Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winners! (3 of 3)


This is the last batch of winners for Ultimate Taste Test 5.0. We are raising the passing bar to >3.55 from 3.30 for succeeding Ultimate Taste Test events. Congratulations!

    21. Sweet Finale’s Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake 3.62

    If you are looking for a different cake, try Sweet Finale’s Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake. I find it too sweet andrich but some people like it that way and it’s flourless! Congratulations, Chef Janice!

    What is the Story of Sweet Finale?
    by Chef Janice

    My passion for food began early growing up in a family where cooking and eating was, and still is, a
    very special time to bring everyone together.

    After earning a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in St. Paul University, Quezon City. I went on to pursue my Associate in Applied Science degree at the prestigious School of Culinary Arts Kendall College in Chicago, IL(1999-2001).

    Since then, I worked in the fine AMBROSIA (Euro-American Patisserie) in Barrington, IL. In which Chef Richard Rivera became my mentor for two and a half years. My yearning for education did not stop in the gastronomic world. I finished-off a Masters Degree in Business Administration majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Brennan School of Business-Dominican University in River Forest, IL.

    In 2005, I decided to come home to be able to share the knowledge and the culinary skills I attained
    to my fellowmen. I am currently teaching at Siena College Quezon City (Hotel and Restaurant
    Department) and OB Montessori College (F&B and Culinary Management Department).

    I also does food styling for Mini-Stop and Unilever just to name a few of the companies she had worked with for the past years.

    Now, I am offering culinary classes (per session or one on one) at my homely kitchen and actively baking on my eclectic patisserie business “Sweet Finale”, were Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake is my best-seller.

    What Foodies say about Sweet Finale?

    • Too sweet
    • Im a sinner, this is a sin
    • Couldn’t been sweeter
    • Rich Chocolate
    • Yum!
    • Wow! Cant believe this is good
    • Nothing Special
    • Love it
    • Super Smooth chocolate, yum!
    • Excellent! Love it!
    • Tasted like Red Ribbon Chocolate cake
    • Moist, chewy, chocolate!
    • very rich! Not too sweet!
    • the dark chocolate was great & moist!
    • champion!
    • too sweet! Loved it!
    • I loved the sweetness!
    • taste is divine
    • keri!
    • so rich & dark
    • Chocolatey but too rony
    • Yummy! Melts in the mouth
    • Melts in your mouth!
    • Yummy! Melts in the mouth
    • Very fudgy and sinful
    • Too much flavor
    • too sweet! Loved it!
    • Good chocolate
    • YUM! I love this!
    • Ordinary but rich chocolate taste
    • Too common
    • creamy, chocolatey, heavenly
    • moist! Love it!
    • Amazing!

    Sweet Finale
    Contact: Janice Gaylene Cruz
    Email: janicegaylene@gmail.com   
    Mobile: +63 915 258-7117   
    Website: http://sweetfinale.multiply.com
    Sweet Finale & Culinary Studio

    Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake – P650 (8″ cake) / P450 (6″ cake)

    22. Sassy K’s Korn Krisp and Gourmet Dips         3.62

    What is the Story of Sassy K?
    by Sansan Tagarino  

    Sassy K is a partnership between 4 ladies who love good food and good friendship namely: Kristine, Suzzane, Jennifer and Sabrina. We have known each other for over 20 years. We value our friendship and have been there for each other for our own personal highs and lows.  All our dads and moms are really good friends. We take annual vacations together and hold christmas parties together.

    Sansan and Kris are sisters. Sansan worked for the corporate world for over 12 years as a Demand Manager. Kris is a doctor who resides in the middle  east right now and recently gave birth.  Sansan  graduated from UPLB while Kris from Ateneo.

    Jenn is into real estate and handles a lot of high-end properties.  Jenn graduated from Ateneo. Jenn’s mom and Sansan and Kris’ mom were best friends since elementary.

    Sab  is currently a food blogger and does some catering. Sab’s father and mother in law were officemates with Jenn’s dad since the 80s. Jenn and her siblings lived a few houses away from the Go’s during the 80s. Sab has studied in La Salle since birth.

