Are you Hungry for Hungarian?

When people talk about Hungarian food, the first thing that comes to mind is their  famous Hungarian Sausage. Magyar tries to expand that definition and introduce Filipinos to the world of Hungarian cuisine. 

Magyar Menu:
Goulash, Soup, Appetizer | Available sausages | Main Course | Vegetables, Sides, and Breads | Desserts | Alcoholic Drinks & Wine

The ambiance is simple with artifact accents from Hungary. The glass wall fountain is a nice touch.

Beef Goulash (P290 +10% service charge). Introduced by Hungarian cattle stockmen, this soup/stew with paprika, onions and a bit of tomato, it is considered  Hungary’s national dish.

After the Hungarian sausage, most Filipinos like the goulash. Magyar’s version is a bit restrained though; we like Balkan Express’ goulash better. We like the way it is served in a hanging cauldron  and heated to keep the soup warm.

(P110 +10% service charge). This fried potato bread is a  favorite afternoon snack in Hungary. It is served with sour cream, garlic, butter and cheese.

This one is a screaming carbo – it is actually good but too heavy. Go easy on this one.

Hungarian Sausage (P135 +10% service charge). Made with pork and seasoned with paprika. This is served with two country-style bread and sauerkraut.

Filipinos love Hungarian sausage and this one will not disappoint. I like it specially with the  sauerkraut.

Lamb Paprika
(P325 +10% service charge)
. Lamb in white  tomato sauce served with leoso and spaetzle on the side. Spaetzle (Hungarian Dumpling) is a type of noodles that is made of eggs, flour, and boiled salt water.

We love love this! We like the super tender meat with the springy sauce. We are also fans of the mini dumpling pasta.  This is good to share for two.

Whenever possible, we order the beef or lamb version of this dish.

Apple Strudel
(P185 +10% service charge)
. This all time favorite is made special by wrapping cinnamon, apples and raisins inside the homemade traditional filo pastry and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

This is just an ordinary crepe, in our opinion.  Nothing differential on this one.

Dobos Torte
(P115 +10% service charge)
. Layers of mocha buttercream and sponge cake with a crunchy top; it’s no wonder that this was a favorite of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire’s leaders.

The cake itself is dry and it tastes like it has been stored in a freezer for a long time. I like the attempt to introduce Hungarian desserts in the market, but sorry we did not like this. Just skip  the dessert.

Stick with the tried and tested goulash, sausage and paprika dish and you should be fine. Budget P500/head.

I wish they become successful so that we can get our Hungarian dishes fix once in a while.

Magyar Hungarian Restaurant
GF Unit 3 Maga Center, Paseo de Magallanes,
San Antonio St., Makati City
Landline: +632 853-1397, +632 852-0376

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7 thoughts on “Are you Hungry for Hungarian?

  1. Hungarian restaurant? Sweet. 🙂 I am a huge fan of hungarian beef goulash. It makes sense to pair it with buttered pasta sprinkled with chopped fresh italian parsley or the mini dumpling pasta also called spaetzle.

  2. Hungarian cuisine is one of those things that is vastly underrated because it’s so rare to find here in the Philippines. For most people, Hungarian sausages are the only thing they ever get to experience and they’re never introduced to such things as a proper goulash and chicken paprikash. Props to Magyar for taking the lead in opening local palates to Hungarian food. (Pity about the Dobosh torte, though. For a dessert of the sort, it looks VERY pale!)

  3. The apple strudel shown is probably the wrong photo. They look more like crepes to me. The real strudel has crusty layered pastry.

  4. Another one to try out. We love hungarian sausage! I would also like to try the lamb steak in the menu. Btw, the group of girls that had lunch at kinabuhayan cafe when we went there got their infos from your blog also. Your blog is really helpful and just so awesome! =) Keep it up, Anton.

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