Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Winners! (2 of 3)

READ FIRST: Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 Overall Winners! (1 of 3)

11. Hacienda Macalauan’s Fresh Milk & Yoghurt 3.74
I love dairy-farm fresh milk products. My favorites are Holly’s Milk, Rizal Dairy Farm and now, Hacienda Macalauan 🙂

The Story of Hacienda Macalauan

Our company has been providing premium quality dairy products produced without added antibiotics, growth hormones or dangerous pesticides. Hacienda Macalauan dairy products are derived from the finest breed of Australian and New Zealand cows which are provided with the best possible care and specialized diet to ensure production of high quality products with supreme nutritional value and excellent taste. We have been and supplying farm fresh dairy products to hotels and restaurants as well as bake shops and coffee shops.

What Foodies say about Hacienda Macalauan:

  • Heaven
  • The yogurt was good
  • My Asim Pa
  • Too tangy
  • no milky taste, very smooth
  • too sweet, too much vanilla
  • Really Good!
  • Yummy!
  • Very good milk
  • Awesome! Love the vanilla
  • Strawberry!
  • The Vanilla milk taste very clean
  • Yummy mango yogurt!
  • Nice, not too sweet, tastes fresh!
  • I love Yogurt!
  • Like fresh milk!
  • Yummy & very affordable
  • vanilla milk yogurt is good!
  • love all their products yogurt! Especially
  • interesting
  • Yogurt is good but I want it! Sweetness!
  • Vanilla!
  • Best vanilla milk I’ve tasted
  • Taste like nestle yogurt
  • too sweet!
  • Delicioso! Muy bien!
  • Yogurt – lacks tangy taste
  • Kesong puti..i like it!
  • kesong puti was not good
  • Nothing new!

Contact: John Nobel Castro   
Email: john_nobel@yahoo.com     
Mobile: +63 922 8428774   
Products tested: fresh and flavored milk, yoghurt

12. Christa’s Kitchen French Macarons    3.73
We love the macarons sandwich with different flavors. Indeed, she deserves to be called The Macaron Queen! Congratulations Krista!


The Story of Christa’s Kitchen
by Christa Mendiola

I’ve always loved desserts and pastries. Since I do bake, I would take orders from home, for cakes and pastries but I wanted to specialize on something unique. I just didn’t know yet what I wanted.

Not too long ago, a famous French Patisserie opened in Makati and I would always buy their Macaron de Paris. Then I wondered; “Will I be able to make these pretty cookie sandwiches?” And so, I tried making them… To my dismay, I never got it right. Several tries, but still, no perfect macarons were baked out of the oven. Then it became an obsession. I’ve spent so much already for the ingredients, (Almond flour is very expensive!) But still that did not stop me!

And then finally, I decided to go to pastry school. I had the best Pastry Chef teach me the basics of making Macarons. But still, my obsession did not end there. I did not settle for “just-the-basics.” I wanted to be different; I wanted to make something like what they sell in Paris. The conquest for the BEST tasting Macarons continued. Endless researches, sleepless nights, early morning experiments, I have finally developed (for real!) the flavors that I was only in my imagination, after one year of trying!

I made several batches and gave it away to friends to get their opinion. I gave it away as gifts, to friends on their birthdays and they gladly shared it with their friends. Soon, by word of mouth, I have been getting a lot of orders, not only in Manila, but as far as the Mainland USA. Some of my friends even refer to me now as “The Macaron Queen.” Hahaha!!!

What Foodies say about Christa’s Kitchen French Macaroons:

  • A little too sweet
  • Best macaroons
  • Size is good
  • Yummy!
  • I love it!
  • Too sweet!
  • the best
  • The server is very inattentive
  • Chocolate best paired with coffee
  • A bit starchy
  • Better than biscuits
  • Too sweet!
  • Best I ever had, even better than bizu!
  • Better than Bizu
  • It lacked chewiness
  • Good chocolate macaroons
  • love!
  • usual taste
  • Sweetness is just right
  • too sweet!
  • Excellent! Would prefer it less sweet!
  • Brilliant!
  • Just like the french macaroons!
  • Just really expensive! Sayang!
  • Chocolate macaroons were yummy!
  • I love the pistacho macs!
  • caramel!
  • Too sticky!
  • Must love it!
  • Very sweet!
  • Chewy
  • Good macaroons!
  • Pistacho flavor FTW!
  • Better than Bizu
  • Pastry light, great
  • You can taste the almond flour
  • for the caramel

