The Story of Aidan’s First Championship Medal

As a parent, do you sometimes get that milestone-moment-feeling with your kids?  I feel as if there’s a fast forward button that moved me to a moment where I find myself cheering for my son in his first competitive sport experience.  Seeing Aidan perform some sports feat that helped his team secure the gold is unforgettable. Seeing him enjoying his first victory is priceless.

Last Saturday was the culmination of the futsal Physical Education program. The highlight was a mini-sporstfest between two teams from Aidan’s prep school — Team Luna and Team Araullo.

The ASCOM football field provided the venue for the soccer game.

Everyone was excited.  I could sense some nervousness from some of the boys and girls in the field. They were now reaching the culmination of their Tuesday PE Class soccer practices. They now had a chance to play in an actual soccer field with real competition.

Team Luna was divided into two subteams — Team Ice Eagle and Team Wildcats.  Aidan and his good friend Ainsley belonged to the Wildcats.

Not surprising is the scene above where you have the parents cheering their hearts out.  Team Luna’s supporters agreed to wear the Battle Red color.

Aidan here, was patiently waiting for his team’s  turn to play with a high-knee red socks and his new Nike shoes.

The entire OAP family also came in full support. Even Joshua wanted to get in the play. Go Aidan, go!

It is always so cute to see  little prep boys playing their hearts out.  You can see everyone giving their best in every play like Team Luna’s star players Tomax, Pepe and Darrence.

Cool Carlos, a Michael Jackson fan, is one of the great goalies of Team Luna.

My heart beats faster everytime Team Araullo got near their goal.  When the ball was with their star player, and he was about to score, I  found myself praying for the goalie to block the ball.

Moms with pom poms. The mother-cheerdancers are are always ready to rally their little ones!

Aidan played goalie most of the time. He made two blocks that made a lot of difference in the end.

It’s great to have a venue where you can imbibe with the boys the virtue of competing with integrity. As a parent, you want your kids to play fair all the time.

Joshua can’t wait to turn Prep and also play his first soccer game.

Moms cheering “Viva Luna! Viva Luna!”

Aidan guarding the goal and waiting to block the ball. In intense moments like this, I often wonder what’s going on in his mind.

You know that your innocence is still intact if you don’t care if you win or lose.  I know that Aidan was happy already just because he was able to play on an actual soccer field : )

Team Luna’s Wildcats poses for the cameras while waiting for the announcement of the winners.

And now…the announcement of the winners.

Team Bats is announced as 4th placer.  Team Ice Eagle is handed 2nd runner up. When Team Ninja’s name was announced as the 1st runner up, Team Wildcats started to enter into a state of happy confusion and noisy joyful disturbance. They knew that they had bagged the gold.

When Team Wildcats was declared the champion, everyone broke into a wild dancing frenzy!

The team raising the trophy with a background music of…

“We are the champions, my friends…
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end…
We are the champions…
We are the champions…
No time for losers…
Cause we are the champions – of the world…”

Viva Luna! It’s celebration time with the entire family. The team decided to celebrate the victory at Tokyo Cafe in Mckinley.

Aidan and his winning teammates  just relaxing and playing their video games. At this point, they can ask any toy and any food as their reward.

Like in any other championship game, the post-game analysis discussion of the winners is the most enjoyable banter.

It is indeed a sweet victory for  Team Luna’s Awesome Parents!

Aidan's First Championship Medal-145
Congratulations Aidan.  Way to go Team Wildcats.  Great job Team Luna. Until the next one, Viva Luna! Ole ole!

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