Van Marleys Dutchkins

Dutch Poffertjes (popularly known as Dutchkins in Van Marley’s) with nutella, praline sauce and ice cream.

I’ve never been to Holland; the nearest I’ve been was a transfer flight in the airport. Now, I’ve come one step closer to it, thanks to Van Marley’s owners Mike Ong and Nachi Domingo. Their love for the Netherlands has fueled their passion to open a Dutch-inspired cafe to introduce Filipinos to Poffertjes (popular mini-Dutch pancakes, now rebranded as Dutchkins) and to satisfy the cravings of Dutch nationals in Manila.

From what we previously heard, Holland is not really known as a foodie country, but, to our delight, we found the Dutchkins really yummy and even some of the other Dutch treats were good indeed. All in all, it was interesting to taste unique flavors at Van Marley’s.

Van Marley’s is quite small, with just a lounge chair with 5 small tables and 5 bar stools. A large photo of a river separating Holland’s Red Light district and Green Light (smoking) district serves as the centerpiece of the interiors. Some of the decor, including the lava lamps and some paintings, were contributed or donated by the owners’ Dutch friends.

European beers such as Heineken and Hoegaarden are available here. On weekends, the place turns into a neighborhood bar until early in the morning.

Thanks to Jena de Mesa for letting us know about Van Marley’s! She eats there often; and when we went on a Sunday, she was there as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

We were curious about the establishment’s name and inquired about it. We were told that the Dutch are fond of Jamaicans and have a sort of nickname for them: “Marley’s” because of Bob Marley. The word “van” in Dutch means “of”. So, literally, the name of the restaurant is “Of Marley’s” — and, true enough, you’ll hear Bob Marley’s music playing in the background there.

(Another tidbit we got: The Dutch have a nickname for us Filipinos, too: “Jollibee’s”.)

Whipped Berry Mix Cream Cheese Dutchkins (P130). Fluffy Baby Dutch Pancakes

Just a warning, the Dutchkins are very addictive. They are like soft, spongy pillows made of yeast and buckwheat flour. The serving size is typically 14 mini pancakes with powdered sugar toppings and a unique flavor. They are best eaten while hot.

I suggest you start with the berry with cream cheese flavor. ๐Ÿ™‚

They use a special cast iron pan, particularly designed to make the mini-pancakes fluff — otherwise, they would just come out flat. This pan can only accommodate 14 dutchkins at a time, so just imagine if a lot of people ordered, there would be quite a queue and you would have to wait a bit.

Flying Dutch Wings (P155) and Turmeric Rice (P30). Herbed Spicy wings with a Zing

Aside from the dutchkins, the chili wings were also good, especially when partnered with turmeric rice. The wings were tasty all throughout, with a dash of herbs and just the right level of heat.

Nevertheless, I would not travel all the way here just for the wings. But if you are looking for something more filling to eat, this would be the combination I would recommend.

Kroket (P135). Breaded, deep-fried meat ragout with Joppie Sauce

Inside the Kroket are different kinds of meat — pork, chicken and beef. What made the dish interesting was the unique Joppie Sauce, which had hints of mustard and curry.

Drunk Dori (P135). Beer-battered dori fish with Bleu Cheese filling

Van Marley’s version of Fish & Chips actually comes with Potato Munchers (not shown in the photo). It was OK, but I would order the Flying Dutch Wings and Krokets first.

Nutella and Praline Sauce Dutchkins (P142). Fluffy Baby Dutch Pancakes

Finally, for dessert, another serving of Dutchkins — but served with Vanilla Ice Cream this time around! I guess what makes it yummy is that you have to eat it in bite-sized form. The shape and texture of the Dutchkins make all the difference. Although it may seem like you’re eating Dunkin Donut munchkins, the Dutchkins’ pillow-soft texture (similar to Krispy Kreme) and light taste let you know it’s a totally different dessert experience.

One serving of Dutchkins is definitely not enough, but it is good to share with family and friends. Have fun competing for each piece! ๐Ÿ™‚ It really is addicting; as I write this post, I find myself craving for Van Marley’s Dutchkins!

Overall, I like Van Marley’s, especially the fact that the meals here are affordable, in a less-than-P200 range. Although the place was intended to be a hole-in-the-wall (of a house) along Xavierville Avenue, the entire concept seemed classy — from the branding, to the outside interiors, and to the quality of the food. What was not as classy though was the use of plastic plates, glasses, cheap tables and cheap bar stools that any kid could easily push around. It was actually a bit annoying, but if it keeps the pricing to its current levels, we are OK with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Van Marley’s
Address: 10-A Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Van Marley’s Menu

Operating Hours:
2pm-11pm Tues-Thurs & Sun
2pm- 1am Friday and Saturday
Closed on Mondays

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P.S. Too bad, their grand opening was preempted by the loss of Amsterdam to Spain in the World cup ๐Ÿ™
P.P.S.ย In Denmark, it’s called Ebelskiver (light, puffy mini pancakes that can be filled with fruit, jam, cheese or chocolate.