    If you look into all our old and new pics, we will always have the same faces and guests in every minor or major gathering. That is prior to Sassy K starting. We were all friends first before we became business partners. And we promised each other that we will not let business ruin the friendship and bond we have right now, nor the friendship our parents have or even the friendship our kids will have.

    Our parents started a business 20 years ago with their own vow to never let the business get into the way of their friendship. To this day the 7 families are still very close and have an unusual bond that is similar to a family but sometimes you’d think it’s deeper. That bond and success inspired us to start Sassy K. That was June 2009.

    Sassy K is not just about food. It’s where you remember delicious food with good company. Like frienship, Sassy K is something you go back to over and over again because you found something wonderful and one of a kind.

    Sassy K chips are made out of the finest imported flour. Our chips retain it’s crispiness far longer than the leading chips. We have it in regular flavors but in 5 different colors — white, yellow, pink, purple and green.

    What Foodies say about Sassy K:

    • Awesome Spinach and Salsa Dip
    • Salad Dips too!
    • Colored  Crunchies!
    • Cheese Korn krisps- Awesome
    • I love pesto the dip
    • I love corn chips
    • Spinach Adtirchole d’best
    • I like the spinach
    • Yum!
    • slightly above average
    • Love the chips! Kahit walang dip
    • Great Dips
    • The dips are good!
    • Sour cream nachos were good
    • My Super favorite!
    • Spinach dip was good!
    • BBQ & sour cream’s the best
    • Crunchy
    • so-so
    • heaven
    • Dips are a bit bland
    • Dip is great / chips stage
    • Good
    • Like it!
    • Pesto! MMM!
    • Dips are just right for health conscious!
    • the artichole dip was the best
    • Tasty & very delicious
    • refreshing dips
    • the sour cream & chives chips are nice
    • Appetizing color!
    • Pesto is good!
    • Pesto cream was bland
    • addictive! Sour cream
    • Ordinary lang!
    • Good salsa’s!
    • Pesto is good!
    • Spinach artichoile! Best!
    • Normal
    • Love the spinach artichole
    • Yummy! Flavor chips pesto cream!
    • Super yummy & truly crispy!
    • I like the antichole dip!

    Sassy K  
    Contact: Suzanne Tagarino   
    Email: sansan_1025@yahoo.com   
    Mobile: +63 9178571727   
    Website: Sassy K
    Products: korn krisps and gourmet dips

    Regular (125g – P45, 250g -P85, and 500g – P150)
    Yellow Corn, White Corn, Purple Colored, Pink Colored

    Flavored (125g – P60, 250g -P110, and 500g – P200)
    Zesty Barbecue, Sour Cream & Chives, Fromage (Cheese)

    Regular (3 oz. – P60, 10 oz. -P180, and 18 oz. – P300)
    Salsa K. Tex Mex Salsa with a Kick!
    Kiss-O. Creamy Cheese Dip with Jewels of Fire Roasted Pepper that’s Lip Smackin’ Good!

    Premium (3 oz. – P90, 10 oz. -P270, and 18 oz. – P450)
    Perky Pesto. Ciao Bella! Double Pesto Cream Cheese Dip that’s sure to Perk up your Day!
    Sassy Spin Dip. Spinach Artichoke Dip. Healthy, Rich, Oh-so Yummy! What more could you ask for?

    23. Dulces Y Tapas aka Christina’s Kitchen   3.60

    I personally liked the bread pudding which has the texture and sweetness of a leche flan but with a “bite”.  Congratulations to Christina’s Kitchen!

    What is the story of Christina’s Kitchen?

    After working in the corporate world for 26 years, I returned to my first love – baking.

    In 2006, I formally launched my home-based baking business Christina’s Kitchen, which is named after the second name of my three daughters.  Christina’s Kitchen specializes in “uncommon” desserts, not the usual fare sold by the bakeshop chains, with emphasis on good taste.  I started joining Rockwell’s Baker’s Dozen in 2007.  

