Suddenly… A Xanadu Review

Xanadu is a hilariously cute parody of the 1980 Xanadu movie starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly. The movie was a flop but the Broadway musical was a surprise hit. I love it because of the songs. Plus, there are a lot of moments that you should not miss.

I was expecting to laugh as much as I laughed during Spelling Bee or Avenue Q, but I guess some of the jokes were lost in generational translation. If you are familiar with Xanadu and Olivia Newton-John, then you’ll appreciate this show. If not, I suggest you read this entire review and watch the videos first before seeing it.

1. Watch from the stage for only P400, and be part of the show!

(photo taken by Girlie Rodis)

You’ll get to sit right onstage (3 semi-circular rows are provided for the audience) and see the performances literally “behind-the-scenes”. You’ll see the backs of the actors as you’ll be facing the audience. But the best part is you get to participate in the entire production in your own little way.

2. “Suddenly” is one of the highlights of the entire musical.

I’ll watch it again just to see Rachel Alejandro and Felix Rivera perform “Suddenly”. Watch the US Broadway show version and the original version by Olivia Newton-John. I promise that the Manila performance is better. ūüôā

Video Link:¬†Cheyenne Jackson and Kerry Butler performing “Suddenly” from the Broadway show Xanadu!

Video Link: Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard РSUDDENLY

3. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chari Arespacochaga perform in Xanadu.

Chari plays Melpomene, the muse of tragedy and one of the evil women in the play. I’ve never seen her perform onstage because her last performance was in Dogeaters in 2007. It was a truly pleasant surprise to see her sing, dance and act all at the same time (of course, without the roller skates).

4. The “Xanadu” Last Song Syndrome.

The song “Xanadu” grows on you. View the original performance (from the movie) below and watch Rachel practicing the song. See it live — for sure, you’ll hear the song playing in your head even after the musical ends.

Video Link: Xanadu featuring Oliva Newton-John & ELO. A modern era cult classic

Video Link: Xanadu sang by Rachel Alejandro

5. Xanadu is like watching a Broadway musical version of Bubble Gang.

Reminisce the Roller Disco era with Xanadu, where roller skates and armpits are on display throughout the show! Don’t miss seeing Felix Rivera wearing short shorts, and Rachel Alejandro as Olivia Newton-John.


Xanadu runs until Sept. 19 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium.

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Disclosure: We are marketing partners with the successful Sept. 4 Xanadu Opening Saturday Show.

P.S. The show starts at 8pm exactly. It is only one act — meaning no intermission. The show ends early, at around 9.30pm.

11 thoughts on “Suddenly… A Xanadu Review

  1. Ei Anton..I was there. I saw you but haven’t had the chance to greet you. ūüôā
    I had fun. We had fun..I love Kiiiiiiiiiiira …

  2. Hi! I watched their show last sept 4 and i was laughing the whole time! And yes, I love their version of suddenly and even until now i still have an LSS on Xanadu. I was telling my friends to watch it because it’s hilariously funny and very entertaining.

  3. Thank you for the feature Anton! Was not planning on watching it because I had the impression that the movie was pretty awful, and the play, a bit dated. You definitely convinced me to check it out. Where do we buy tickets?

  4. Hi Alfie, 
    Here is the list of the remaining show buyers:
    Date/Time, Showbuyer & Contact Info
    10 SEPT, FRI, 8PM Eric King
    0922-887-3896 (Eric)
    0915-503-6218 (Len)
    0922-823-7157 (Marc)
    11 SEPT, SAT, 2PM Lee Cruz 0917-817-0079
    11 SEPT, SAT, 8PM Eric King
    0922-887-3896 (Eric)
    0915-503-6218 (Len)
    0922-823-7157 (Marc)
    12 SEPT, SUN, 3PM
    Theody Demaisip 0999-590-1862, 0915-867-6841
    12 SEPT, SUN, 8PM
    Trixie Palma 0917-845-8749
    Tine Rodriguez-Pau 0917-845-8749
    17 SEPT, FRI, 8PM Shirley Alinea 0917-890-3564
    18 SEPT, SAT, 2PM Bel Pacheco 0915-621-6512
    18 SEPT, SUN, 8PM TICKETWORLD 891-9999
    19 SEPT, SUN, 3PM Theody Demaisip, 0999-590-1862, 0915-867-6841
    19 SEPT, SUN, 8PM Mae Castro, 0906-341-4559, 486-5569
    Watch it! It is nice if you like the 80's…

  5. I watched the last show awhile ago with my officemate and her orgmate and we enjoyed it sooo much! I love everyone especially Chari~~~~ my goodness she’s impeccable!
    I heard Rachel announce that they will have a repeat in December. I really pray that this pushes thru coz I plan to take my dad for his bday with my brother ūüėÄ

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