Wabi-Sabi’s Fernando Pho Jr. vs. Ramen Padilla

One of the unique restaurants hidden inside Malugay’s The Collective is Wabi-Sabi, the owner Ibarra’s Vegetarian Noodle House.

Wabi-Sabi sums up the philosophy in life of the owner – anti-aesthetic, imperfect, unpretentious, in the moment, open and unconventional.

It specializes in vegetarian dishes, specifically the Vietnamese Noodles and Japanese Ramen.

Entering Wabi-Sabi gives you the feeling you’ve stepped into a Chinese noodle shop in a kung fu movie.

Fernando Pho Jr. Lovers

As an homage to their noodle offerings, they created a noodle war accent wall. On one side were the photos of their pho-loving customers, wittily dubbed “Fernando Pho Jr.”

Vegetarian Vietnamese Pho (P95)

The soup of the pho has a clean flavor, and since no meat is used, the taste is a bit flat. The noodles are thinner and served in just the right amount, good for one person.  I personally like the vegetarian chicharon toppings (made from crispy tofu) that comes with the pho.

Ramen Padilla Lovers

And on the other side of the wall were the photos of the ramen-lovers, amusingly called “Ramen Padilla”.

Vegetarian Shoyu Ramen (P95)

The shoyu ramen has gluten meat, which adds a bolder taste to the soup. The noodles here are fatter and yummier than the pho. I like the way the flavors trick your mind into thinking that it is a meat-based soup.

Given the chance, I would love to put up our photo on the wall with the Ramen Padilla camp. 🙂

Vegetarian Bahn Mi (P75 – half)

They also serve Vietnamese Sandwiches that use French Bread, Vegetables and Veggie Magic (which serves as the substitute for the meat).

Veggie Magic (P100)

A mix of Seaweed and Tofu.

There’s a mini-Vegetarian Grocery Store that sells vegetarian ingredients and products.

If you are looking for Vegetarian Bacon/Ham/Salami, please call Tess +63916-776 0063.
Vegetarian Bacon 1/4 – P255
Vegetarian Salami 1 kilo – P250
Vegetarian Ham 1 kilo – P250

Cheese Bar (P25)

For dessert, try the cheese bar, which is packed cheese with the texture of a pili bar. It is good — not too sweet and not too cheesy.

When in Collective, try Wabi-Sabi!

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House & Vegetarian Grocery
7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
(Located at the back, right side of The Collective)

Telephone: +63918-450 1714
Email: WabiDashSabi@gmail.com

The BEST RAMEN in Manila Series 2013:


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P.S. Sometimes your friends might not appreciate eating in a light and healthy noodle house. You can opt to grab a burger from Wingman instead. But I wouldn’t recommend the wings from Wingman because of the taste.


Home Run Burger Sliders (P230)

Three Mini-Burgers of:
– Chimichurri Burger (Homemade chimichurri sauce, a blend of garlic, parsley, vinegar, chili topped with tomato and crisp red onion)
– The Cowboy Burger (Everything is better with bacon, caramelized onion and lots of smoked hickory barbeque sauce)
– Wingman Burger (Choice of spicy buffalo sauce and topped with rich blue cheese)

For me, the best one is the Chimichurri burger because of the good mix of the chimichurri with the garlic sauce and raw onions.

22 thoughts on “Wabi-Sabi’s Fernando Pho Jr. vs. Ramen Padilla

  1. The Shoyu Ramen for me is very addicting! I have to agree that they are very much successful in tricking your mind that there’s meat in the food! Plus I love the service in this place! All of them are very warm and hospitable and they remember faces too well 🙂 My friends and I have been eating our dinner here since last week and we just can’t get enough! Have you tried the Chai Pao and the Gyoza? They are really light and good! I also admire the fact that prices are really reasonable, I just wish that they will soon offer take-out services. I am actually on the carnivorous side of an eater but I can’t believe that I am willing to trade burgers and pizza with the noodles they serve!

  2. Chinese noodle shop with a kung fu movie ambience: maybe the Ramen Padilla should’ve been called Ramen Zamora hehehe.. but I guess that’s too 70’s

  3. Hello Anton,
    I was backreading your post regarding 360 degrees bar and restaurant in A Venue when I also came across this blog few hours ago.
    I am not the customer but I sympathize with her. I don’t to experience the hassles that she went through.
    Just warning,

  4. Anyone see anything wrong with the Banh Mi price? One can easily fly to Vietnam and buy the absolute best Banh Mi in the universe for less than 10P.
    A Banh Mi here in Toronto is between C$1.00 – C$1.50, so around 45-67P? I can buy a pretty damn good Banh Mi down the street for less than this place’s “half” portion. I hope it’s made out of gold!
    And yes, this Toronto Banh Mi is made by genuine Vietnamese people – crispy-fresh baguette, jubilant veggies… definitely not a Banh Mi from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, but it works.

  5. I think you need to indicate opening times in your blog posts 🙂 or it would help hehe, 2nd time i found out that a place i wanted to go is not open on Sunday 🙂
    Theyre open Mon-Sat 11-9.
    Yung gratitude cafe also is not open on Sunday….

  6. the bahn mi in morong bataan (may vietnamese refugees dati dun) is yummy, may liverspread and hardboiled egg. 🙂 i love wabi-sabi. i shall also try the cheese bars.

  7. Tried this place today, great stuff, very yummy. Love the vegetarian chicharon, unique to this place and way better than Oishi. It’s almost too real in taste 🙂

  8. Hey Anton! We recently went to Wingman and found the wings very good! Better than wings and things.. we tried the garlic parmesan variant..I’m not sure about the other flavors though.

  9. it shouldve been fernando pho jr. vs ramen revilla. not only is the name ramen padilla forced, ramon revilla is more a contemporary of fernando poe jr.

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