    My bestsellers are the carrot cake (“will change the way you view carrot cakes”), bread pudding (“leche flan goodness in every bite”), chocolate turtle pie and panna cotta, original and flavored.  

    My other offerings are apple crumble pie, Vienna Torte bars (from an old family recipe), frozen custard meringue or Brazo de Mercedes.  

    My butter cookies (in seasonal shapes) remind me of my childhood fixation on “Red Label” cookies (those of you old enough to remember this brand will know that these are way better than the imported ones now flooding the market).  

    I am constantly developing new desserts and variants, and improving our products to cater to Manila’s discriminating dessert clientele.  I am a certified foodie – my bedside reading fare is cookbooks!

    Christina’s Kitchen also offers savories such as Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna and other pasta dishes, an embotido of the old-fashioned type (with chorizo de Bilbao) and a flavorful Iberian Chicken.”

    Creme Caramel Bread Pudding

    What Foodies say about Christina’s Kitchen:

    • The Carrotcake is soft and sweet
    • Alchoholic Froyo the punch!
    • Yummy Bread pudding
    • carrot cake moost & nicely sweet
    • Too sweet
    • A bit too sweet, but leche flan like
    • The best bread pudding
    • It’s good soft & fluffy but like icing too sweet!
    • Sweet
    • Light!, right blend of sweetness
    • Love cream caramel
    • cream caramel is good!
    • just the right sweetness texture!
    • loved the crème caramel bread pudding!
    • delicious!
    • love their crème caramel but its too heavy for dessert
    • Perfect! Not so sweet but yummy!
    • Not too over whelming
    • Good!
    • Melt in your mouth carot cake!
    • Love the cream cheese topping
    • Tastes like leche plan
    • Fan of the carrot cupcake
    • Leche flan w/ more bite!

    Christina’s Kitchen (Dulces Y Tapas Bake Shop)
    51-A Dr. Lazcano St. QC (near Tomas Morato)
    Telephone: +632 373-4562, 384-2243
    Mobile: +63 920 542-8408 
    Contact: Mariles Ibarra   
    Email: mariles_ibarra@yahoo.com   
    Products: Carrot Cupcakes, Creme Caramel Bread Pudding

    Carrot cake
    Big (9“ round, single layer) – P450.00
    (8” round, single layer) – P350.00
    Loaf (4 x 7”) – P 230.00

    Bread Pudding (“leche flan” goodness in every bite!)
    Big (5”x 9” loaf) – P 380.00
    Small (4″ x 7” loaf) – P200.00
    Mini (4″ x 3.5” loaf) – P100.00

    Pls. order at least 1 day in advance (1 week or more during the Christmas season). Look for
    Mariles. Orders are for pick up please.

    24. United Village Breadhouse’s Crostini Toasts  3.60
    We love the garlic bread perfect with a good cup of coffee 🙂 Congratulations, United Village Breadhouse!

    What is the Story of United Village Breadhouse?

    United Village Breadhouse started when Johannes Alejandrino lost his job in 1981.  He and his wife, Ting, then asked for the Lord’s guidance, through novena, if he will continue looking for a job or put up his own business.  After the 9th day of the novena, a friend suggested for them to put up a bakery business, since Joh used to bake pandesal for personal consumption.  

    They used their savings as capital to buy equipments and start the business.  Joh bought bread baking books and did a self study and experimented until he got the taste that he wanted.  They started coming up with recipes for pandesal, sliced bread and dinner rolls.  They literally went from house to house in United Paranaque to offer the breads to the neighborhood.  

    Joh was in charge of production, while Ting was in charge of marketing.  Eventually, they were able to have daily bread rationing in the whole subdivision, including Merville and some offices in Makati.  After a few years, since the kids were already in grade school and with twins on the way, Joh decided to put up other businesses, but didn’t work out. So they decided to just focus on the bread business and just add more products.  

