better. I don’t see any problem with the kitchen. Although, I wish they would do something about those wobbly tables. I almost spilled my salsa on my new shirt! haha. All in all, if you love Mexican food, and you are looking for a rewarding experience, then I suggest you drive over to Hermanos taco shop. I will definitely go back for more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Hi Meliza,
    I was looking for a comment like and I learned a lot from it. It made me want to go back to Hermanos and try the other Mexican treats.
    Very helpful comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  13. Mexican food is not expensive. My favorite here in the Philippines is Manana (pronounced manyana) in Boracay. Very reasonable, even cheap with the food that you get. It’s really our default food in Boracay, where we gravitate if we’re not trying to test the other joints there.

  14. I agree with Ethel. For me the best is still Maรฑana in Boracay – Seafood Fundido!!! And based on the ingredients it shouldn’t be expensive at all. I would definitely complain if I was served that kind of watery salsa. Shame we don’t have more good Mexican places in the Philippines!

  15. Oooops sorry I just read Meliza’s comment. Okay the prices (and the Salsa) make sense to me now =) Yes I’d definitely be willing to pay that much if they did use sirloin meat and get ingredients all the way from Mexico. Very informative comment! And perhaps we will try Hermanos when we visit the Philippines!

  16. I’m on a search for authentic tacos in Manila. Tacos have to contain just onions, cilantro and the meat in the tortilla,right? And a slice of lime and salsa on the side. Avocados, optional. No cheese and lettuce. I found that kind of taco in Army Navy but I want more choices.

  17. Thanks for the review Melissa! There used to be a Mexican place near my office, Taqueria Chilanga in Metropolitan Avenue, Makati, which served the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in Manila. But they closed shop and though it’s said that they are the same people running the buritto bar in Rockwell cinema, somehow it isn’t that great anymore. Will definitely try Hermanos, especially as they serve horchata!

  18. Went there got a 10% discount ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess that goes for all students. Good thing I had my id! Now I just love that place even more. haha. Thank you for sharing Anton!

  19. I agree that food would be more expensive if the ingredients, especially the spices, are imported. What I don’t get is that Hermano’s has to import their spices from Mexico or California when these are readily available in the Philippines or somewhere in South East Asia. I for one appreciate good food and am willing to pay the appropriate price but I know it when I am being robbed in broad daylight. If I’m going to eat in a hole-in-a-wall restaurant, I expect to pay hole-in-a-wall prices.
    Nevertheless, I would try this at least once.

  20. yes, a lot of the ingredients are available here in the Philippines, but at what price? Local products don’t quite have the flavor that you would find in high quality, imported products. If they did, then more Mexican restaurants will be just as good as Hermanos Taco Shop, but that’s not the case. Right now, they’re the best. Let’s keep in mind that imported products bought here are also pretty expensive. Cheese, sour cream etc. If they’ll end up spending a lot of money here anyway, might as well go all the way and offer their customers the best. I don’t feel robbed at all. I feel like they did us all a favor. Great Mexican food at last. Yes, you should definitely try at least once.

  21. I love mexican food and I heard there was a new mexican joint. So I had to give it a try.
    To educate you all in salsas, there are many different ways of making salsa. The ones you find in other mexican restaurants here that are sweet, is NOT salsa!! Please UNDERSTAND that!! Would you serve fish sauce for bulalo SWEET?? NO!! It is tangy and a bit salty!! Sorry to say, but some salsas are watery, it is how the Mexicans do it. It’s how the serve it in the streets of mexico.
    Back in the early 90’s, there was a big marketing campaign on TV for salsas. They made fun of people who didn’t know their salsa. Please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqMGaeu3Y3A It is how they educated the market.
    My take on this restaurant, it is fairly good. It is really impossible to make exact foods like the ones you find in Cali. Trust me, I grew up there and can cook. I cook mexican food at home and it is hard to replicate because of the quality of ingredients here. Manila doesn’t have good quality ingredients. Meat is awful, cheese is expensive and lacks quality, avocados here suck, tomatoes aren’t the good quality ones, onions are lacking that punch, etc. etc. It is as close as you can get it without paying the actual price. You want it to taste EXACTLY how it’s suppose to taste, then burritos will cost you 750pesos. Who in the world would pay that?
    My verdict, food here is good. Worth a try. If you don’t like it, stick to the ones you like. If other mexican joint is for you, then go there. If Hermanos is for you, then eat there. I like it therefore I will eat here.