Christa’s Kitchen
Contact: Christa Mendiola   
Email: chris_mendiola1975@yahoo.com   
Mobile: +63 917-8905747   
Products tested: French Macarons

Macarons by Christa  Macarons
Flavors (Fudge, truffle, salted caramel, dulce de leche, coffee cream, pistachio) – P350/Box of 12
Hazelnut Macarons  with coffee cream  – P450/box of 12 
Baby Macs – Php 150/tube (10 pcs)

13. Merry Moo Ice Creamery’s Artisan Ice Cream     3.72  

The latest player in Artisan Ice Cream in Manila! We love the Earl Grey Tea and Seasalt Caramel flavors 🙂 Congratulations Kelvin!

The Story of Merry Moo
by Kelvin Ngo

Merry Moo was churned from my frequent trips to visit my girlfriend in Singapore. In one of those trips, I discovered a small home-made ice cream shop that sells exceptional, unique and creative ice cream, with flavors ranging from Earl Grey Tea to Sea Salt Caramel. Being a foodie myself, I was so giddy in tasting all the different concoctions. From there, I thought that this would be a good concept to bring here in Manila.

Merry Moo is a newly established homemade ice cream business. Merry Moo ice creamery churns for fresh, yummy, and fun ice cream. Our premium ice cream uses fresh, non-Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) dairy. It is locally sourced from local dairy farmers which offer holstein-fresian cows a huge pasture to graze and roam freely. Since our dairy is non-UHT treated, the flavor of the milk and cream is unaltered and it retains its nutritional content.
Freshness is one of the key aspects to highlight our ice cream’s distinct smooth texture and creamy mooeyness. We strive to source fresh and local ingredients whenever possible so that the real flavors of the ingredients would shine through. Our ice cream is also homemade and done only in small batches to guarantee freshness. We strive to constantly experiment on different flavors and we love to get new ideas from our customers to create udder-ly delicious and unique flavors. We churn for creative flavors that excite, for our goal is to have you beaming with a smile with our ice cream.

What Foodies say about Merry Moo’s Artisan Ice Cream:

  • Yummy Sugarless
  • One of a kind!
  • Apple Cinnamon = Epic win!
  • Creative flavors but it lacks richments
  • Earl grey
  • Earl grey & Seasalt
  • I love it / its ok
  • Would be helpful to lesson alcohol
  • Unique flavors but could be a bit creamier or intensify flavor but very good
  • very minimal difference between the flavors
  • Like the earl grey, don’t taste the apple
  • Love the earl grey tea, the apple cinnamon was just good
  • love the earl grey give this flavor
  • Creamy, light, will buy!
  • Only like the sea salt
  • Love the early grey ice cream
  • Awesome earl grey tea
  • Light yet flavorful yummy!
  • Refreshing
  • Loved sea-salt flavor!
  • like the apple cinnamon, smooth & light taste!
  • Love it! Its ok!
  • Seasalt Caramel
  • has no flavor
  • Early grey- light but tasty, seasalt light caramel
  • Seasalt
  • Taste is good but texture is not creamy icy
  • Honey & Tea Goody Goody!
  • Awesome!
  • refreshing, refreshing also but not strong enough!
  • Not to sweet!
  • Super love!
  • Very creamy! I love it!
  • Expands for intensity flavors
  • Panalo
  • Earl grey flavor wins!
  • earl grey was a winner! Tea
  • just right
  • the apple cinnamon was yummy!
  • Apple cinnamon winner!, seasalt caramel tasted the sea salt!
  • Kahlua ice cream love it!
  • Kakaiba yung flavor
  • seasalt!
  • Very unique flavor
  • Apple cinnamon & earl green tea is the one!
  • The flavor is too strong
  • So creamy!, more cream!
  • Lacks creaminess
  • earl grey flavor is great!
  • Loved them not to sweet but its not really creamy
  • Cool flavors. But it lack taste
  • So great…loved it!
  • Lacks the creaminess. Its like eating ice only
  • Good creaminess! But matabang! Flavor!
  • Unique flavors