    He then remembered the French bread that he loved eating when he worked in Switzerland for 10 years.  He again experimented, until he got the taste that he wanted, similar to the ones he had in Switzerland.  As the kids entered high school, they decided to add another product and try entering the supermarkets so they then came up with the Garlic bread with crushed parsley.  

    They started offering their products to supermarkets and restaurants.  They eventually got in Major Supermarkets like Cash and Carry, SM, Makati Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarkets, South Supermarket and Unimart.  They also supply breads to Makro and Robinson’s Supermarket and is labeled as their home brands.  

    The couple then decided to just focus on the Frozen French and Garlic Breads that they supply to supermarkets and restaurants.  In 2007, they again, added new products which are actually a great partner to compliment the breads, the assorted homemade spreads.  The business has been literally the family’s bread and butter and has put all their children to school until they all graduated.  

    At present, the business is now slowly being taken over by the kids as Joh and Ting are about to retire, and is continuing to expand by innovating new products.

    What Foodies say about United Village Breadhouse?

    • loved the sardines dip
    • Their garlic breads are very tasty
    • I love cream cheese
    • I forgot what spread I liked but its good
    • Garlic bread was nothing out of the ordinary
    • Too strong
    • Not really unique
    • Great Garlic bread
    • Creative
    • Sardines & Garlic bread are super yummy!
    • Great garlic bread delicious spreads
    • so-so
    • The pesto is too salty
    • Mackare!
    • Could do w/a little more flavor
    • Like the pimiento spread!
    • Good condition of ingredients!
    • loved the spreads!
    • just ok!
    • love the dip!
    • love the spreads!
    • garlic bread? Seriously?
    • Ordinary
    • Nice flavor
    • Dips are good!
    • Interesting dips!
    • Pogi nung supplier!
    • Love the cheese spread & pate, yummy!
    • Okay!
    • Nice & crunchy very flavorful
    • I love cream cheese spread
    • Love the variety
    • Bread is great but spreads are a bit intense
    • I like the yellow spread!
    • Good Flavor!
    • Bakit sweet?

    United Village Breadhouse
    Contact: Jeff Alejandrino
    Email: jeff_alejandrino@yahoo.com       
    Products: Garlic Brad, Assorted Spread and Crostini Toasts

    United Village Breadhouse
    1149 Estrada St. Singalong, Manila
    Contact Person: Jeff Alejandrino
    Email: jeff_alejandrino@yahoo.com,
    Mobile: +63 917 881-5333
    Website: http://breadhouse.multiply.com
    Products: Garlic Bread w/ Crushed Parsley, Assorted Spreads and Crostini Toasts

    Garlic Bread w/ Crushed Parsley – P72.00
    French Bread – P57.00
    Crostini Toasts – P45.00
    Banana Cupcakes w/ Choco Chips – P12.00
    Banana Loaf – P110.00
    Pandesal (6 pcs.) – P18.00
    Cheese Bread – P10.00

    Cream Cheese w/ Garlic & Herbs – P40.00 / P115.00
    Cream Cheese w/ Garlic & Spinach – P40.00 / 115.00
    Garlic Butter w/ Crushed Parsley – P40.00 / 115.00
    Cheese Pimiento – 40.00 / 110.00
    Spanish Sardines – 40.00 / 110.00

    25. Kitchen of Elaine & Cara’s Peppermint Bars 3.59

    A bit too minty for me, but some foodies love the combination of chocolate and mint! Congratulations Elaine!

    What is the story of Kitchen of Elaine & Cara?

    Carla and Elaine’s Creative Kitchen Inc. started in 2008. Its aim is to become an upscale, one-stop bakeshop for custom and dessert cakes. Prior to this, there was CakesByCarla and Cosmobread.

    Carla’s CakesByCarla created beautiful intricate custom cakes for all occasions, while Elaine’s Cosmobread made breads and to-die-for dessert cakes. And both started their baking businesses at home, right at their kitchen. Their individual successes through the years enabled them to combine their skills to start Carla and Elaine’s Creative Kitchen, Inc., and open their first flagship store, Kitchen of Carla and Elaine, in December 2008 in San Juan.