  22. Very good point in trying to explain the price Mr. Mexican-food lover. Let me try to further explain in detail since I’ve been in the food industry for quite some time. Lets say Hermanos uses local beef. A cheap but flavorful cut for his shredded beef could be brisket which costs around 300 per kilo. Factor in shrinkage, cooking ingredients, gas, etc, the cost of 150 grams of beef (You don’t want to use less than that for a big burrito) will cost roughly P70. Add in the cost of the the tortilla wrapper, Hermanos uses top quality wrappers as you could see in the color. its white, meaning the wrapper is made from good quality flour, not the cheap yellowish flour in the tortilla that we find sometimes in other “cheaper” mexican places. Add in the cheese, the rice, the beans etc. You could find some local spices that will do such as oregano etc but some Mexican spices such as Ancho and chipotle is hard to come by and needs to be imported. Lets come up with a figure of P100 cost of one big burrito. Multiply it by 2 that will add in the cost of the operational expenses: rent, salaries, electricity, etc. So the cost is now P200. Add in around 30% to make profit and it now costs P295.
    P100: cost of beef
    P100: cost of operational expenses, etc.
    P100: profit
    equals P300.
    Now will it make business sense to sell this burrito at P301? or even at P350?
    You get what you pay for and we Filipinos should start to appreciate the quality we get from the money we spend. I have a friend in the meat business and he says some restaurants use carabao beef or carabeef. It costs much cheaper and you could hide the taste. At Hermanos, you could taste the beef, its cow’s beef not carabeef and you could taste the overall quality. P295 for a quality burrito I could not finish? Just right.
    Let me also explain where some restaurant owners come from. Most owners and most entrepreneurs do not jack up the price of their products just for the sake of making a bigger profit. It does not really make sense to sell something that costs P40 at P300 in a business with much competition. Usually, owners and purchasers try to find cheaper ingredients to make the cost cheaper but cheaper ingredients may result in lower quality, plain and simple logic. If you could get away with some shortcuts to make it cheeper, go ahead. As Mr Mexican food-lover explained, a good burrito should cost P750, Hermanos already did their homework to bring it down to P295. Now, if you think P295 is still expensive, you could always eat somewhere else.
    My verdict on Hermanos, it is the best burrito out of the bunch in the city and but not the best I’ve tried. I do need to try their tacos. I too stayed in California for a short span of my life and ignorance is indeed bliss.

  23. Best Mexican food in town. I am related to the Goco’s who are a part of Ristras, and I honestly think that these guys have done it the authentic way. The tortilla wraps are freshly made from corn, the assortment of salsa’s are excellent, and the quality of beef they use in the burritos are very good. Fish tacos are also fantastic.
    The price is not so bad when you consider the quality of the food they give you. It is not as rich as Ristra’s, but I honestly think that Hermano’s food tastes more authentic nd is not as heavy as Ristras.

  24. Anton … *** *** ** ***** ….
    I think its because Hermanos did not pay you so you decided to give an unfavorable review of the place.
    Before making brash comments, it would be great if you talk to the owner and ask WHY he decided to place his resto beside a gas station (maybe because a lot of mexican restaurants in Los Angeles are located by a strip mall or beside a gas station)
    Another thing … you keep harping about Ristras. Ristras is TEX MEX and Hermanos is authentic mexican food .. get that right!!!
    For a food blogger … you sure have no idea what you are writing about.

  25. Hi Babaganoush,
    I don’t think Anton gave this place an unfavorable review. It was balanced, he liked some and didn’t like others. What’s your problem? I don’t read this blog necessarily for culinary advice but I think Anton provides a great layman’s perspective. If you’re looking for something specific to just food reviews, there are plenty out there that are more informative than his.
    Anyway, just wanted to put that out there because you seem condescending and have a burrito stuck up your snotty a**.
    Regarding the food at Hermanos, it was pretty good. I didn’t think it was that expensive when I compare it to other places I normally visit. I love their salsa and didn’t think it was watery. First time I ate the rolled tacos and I think they are a hit. I love Ristras too but I think their serving size is way too big so I like Hermanos since it is more digestable. Anyway, great restaurant and food.

  26. ithe price is never to steep when you’re looking for authentic mexican food in the philippines specially when you miss food from back home.

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