Merry Moo Ice Creamery
Contact: Kelvin Ngo   
Email: merrymoo@ymail.com   
Mobile: +63 917 528-9590

Premium Ice Cream: P140 per pint, P60 per scoop
French Vanilla
Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt Caramel
Apple Cinnamon
Milo Chocolate
Earl Grey Tea
(Flavors dependent on availability)

14.Manila Q’s Bagwang and Fish Ham 3.72

You got to try Manila Q’s Bagwang which foodies rave about in UTT 4.0 and 5.0! If you are looking for a healthier option try their fish ham instead 🙂 Congratulations, Cha!

The Story of Manila Q
by Cha Morados

Manila Q is the brainchild of Cha Morados, a returning OFW who had spent half a decade living away from home and had missed the Q-omfort of home-cooked food which she could readily enjoy in her condo.

Having been brought up by parents who have been in the food industry for almost 30 years, she had been accustomed to a life of hearty meals prepared from delightful concoctions and savory innovations at her home back in Manila.

Thus, Manila Q was born… to provide the Q-uality and Q-omfort of traditional favorites for the modern, urban home of busy professionals.

ManilaQ menu consists of traditional Filipino favorites enhanced with the use of imported meat and improved with an innovative mix of spice blends.   Food is packed in convenient-to-heat, serve or store containers — perfect for urban-living individuals and small families who find Qomfort in having a ready stock of home-Qooked Quality food.

Yes, Manila Q’s Bagwang!

What Foodies say about Manila Q:

  • Fresh, Awesome
  • I really love the taste
  • Excellent
  • Good but oil galore!
  • Fish is really good
  • Perfect
  • Best!
  • Fish Ham
  • Very fishy, bagwang is hard no paella left just bread
  • Love the taste
  • too salty, texture excellent but the bagnet was the better bagnet for them
  • Tasty / Flavorful
  • Never fails
  • Best w/ bee: Bagwang, fish, just two
  • Innovative in Bagnet
  • Bagwang is a killer! The Fish is so-so
  • Too hard, creamy
  • Good! Super wish Bagnet Fat a Bit
  • Love it!
  • Super sarap ng bagwang
  • Too oily..
  • Ok lang!
  • Awesome! Love the bagwang!
  • Good! Love the bagwang!
  • Fish ham!
  • Fresh ham was good
  • Fish is good!
  • Fish ok / Pork hard!
  • Good! I like it!
  • Awesome! Love the bagwang!
  • Super love the fish!
  • Hubby loved it, a little too much cholesterol for me
  • Bagwang ok but only good w/ beer!
  • a bit too tasty
  • can be tastier!
  • I love bagwang!
  • 5 for bagwang 4 for salmon
  • bagwang = heart attack on a plate. Love it!
  • less salt but tasty
  • the fish is not good!
  • bagwang was too oily / fish was salty
  • Heaven bagwang crispiness
  • Ordinary-nothing new
  • the fishes too nestly but the bagnet is ok
  • Bagwang oily & not crispy, fish just ok
  • Fish, quite salty!!
  • Too salty salitire & representative!
  • Sobrang sarap!
  • Bagwang!
  • fish healthy!
  • Unique! Win!
  • Really crispy (bagwang)
  • Unique dish, lacks flavors!
  • I love the fish ham!
  • Good fish ham, surprisingly good!
  • Love the bagwang!
  • I love the bagwang!
  • Bagwang too oily although the fish is good 
  • Bagwang better than stone

Manila Q
Contact: Cha Morados   
Email: cha@joaxingredients.com   
Mobile: +63 917 835-8361   
Products: bagwang and fish

see Manila Q’s complete menu.

15. Hearty Onion’s Pandan-Wrapped Salmon

Filipinos love Chicken Pandan and this Salmon version won’t disappoint. Try it!