    Backed by the sisters’ 10 years of experience, KC&E has become THE go-to bakeshop of the discriminating AB market by consistently using quality ingredients and maintaining the high standards of cake decorating.

    KC&E’s highly personalized custom cakes, and signature desserts (Almond Toffee and Leche Flan Cake) garnered a following that includes celebrities and high-profile socialites in the Ortigas, San Juan and QC area, thereby solidifying their presence further as a premium bakeshop.

    They also now accept orders for vegan and low-glycemic index cakes to address the needs of the diabetic and health conscious. By doing this, KC&E continues to evolve and innovate their products to better serve their customers.

    What Foodies say about Kitchen of Elaine & Cara’s Peppermint Bars:

    • Minty..too minty
    • Too Minty
    • Too strong peppermint
    • Too sweet
    • Packaging & taste is super
    • Love it! Would be more attractive if icing is colorful
    • for peppermint colors
    • Sorry, Just not into chocomint
    • So good!
    • The best
    • Good taste mint
    • Love it!
    • Super yummy!
    • Heavenly deserts
    • Peppermint my fave!
    • Yummy but can improve texture!
    • good! But a little dry!
    • christmassy!
    • refreshing
    • I love mint but this one tastes like tooth paste
    • not too sweet
    • I love it yummy!
    • Too much flavor
    • Super yummy!
    • Unique taste
    • Yummy!
    • Not a fan of peppermint but the bars are good
    • Peppermint In a brownie unique taste
    • Unique taste
    • Normal
    • Cool taste because of the peppermint
    • Peppermint choco was perfect!
    • Finally.. A stone that serves moist might sweet!

    Kitchen of Cara & Elaine
    Contact: Elaine Lo
    Email: elainechanlo@gmail.com
    Products: Peppermint Bars

    Original Peppermint Bars. (P150/12)
    A Carla & Elaine Original. Chewy fudge bars with a peppermint layer

    Peppermint Cookies. (P210/12)
    An addicting chocolate cookie with white chocolate peppermint chunks

    26. Aunt May’s Escargot and Beef Tapa

    They serve the best commercially available kuhol (escargot) cooked in coconut milk in Manila! Filipinos love it specially as a pulutan. Congratulations, Aunt May’s!

    What is the Story of Auntie May’s?

    Special Beef Tapa  (Imported Beef)

    • Marinated into perfection that my dear mother-in-law Blanca taught me a few years after my marriage. She said that this special tapa has been an all-time favourite of her children, relatives and friends.
    • Now, I receive orders not only from my friends and relatives but even for special occasions, birthday parties and during the Christmas season.
    • Perfect for breakfast, pulutan and main dish. Easy to cook and prepare as pambaon to schools and offices

    Ginataang Kuhol  (Escargot)

    • A favourite of my Tito Oggot. Everytime he comes home from the U.S., he would always request me to cook this for him and his guests (balikbayan and relatives) with the malamig na SMB Pale Pilsen.
    • I only buy kuhol (Escargot) from very reliable sources to be sure of cleanliness and freshness of the kuhol.
    • Cooked in freshly squeezed coconut milk and secret spices. Topped with our very own kangkong and siling Tagalog.
    • Highly recommended as appetizer, pulutan and/or main dish.

    What Foodies say about Auntie May’s:

