8 Awesome Adventures in the Philippines!

Life is too short to waste on the usual day-to-day activities and meaningless travel. Over the 5+ years of exploring the Philippines, I’ve discovered the most awesome adventures guaranteed to make your hearts race and rave. These are the experiences that left indelible memories in my mind. I’m sharing these with you because these are the adventures that make the Philippines truly awesome!

1. The BATANES Adventure

This is one of the last places in the Philippines that has its culture and traditions intact. The people who live here are very proud of that fact. You can also still see the bayanihan spirit alive in their communities.

I love the 30-minute falowa ride from Batan to Sabtang Island. The falowa is a  u-haul boat without any katig for balancing. It sways with the waves, which is safer for crossing the channel. People go to Sabtang to see the old bahay na bato that is still inhabited today. It is indeed a blast from the past. If you are adventurous enough, you can opt to try the 4-hour falowa ride from Batan to Itbayat Island. 🙂

The natural wonders of Batanes are awesome to behold, especially when you are in Racuh a Payaman (also known as Marlboro Country), which is a communal grazing land in the south of Batan Island. There are a lot of nature-tripping spots like the Vayang Rolling Hills and Valugan Boulder beach. But if  you’d like something more laid-back, spend a day on the terrace of Fundacion Pacita, one of the best boutique hotels in the country. There, you can just sit and marvel at your 270-degree view of the mountain, sea and sky.


2. Palawan: Puerto Princesa, Coron and San Vicente

Palawan is indeed the last frontier. It’s the place where we can start development with the right eco-mindset and sustainable tourism programs.

Puerto Princesa City is famous for its Subterranean Underground River Park, which will hopefully soon be part of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The city is also home to Ka Lui (one of the best Filipino restaurants in the country) and one of the best fresh seafood markets. The air in Puerto Princesa is noticeably different – more fresh, more clean. Plus, you can feel the pride of the Palaweños in every person you encounter.

In the northernmost tip of Palawan is Coron, which is known for its wreck diving spots, Kayangan Lake (the cleanest lake in the country), and one of the best island hopping tours that ends with a relaxing dip in Maquinit Hot Springs. The city is also the jump-off point for the Calauit Safari or a trip to the exclusive twin resorts of Club Paradise and El Rio Y Mar.


3. El Nido Resorts Experience

El Nido is the first resort that we fell in love with. Its eco-friendly practices are very laudable. Early on, they realized that protecting their natural wonders is the cornerstone of their success.

There is a debate on which of their twin resorts is better: Miniloc or Lagen? For me, I prefer the rustic beauty of Miniloc resort because there is a natural pool in front of it, with lots of fishes that are not afraid to interact with people. Also, when you are in Miniloc, you can kayak to the Big and Small Lagoons – a good way to exercise and one experience you’ll never forget.

You have to pay an all-in fee, which includes the buffet food and all the resort activities. You can also go on an island hopping tour that will also take you to the sand bar behind Lagen (it was once the setting of a very private and romantic beach wedding).

The best part, for me, is that you can arrange to have an island reserved all to yourself for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to have this unforgettable experience in Entalula Island, one of the best beaches in the Philippines.


4. The Northern Road Trip to Pagudpud

My first road trip was when we drove to Pagudpud for 12 hours. We didn’t know how to get there and we only had an atlas to guide us. The experience was exhilarating – driving through one town after another, looking for the secret spots along the way. I can’t forget the first time we saw the giant windmills in Bangui. We were just standing there, with our jaws dropped, as we touched those gentle, white giants.

On the way to Pagudpud, it’s a must to stop over in Vigan to see the proud, old homes on Calle Real. In Laoag, don’t forget to eat bagnet and empanada. When you get to Paoay, visit Paoay Church (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and dine at Herencia Cafe, which serves Pinakbet Pizza and Dinuguan Pizza. Make sure to set aside time to try the sandboarding adventure in Paoay. It’s an awesome way to experience the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte.