The Story of Hearty Onion
by Eunice

The Hearty Onion basically combines home cooking (simple ingredients) and gourmet cooking (great cooking techniques) into one ‘hearty’ dish. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a dish that will not only fill the tummy, but will also warm the heart. Our inspiration can come  from different things such as places traveled to, new ingredient discoveries (or rediscoveries), family craving, a friend’s suggestion or even a trip down the ‘food’ memory lane.

My name is Eunice and I finished my Culinary Arts Program in George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. After almost 6 years I came back with one passion to share with family, friends and all the foodies –GREAT FOOD! I founded The Hearty Onion with the brains of my siblings, my former colleagues and my high school friends and the unconditional support of my parents. Right now, The Hearty Onion is continuously searching, studying and testing various recipes to keep up with the trends of the Culinary Industry worldwide and at the same time keeping in mind that a great dish knows no shortcuts.

What Foodies say about Roasted Pandan-Wrapped Salmon:

  • Love the Salmon!! Well worth / The Difficult Unwrapping
  • Simple / Very tasty
  • Kick-Ass!
  • Just because its awfully hard to eat / a better & it would’ve been perfect
  • Too Sweet for any taste
  • Heavenly / Bread was sweet
  • I Love the salmon
  • Just right. I can eat a lot of serving is big1 very tasty
  • Salmon is great / cheese should be melted
  • Sour
  • the cheese didn’t go w/ the beef
  • This is so good / I love this!
  • Perfect combination of meat & Bun
  • Too Wrapped, oily not much beef flavor
  • Pandan leaves doesn’t add to the sauce
  • mahirap kainin , havn’t tried
  • Love it
  • Salmon + Pandan, I love it!
  • Best salmon w/ pandan!
  • This is the only one
  • Excellent
  • You can taste, both the salmon & pandan!, love the meat, get bread pls!
  • First Class Taste
  • hard to eat but yummy, too sweet for a meat dish
  • The fish sticks w/ the pandan leaves, bread is so whelming
  • I Thought its Chicken
  • The Best Salmon, Good Food
  • Hard to open
  • The best salmon I’ve ever tasted
  • super love
  • Love it!
  • Balanced taste, beef was very tender & flavorful
  • Very good!
  • Didn’t taste the pandan
  • Salmon taste good
  • A little creamy
  • I don’t feel the taste of pandan but still so good
  • Beef was good & tender
  • Great w/ second!
  • The bread is too big, maybe add more beef
  • love the salmon! Very fresh, too much bread, wasn’t able to taste the beef
  • Yummy!
  • Winner
  • sandwich good!
  • Kinda strong, maybe good w/ beer
  • yummy but theres still a bit of “langsa”, simple yet good!
  • hard to eat w/ the pandan but still good!, beef was good, bread was so-so
  • pulled beef = a+
  • ok, lacks salt!
  • too stringy!
  • Lambot! Ang sarap!! So good flavor!, ang sarap!
  • New twist to pandan love the flavor
  • Salmon Is hard to eat for pica pica but the beef sandwich is superb
  • Beef is very juicy & tender
  • Yummy!!
  • Great beef!
  • Common!
  • Good flavor of beef!
  • Wonderful, nothing special, I think the bread made it ordinary!
  • Good!
  • Sandwich = ordinary
  • Lacks taste w/o the sauce, good taste!
  • OMG! I love it!
  • Hard to eat because of the wrap but tasty! Beef and pandan good combo!
  • Really good  but hard to eat because of the wrap!
  • Too salty, soft beef and salty!
  • All products
  • Too beefy
  • Taste great, taste so good, even w/o bread!
  • Yummy! Flavorful beef!
  • Love the presentation, tastes ok lang fail yung bread!
  • Very tender flavor was delicious, tender and good flavor but I didn’t like sweet
  • Difficult to unwrap but good!

The Hearty Onion              
Email: inquiries@theheartyonion.com   
Mobile: +63 917 828-7988   
Products Tested: Roasted Pandan-Wrapped Salmon

16. Bote Central’s Freshly Roasted Coffee

Bote Central is the people who started the Coffee Alamid craze in Manila. Congratulations, we love your coffee!

