Happy Lemon, I Like!

Happy Lemon’s Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (Large – P90), Lemon Yakult (Large – P100), Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular – P90), and Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large – P90).

The Starbucks of Bubble Teas from Hong Kong is now here in Manila!

If you’re looking for something new to try, Happy Lemon’s Lemon and Tea drinks are quite innovative. The place has a very cozy feel, too — I would love to hang out here versus a coffee shop.

Let me share our Happy Lemon experience with you…

The place is reminiscent of Pinkberry’s very hip ambiance, where you can truly enjoy the drinks over good conversations with friends.

We just had four drinks from the Happy Lemon Drink Menu.

Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream (Regular – P90).

It’s a simple milk tea drink blended with cookies — Aidan’s favorite! We just requested the staff to remove the coffee component.

Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large – P90).

Happy Lemon is famous for its Green Tea with RS&C. The servers will instruct you to drink it without a straw, so that you can taste the rock salt in the cheese froth. It has this sampaguita-like smell and it’s very addicting. πŸ™‚

We loved the combination of saltiness, cheesiness, and creaminess with that slight kick of green tea aftertaste.

The simple Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago was just OK. The sago was a little chewy and a bit small. The drink was not as flavorful as other bubble tea brands.

Be more adventurous and order the other flavors instead.

Lemon Yakult (Large – P100).

The best Happy Lemon drink for me was the Lemon Yakult! The sourness of the lemon went surprisingly well with the milkiness of Yakult. It’s served shake-style where there are tiny bits of ice and lemon zest for texture. Sarap!

Congratulations to Chris Tiu and his Xavier buddies for successfully bringing the Happy Lemon HK franchise to Manila!

Happy Lemon
G/F, The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
(in between Starbucks and Coffee Bean)
San Juan, Metro Manila


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Disclosure:Β Nothing to disclose. We paid for our drinks and we are not related in any way with the owners of Happy Lemon.

P.S. Parking is tough in the Greenhills area, especially during the holiday season.

P.P.S. So, what’s your favorite Happy Lemon drink?

26 thoughts on “Happy Lemon, I Like!

  1. Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese! I also like Blood Orange Black Tea with Aloe! πŸ˜‰ I really visit Happy Lemon twice a week because of these drinks. πŸ™‚
    I just started blogging about food. As an initial treat, I reviewed Happy Lemon. Just click my link. πŸ™‚ Hope to see comments on my page. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  2. I like the Crispy cocoa milk tea with brown sugar jelly..! It’s super addicting! Tinmuning I think you can request them to withhold the fresh lemon bits from your drink. They accommodate requests such as reduced sugar levels so I’m sure they can accommodate your preference.

  3. I got a regular size one and after 4 sips it’s all gone because 3/4 of the plastic glass are ice. Not worth it!

  4. I heard St. Alps is coming to town soon! maybe this year. Its suppose to be 10x better than happy lemon. In HK, St. Alps is like the starbucks of bubble tea and specialized drinks. I cant wait for st. Alps to come here!!

  5. The milk tea of happy lemon was actually worse than serenitea or bubble tea.. and their drinks have soooo much ice! totally not worth it..

  6. Hey zeke! I have tried Saint’s alp! i think they have a branch in NYU right? Im surprised people here now about it. Saint’s alp actually is pretty big in NYU since they have the craziest yet yummiest drinks. Hope it comes to the ph soon!

  7. happy lemon rocks… for people who love serenitea different taste kasi.. pang pinoy na ang serenitea parang chow king naicha lang…

  8. Hi Anton,
    I used the menu link for my blog post, and gave credit to you with link back to this post. Hope that;’s okay?

  9. Happy Lemon already has a branch at Eastwood Mall for those in the northeast parts of the metro. πŸ™‚

  10. i like green tea with rack salt and cheese!!
    BTW, there is this new milk tea store named SIP. they have variety of flavors too!

  11. Didn’t like the Green Tea but loved the rock salt & cheese froth. Hehehe. Sana there was an option to double the rock salt & cheese component. Like a half and half.. πŸ˜€

  12. I definitely love Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese (: Had 2 drinks while we were at Happy Lemon Eastwood. Regular of Coffee with RS&C while Large of Cocoa with RS & C. Def my new favorite drink! Hope they’re building a branch at TriNoma!

  13. I like happy lemon but they always serve it bitin. Parang di pinupuno yung baso. Standard daw pero sana liitan nalang yung baso diba? That’s setting wrong expectations!

  14. I love their milk tea sobra, sarappppp , there’s a new one at ilterrazzo Tomas morato HUNGRY COW cake shakes super sarap din, shakes pero cake flavor,, I would recommend the tiramisu shake and Oreo cheese shake tnx love you blog

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