When in Glorietta, Go Greek!


Go Greek’s Lamb Kebab Platter

Rob Goco still has his magic touch. Even when setting up a fast food outlet in a food court, he continues to create “winners”. Go Greek, located in Glorietta 4’s Food Choices, is essentially Cyma but with limited assortment, providing the dishes that are easily prepared like the Salad, Greek Kebabs and Gyros.

Going on its first year, the prices have increased already on the level of Cyma; nevertheless, people still voted it as one of the best fast food outlets. If you haven’t tried it yet, when you are in Glorietta, Go Greek!

Salates (Side P99, Solo P199, Share P299).

Most health-conscious foodies order their salads here for take-out because the fresh ingredients are assembled in front of you and you can customize it to your liking. It is similar to the Ristras concept where they customize the Burrito in front of you.

Basic Greens
Greek Mix (Iceberg, Romaine, Red Cabbage & Arugula Leaves)
Caesar Mix (100% Fresh Romaine Lettuce)
American Mix (Iceberg Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce)

Tomatoes (Romal Cherry) | Diced Cucumber | Roasted Bell Peppers | Roasted Onions | Sun-dried Tomatoes | Onion Leeks | Black Olives | Capers | Pine nuts | Roasted Walnuts | Candied Walnuts | Bow Tie Pasta | Feta Cheese | Blue Cheese | Parmesan Cheese (Shaved/ Shredded) | Pears | Boiled Eggs | Boiled Potatoes | Blanched Green Beans | Greek Pepperoncini

Gyro Meat Add-ons (P65)
Chicken: Slow-Roasted Chicken Fillet
Mixed Meat: Marinated Beef & Pork Meat Roasted for 4 hours
Lamb: Marinated Lamb Meat Slow-Roasted for 4 hours
Falafel: Crisp-fried Chickpea Balls

The Gyros (think Greek Shawarma) and Greek Kebabs (Grilled Meat Skewers) are the popular orders at Go Greek!

Steak Greek Kebab (P155). Grilled meat skewers served with side salad, yogurt dip, hot sauce and pita bread.

The Greek Kebab is a complete healthy meal in itself, served with fresh salad and 8 mini pieces of pita bread. The steak kebab has 4 chunks of juicy meat, seasoned well and cooked only when you order it (so you have to wait for 10-15 minutes). The yogurt dips and hot sauce were not needed anymore.

The rice platters here are also popular but a bit expensive at ~P200/platter.

Lamb Kebab Platter (P215). Served with side salad & Greek rice.

Our Lamb Kebab was served hot, still juicy, well-marinated and seasoned well. We were satisfied with the size of the meat and serving size of the rice. We were happy even if we had to eat it in a food court setting. The only thing was the rice was dry and hard. (I do hope they improve on it.)

Strawberry Yogurt Shake (P120).

The strawberry yogurt shake was yummy because they use strawberry ice cream mixed with yogurt. 🙂 Sarap!

Other dishes you can order: Pasta Specialties | Mezedes | Soup

I miss Glorietta Food Choices. The last time I was there, I was still working for P&G 2 years ago. Memories….

Go Greek!
Glorietta 4 Food Choices, Ayala Center, Makati

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P.S. Is it true that Rob Goco is no longer connected with Ristras? If so, that’s probably why the McKinley Hill branch is not yet open until now.


12 thoughts on “When in Glorietta, Go Greek!

  1. Go Greek is a great place to eat in Food Choices. They have increased their prices since they first opened though. I love their gyros and kebabs. I last time tried their lemon chicken and ended up with food poisoning. I think it was sitting in the chafing dish for quite a while. It seems to be safer to stick to their grilled dishes. It is nice to see innovative selections in the food court these days instead of the overcooked, usual brown fare and banana ketchup covered barbecues.

  2. cool! i love this place! didn’t know it was by the same guy who owns Cyma 🙂
    long-time lurker of your site btw 🙂

  3. I like Go Greek, have eaten there several times.. but the last time, the cashier was really rude 🙁 But its is definitely a go-to-place for me and my husband when in Food Choices 🙂

  4. I got GO GREEK for my mom’s Mediterranean theme birthday…. EVERYONE LOVED IT. Their gyros really remind me of the ones we ate in Greece. 🙂 I’m such a fan!

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