The Story of Coffee Alamid: The World’s Rarest Brew
(source: Arengga.com Official Website) 

Coffee Alamid is Philippine Civet Coffee from wild civet droppings on the different forest floors of Philippine mountains. The Paradoxorus Philippinensis is a civet which belongs to the mongoose family –  a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and relentlessly eats them during coffee season. Gathered very early in the morning usually before the sun rises, the forest dwellers climb the mountain and pick the civet droppings on the forest floors. On a good  day, a  gatherer can collect one kilo of civet droppings. 

Coffee Alamid is a blend of the Philippine’s finest Arabica, Liberica and  Exelsa beans.  When roasted, it exudes an almost musical, fruity aroma. It has a strong, sweet, dark chocolatey taste that is  perfect for that morning kick or high power meetings. Definitely a clean cup. 

Bote Central, Inc. respects the wild animals in the forests and that we do not get coffee droppings from any caged civet. We also do not have any managed farm to propagate and protect civets. We leave the civets free , wild and happy in their own natural habitat without disturbing their ecosystem.  We follow strict protocol procedures with all our pickers and that they understand that civets play an important role in the ecosystem — as natural seed dispersers in the forests.

Why 18 Days?
You should consume your coffee within 18 days from the day it was roasted. Coffee flavors and aroma start to deteriorate after two (2) weeks from date of roasting. So, just get enough for two weeks consumption. We roast on demand.  

What is 18 Days Coffee?
18 Days is a promise of quality that the coffee you will get from us is the best of Philippine Coffee. We inform you where the coffee beans specifically comes from and we invite you to visit the particular site and proudly experience the origins of Philippine coffee.    

How to use 18 Days Coffee?
Our coffee is meant to be consumed within 18 days from date of roasting. To avoid foil/pack burst, we recommend that you transfer the coffee beans/ground in air tight container.    

What Happens After 18 Days?
Coffee is still good, but not good enough. It has already lost its full body flavors and aroma. It is already starting to get old quickly.

What Foodies say about Bote Central:

  • Like it, great with carrot cake
  • perfectly brewed coffee
  • Excellent roast
  • Best Coffee
  • perfect ending
  • tasty coffee, relaxes my taste bud!
  • Light, not acidic
  • Flavor is just right!
  • Hyper good coffee
  • Coffee barely these!
  • Coffee was dark & really good 
  • 18 days!

Bote Central
Contact: Alvira Reyes   
Email: basil@arengga.com   
Mobile: +63 917 812-4477   
Website: Arengga.com Coffee Alamid
Products: Freshly roasted Philippine origins coffee

17. Dessert Barn’s Amnesia & Bananalicious  3.68

The Story of DessertBarn Pastries
by Twinkle Legaspi 

Restless.  There was a period a few years ago where I couldn’t sleep, so I’d drive home to my mom’s house to bake until I was tired enough to hit the sack.  That’s how I came up with my cupcake collection – Love Line.  

The problem.  I baked so much the dining table was filled with cakes and brownies almost every night and we didn’t have anymore space.  So I started bringing cupcakes and brownies with me in the car wherever I went so I could give them to friends.  

The question that started it all.  At a party where my red velvet cupcakes (ilovu) rsvp-ed , someone asked “Do you sell these?”.  Then I realized why not?

Initially I sold it to relatives and friends, then by word of mouth.  Then the opportunity to supply a restaurant came knocking. The pastry chef of a restaurant got into an accident, and they needed to outsource their desserts.  They let me try their current desserts which I had to imitate and asked me if I could do it.  I said yes.  Then an international coffee shop asked me to supply them a chocolate cake.  I said yes. At that time all I baked were brownies and red velvet cupcakes.  A few sleepless nights, and thousands of calories later I was able to present them with items to sell.  I focus on selling from home now but the experience of having had supplied them taught me a lot of things and made me more confident.

When I came up with the name “DessertBarn Pastries” what I had in mind was making desserts/food that were down to the basics – food that tastes good, and keeps well.  I try to keep a small menu, where I can be proud of every single item. I currently focus on selling from home.  This gives me the opportunity to get to know my clients and get input directly from them.