25 thoughts on “Van Marleys Dutchkins

  1. Oh my gosh those Dutchkins look sooooo good! Must try them soon. The best part of this is I live in Katipunan Ave!

  2. Thanks for considering my suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m definitely getting myself another serving or two of dutchkins today after seeing all the pictures in here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really appreciate that you and your wife are hands-on parents and that you try to include them in all your activities but there are just some places that you cannot judge based on whether or not they are child-friendly. Maybe they are simply not meant to be so, especially those that turn into a bar at night.

  4. I’m from the Netherlands, and I have to say that these Dutchkins look better than the ones we get served here! Keep up the good work!

  5. Eep! Had me at pancakes and nutella. And it’s near UP! I do hope there’s enough parking space. One of my pet peeves about establishments here is that they don’t have parking space.

  6. Eep! Had me at pancakes and nutella. And it’s near UP! I do hope there’s enough parking space. One of my pet peeves about establishments here is that they don’t have parking space.

  7. Just a warning, they don't have a parking space in front of the place. They have ramps so that your car can park on the pavement or you can park inside the Xavierville gated subdivision during day time.ย 

  8. You can buy the pan to make the Ebelskiver and also the mix at Williams Sonoma in the US. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a long time now.

  9. Hi Anton,
    We tried this for dinner tonight and went home quite disappointed. Don’t you think the menu is a bit misleading? I ordered the wings thinking there will be fries to go with it (because that’s what I saw in the picture on the menu) but I was wrong. I was told that it was a separate order. Same thing with Dunk Dori (which tasted flat btw), I couldn’t believe that dips are to be ordered separately. Shouldn’t the owners have made it clear on the menu? Why not post a photo with the wings alone then suggest a filler to go with it? Most importantly, the food wasn’t something to rave about. We tried the mini pancakes, it was ok nothing spectacular. The Brat however was good except for the bread which was makunat. And lastly, they miscalculated our bill! Good thing we checked because we were billed for 990 when in should only be 695 ๐Ÿ™

  10. i echo selle’s comments and suggestions completely! we ate there recently and went home very disappointed. their menu was definitely misleading as it showed photos of the krokets, the dori, etc. served with sidings and dips when in fact, one had to order each one separately!
    a meal of krokets, mashed potatoes, and dip would actually come out as more than P200, or P125 (krokets) + P55 (mashed potatoes – really tiny portion) + P33 (“large” aioli dip – half a shot glass). their chicken tenders meal would actually come out as at least P210, or P125 (chicken tenders) + P85 (“large” twisted fries – serving was only a little more than the average fastfood regular fries).
    those of us who try to support small, hole-in-the-wall businesses such as van marley’s sometimes find it harder to do so because of these kinds of lapses. truth in advertising please!

  11. I think these two people complaining are forgetting the fact that this place called Van Marley’s is a European Fast Food joint.It is obvious you haven’t been to that other side of the world and really experience what dining there is all about. If you want some cheap and American style of dining, this is not the place for you guys. Considering the presentation of the food, taste, NEW products in the market such as meat Krokets (croquetten) and Dutchkins aka Poffertjes (staying away from those AMERICAN BURGERS), ambiance, music, the Amsterdam experience, it is worth the time and money.
    These 2 should travel more so they’d know the difference and broaden your horizon. I believe their competitors when it comes to pricing and ambiance are Charlie’s, Crave Burger, Wham.. that ranges from 200++.
    P.S. check out another blog of Van Marley’s:

  12. b.j. seems to have missed the previous posts’ point entirely. the issue is not ambience, it is misrepresentation. im sure he agrees that nobody deserves to be lied to regardless of the number of visas one has in his/her passport. or does he?
    i think i also have to agree with the ladies who were not satisfied with van marley’s food. i ate there the other night and i have to say that ive tasted better argentinian empanadas than their “krokets”. or maybe wag na tayo lumayo. sorry pero mas masarap pa ang kwek-kwek at kikiam sa UP.

  13. Bryan is right.You only mentioned the ambiance of the place which was only a part of what he said.
    That’s a very good way of saying your budget is only limited to those kind of food. Cheers to that!You lack sophistication that’s why the writer doesn’t even bother to reply to the 3 of you. Keep living the low life!Enjoy!

  14. This place closed. Thank goodness!!!
    Personally, I think the kids who own the resto just wanted to waste their parent’s money. Hehehe…

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