    • Escargot Masarap
    • Ozzom!
    • Liked the escargot
    • Salty
    • Naubusan
    • good, the escargot was just hard to eat
    • loved the tapa for tenderness
    • Tender, too salty Though
    • Beef Tapa Rating
    • Not good for food tasting
    • tapa is a little salty
    • Tapa was kinda salty
    • Beef Tapa was salty
    • Yummy!
    • No stack anymore!
    • Interesting
    • Salty Beef
    • Salty beef, escargot was ok
    • Beef too salty
    • No food served
    • Too Salty!
    • I miss kuhol and it made justice!
    • Escargot is perfectly seasoned tapa is a bit salty
    • Almost as good as ours
    • Great taste / soft beef!
    • D’ Best!
    • The tapa is excellent
    • Tapa very tasty
    • tasty!
    • beef tapa is best!
    • yummy but beef tapa can be less salty
    • fast time to try escargot, not bad!
    • tasty! Love the timpla/flavor
    • yummy!
    • too salty! Escargot lacks salt
    • Too salty
    • Beef tapa is tender
    • Tapa taste like know seasoning, escargot nothing great!
    • Yummy snail
    • Escargot to the next level! Love this!
    • I like the beef tapa although it’s a bit too sweet
    • beef tapa!
    • a bit salty but I like it that its thin
    • Sabaw is okay lang!
    • was not able to taste
    • Too salty
    • Good god, whats my name? snails!
    • Beef tapa is salty
    • love the escargot sarap!

    Aunt May’s
    Contact: Bon Reyes   
    Email: bonlreyes@hotmail.com   
    Mobile: +63 917 800-1088   
    Products: Escargot and Beef Tapa

    Ginataang Kuhol  (Escargot) – Price: Php 100.00 per serving
    Special Beef Tapa  
    (Imported Beef)- Price: P 250.00/ half kg

    27. Fortune Empire’s Roast Pork

    We love Fortune Empire’s Cha Siu or Roast Pork authentic HK-style taste! Sarap 🙂

    What is the Story of Fortune Empire Food Specialty?

    Our Vision
    Bringing “Authentic Hong Kong Food” to the people around Makati and beyond.

    About Us
    To truly enjoy an authentic Cha siu, one has to put aside time and effort to sit and enjoy it. Fortune Empire Food Specialty gives our target market the luxury and convenience of having our Hong Kong style food served to them at their own place.

    Hong Kong has been our backyard for quite some time now. The cuisine there has been our comfort food ever since. We would like to share to our customers, that there are more to Hong Kong food than sweet and sour pork.

    Our desire to cut no corners in creating our food is what we offer our customers. Leading us in our goal are two professional chefs that enhance our food senses.

    The FEFS mission is to develop uniquely branded food special that offers an authentic Cha siu taste and healthy take-out/eat-in menu for busy business people, singles, and families.

    The FEFS will offer a limited-menu of healthy fast-food products, ordered from either an order counter. The customer may order the meals ‘to go’ or eat-in at eight interior self-bused dining tables.

    We believe that the three most important elements in the Food Kiosk value equation are food, service, and price.

    The FEFS will have an upbeat, modern interior design that is both comfortable for customers and easy to maintain.


    What Foodies say about Fortune Empire’s:

    • Tamang tama ang Lasa
    • Sure tasty
    • Tasty
    • Very good but quite ordinary
    • Flavorful
    • Delicious roast pork
    • food is a bit cold, but pork is still good
    • Good but a bit salty
    • taste not tender enough
    • flavorful pork
    • Great taste
    • A bit salty
    • Very nice taste pork is tender & juicy
    • Plain Nothing Special
    • very flavorful
    • Fantastic
    • a little bit too salty
    • The roast pork was dry like bubble gum
    • Fatty
    • Yummy but not extraordinary!
    • Pork is crispy / great!
    • Good & Soft
    • Great taste & texture love!
    • Excellent
    • Yummy!
    • Very tasting!
    • Panalo!
    • great!
    • tasty!
    • yummy! Love it!
    • taste like the usual
    • Even if served cold, I like it and its good!
    • just write! Not too salty & not too sweet!
    • Not tender
    • Cold rice but rice tasty pork
    • Normal lang
    • Yummy!
    • I like the taste but the pork was a bit tough
    • Tastes like the one on his!
    • Big portion of rice
    • Wow! So great!

    Fortune Empire food Specialty
    Contact: Mary Tan
    Email: queen_mchan@yahoo.com
    Product: Roast pork/ white chicken HK style

    Pork BBq 700/ kilo and can be sold by grams. For Toppings cost 125 Php




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