What Foodies say about Dessert Barn:

  • One word- Heaven!
  • amnesia = perfect taste, not to sweet
  • Amnesia = Love
  • Amnesia only too moist!
  • Liked bananalicious
  • Liked the Bananalicious
  • Normal
  • makes you forgot because of the taste
  • Excellent bananalicious
  • My favorite pastries
  • I will remember amnesia!
  • Amnesia was creamy, lucious
  • Amnesia: too sweet for me, I love the banana
  • Amnesia is super super moist!
  • Banana leaf was great, choco cake too sweet
  • Amnesia is awesome
  • Banana cake
  • Chocolate cake!
  • I love amnesia!
  • The best
  • Just the right sweet
  • rich in flavor
  • Great choco cake!
  • amnesia wins!
  • yummy but can improve on texture
  • moist! & chocolately, great! Really!
  • Amnesia suits the name of the cake!
  • Moist amnesia!
  • amnesia
  • Amnesia = malasa! Yehey!
  • Love both amnesia & banana love, love!
  • Too sweet!
  • Very moist and delicious!
  • Yummy ganache! Very moist cake
  • perfect banana bread
  • Sinful but awesome!
  • cleanser

Dessert Barn   
Contact: Twinkle Legaspi   
Email: maf.legaspi@gmail.com   
Mobile: +63 917 848-8813   
Products: Amnesia, Bananalicious

Amnesia: 8 inch (double the batter of the 6inch) P958, 6 inch P480
Nuts for Amnesia (with walnuts) plus P60

Bananalicious: 9 inch P480, 6 inch P260 (minimum of 2)
With snow glaze , walnuts and cranberries – 9 inch  P580, 6 inch P380

18. Mama P’s Bagnet & Longganiza 3.68

They import their Bagnet & Longganiza directly from Ilocos every week to get that authentic Ilocano taste. Congratulations Mama P’s!

The Story of Mama P’s
by Niko Dinglasan

I remember eating bagnet and longanisa since I was a child. My mom, who is ilocano would always bring us to ilocos during the summer, and we would have our share of Bagnet and Longanisa. She would also sell Bagnet and Longanisa to her office mates. But it was only this year, 2010, that I also decided to try selling Bagnet and Longanisa because i noticed not a lot of people know what it is.

Ive been also noticing a couple of Bagnet restaurants popping out in the metro, but when i tried them it lacked something compared to the Bagnet i ate in ilocos. This is what made me sell Bagnet. To give the public what it really tastes like. Same with the Longanisa, you always hear the common ones like lucban and vigan. I wanted to let people know that in my province we have a longanisa thats as good or even better, the Batac Longanisa.

When I started selling to my office mates and friends it was great. Everyone liked it and was recommending it to other people. The more orders came in. I soon noticed that I was already having Bagnet and Longanisa shipped here to Manila every week. This is when I decided with my family that we should make this into a business. Mama P’s was born. Mama P stands for Mama Pilar, my lola. She was the one who introduced Bagnet and Longanisa to me and my brother when we really young. She made us love the culture and food of the Ilocanos. We cannot tell a story about Batac, Ilocos Norte without mentioning her. Before she passed away I was asking her if she liked the name Mama P’s, and she gave me her approval. Thats when everything took off.

What Foodies say about Mama P’s:

  • I love the longganisa
  • Bagnet is good
  • Bagnet is dry, longganisa is good
  • Excellent longganisa
  • The Original Taste
  • No more bagnet when we got there
  • Bagnet too tough!
  • Sarap!
  • The Bagnet gets tough after awhile
  • Bagnet is too hard
  • Yummy longganisa
  • good bagnet!
  • ordinary!
  • tasty but like the usual
  • very tasty!
  • Yummy longganisa
  • crispy
  • Makunat
  • Good bagnet, crispy, longganisa typical longganisa
  • Best w/ beer
  • Ilocos na ilocos!
  • Should be hot!
  • Bagnet needs more taste and Yum factor
  • Sana my kanin!
  • longganisa was great!
  • Brought me back to ilocos 
  • good taste

MAMA  P’s  
Contact: Niko Dinglasan   
Email: nfdinglasan@yahoo.com, dinglasand@yahoo.com   
Mobile: +63 917 962 4302
Products: bagnet, longganiza

Bagnet – P480/kilo
Longanisa – P320/kilo

19. Jan Viray’s Just Desserts  3.67

The Story of Just Desserts
by Jan Viray

We started as a home baker October 2005. We first opened at Tiendesitas Delicacies but due to high rent and limited customers, we closed down after several months and just continued as a home baker.  We usually join the noel bazaar which gives us the opportunity to gain new customers. Through these events we also discover new and potential clients. Ever since 2005, we’ve been supplying several restaurants and food outlets in manila and olongapo.  

After five years, I expanded the business with the help of some friends and relatives, thus the new name Just Desserts under a new corporation Janvys Sweet Passion Inc.  We regularly supply to hotels and restaurants as well as coffee shops.  We customize desserts according to our clients needs.  We will also be doing dessert catering early 2011.

What Foodies say about Just Desserts:

  • Heaven cheesecake
  • Brownies & Cheesecake
  • cheesecake only
  • Revel bars!
  • Does not stand out
  • Its just too sweet & dry!
  • nice!
  • revel bars is rich
  • loving that cheesecake more please
  • love the cheesecake!
  • Best revel bar!
  • love the NY cheesecake so creamy
  • love the cheesecake! 
  • new york cheesecake was good!

Just Desserts   
Contact: Jan Viray
Email: jandviray@gmail.com  
Mobile:+63 917 530-5266   
Products: brownies, revel bars, NY cheesecake

Brownies 2″x 2″ (Retail – P20, Wholesale 120pcs – P16)
Revel Bars 2″x 2″ (Retail – P25, Wholesale 120pcs – P18)
NY Cheesecake 9″ round (Retail – P1,100, Wholesale 120pcs – P880)
NY Cheesecake 6″ round (Retail – P500, Wholesale 120pcs – P400)
NY Cheesecake 3″ round (Retail – P125, Wholesale 120pcs – P100)

20. da.u.de Marketing’s Organic Gourmet Tea

Foodies who loves teas rave about da.u.de organic teas created by Filipina tea master, Renee Sebastian. If you are into teas, don’t forget to interact and meet her at Mercato Centrale.

The Story of da.u.de
by Renee Sebastian

da.u.de has its roots in soul music. Creator Renee Sebastian was raised in the Pacific islands where visions of Africa were the fathest on her mind. But, as New York City embraced her talents as a soul singer, so did her education in the similarities of African and Asian culture began. Performing in front of a culturally diverse crowd, sharing stages with some of our generation’s most influential and forward-thinking soul artists, and ultimately becoming a resident of Harlem in NYC all fueled her interest and allowed her to observe how music, when rooted in soul and tradition, secretly brought people of different cultures together. This became instrumental in building the foundation of da.u.de’s philosophy.

da.u.de is a play on the word “dayude” which is of Malay origin and is also what the Ifugaos, native tribes-men of the Northern Luzon mountains in the Philippines, call the front part of their loin cloth. It is the most intricate part of their traditional wear and is usually hand-stitched and decorated with traditional symbols. A richly adorned dayude is usually reserved for Sultans and royalties.

We chose this name not only as a homage to traditional garb but also for what it represents; an identity and heritage which we find lacking today.

da.u.de teas are blended in California with the help of a leading tea and herb importer. da.u.de is based in Northern California and has a marketing and distribution arm in Manila.

What Foodies say about da.u.de Marketing’s Organic Gourmet Tea:

  • Tanglad Taste
  • Love it
  • Great Flavor
  • Cleansing
  • Smooth blend, Lack Flavor
  • not a fan of tea
  • sweet enough w/o added sugar
  • Loved the cold mangga tea
  • Love the tea taste
  • so-so lasang bubblegum
  • not a fan of tea
  • I love the tea
  • Very relaxing, pleasing aroma, definitely a must try!
  • very fragrant & relaxing
  • Great Tasting
  • the mango flavor is good
  • Nothing special
  • smells good, taste mild socially aware, yes!
  • so good!
  • tasty!
  • tastes ordinary
  • Flavorless
  • loved it!
  • Very light!
  • Good tea!
  • I want a bigger mug!
  • Good to have this to clean the palate
  • Yum great!
  • Good!
  • could use some sweetness
  • Good for the palate

da.u.de Marketing   
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Product: Organic Gourmet Tea



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