Some travelers are already satisfied with just reaching Saud Beach and seeing the Patapat Bridge. But you shouldn’t dare miss the best part of the trip to Pagudpud, which is finally seeing and swimming in the Blue Lagoon, with some of its immaculate beauty still intact.


5. The Southern Road Trip to Bicol

The roadside to Bicol is equally as beautiful as the road trip to the north. With a lot of food stops along the Quezon Viaje del Sol route, you can either dine at Ugu Bigyan in Tiaong, Quezon, or eat crispy pata in Candelaria. Most people stop over at Lita’s in Gumaca, Quezon for cocido or sinigang na isda.

Like Vigan in the north, Naga is the progressive town of Bicol with a vibrant row of restaurants along Magsaysay Avenue and an active nightlife. I enjoyed eating kinalas in one of the secluded houses and getting my fix of Bicolano cuisine from Naga Garden.

On the way to Legazpi, you have to travel early in the morning to get a great view of Mayon Volcano. There are two great photo spots: the Cagsawa Ruins and Lingñon Hill Natural Park. At the latter, you have to hike all the way to the top where you can zipline with Mayon as your backdrop.

Don’t leave Legazpi without tasting the best halo-halo in the Philippines – DJC Halo Halo in Tiwi. They now have branches in Legazpi and Naga.

Finally, there’s Donsol. This is the place where you can interact with the majestic yet gentle whale sharks. Every summer, these giant creatures appear because of the abundance of plankton in the area.


6. Eco-Adventure in Bohol

Bohol is the eco-adventure tourism capital of the Philippines. With year-round tourism (because typhoons don’t pass through here often), this is the best place for eco-adventure.

Our favorites are:
– the canyon swing and canyon zipline in Danao, Bohol;
– the 4×4 adventure ride through the Chocolate Hills;
– the Loboc River Cruise lunch;
– the Loay River Firefly Watching Cruise at night; and
– the Dolphin Watching tour on Pamilacan Island.

You can also choose your own beach experience here. There’s the long, private stretch of white sand at Bohol Beach Club; the vibrant, bohemian vibe of Alona Beach; or your own, secluded beach resort. Any Bohol Adventure would be incomplete without savoring the healthy, organic food of Bohol Bee Farm. 🙂


7. Extreme Adventure: Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon

Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is finding its niche in providing fun, extreme activities to tourists. It all started with its White Water Rafting Adventure. At first, there was just a Beginner route, then Advanced and, now, an Extreme route that goes up the CDO river.

Aside from that, Cagayan de Oro is starting to become famous for the Mapawa River Trek, where you go through 5 natural waterfall challenges. The first few waterfalls are easy because you just have to slide down the falls. But the best parts of the trek are the challenging ones – the 20-ft jump off the waterfall and the 65-ft rappel down the waterfall.

After CDO, most adventure seekers go to the latest adventure destination: the Zipline Park in Dahilayan, Bukidnon, which currently boasts the longest zipline in the Philippines.

Every second Sunday of the month, a lot of people journey to Malaybalay, Bukidnon to experience the Sunday Brunch Buffet with the monks of the Monastery of the Transfiguration. Some people opt to stay overnight in the monastery to pray with the monks as early as 3 a.m. Don’t leave Bukidnon without eating steak at the Del Monte Farms and buying fresh milk from the cooperative canteen.


8. Kayaking in Tuguegarao and White Water Rafting on Chico River

No doubt, the best White Water Rafting experience in the country is in Chico River in Kalinga because of its wild beauty and difficult rapids. Before going on that exciting river ride, you can practice White Water kayaking along the Pinakawan River in Tuguegarao. You can also explore Callao Cave, known for the church built inside the cave’s natural dome formation.

Tuguegarao is also the jump-off point for people who want to visit the pilgrimage site of Our Lady of Piat or to explore more places up north. Some go all the way to Sta. Ana, Cagayan to check out the supposedly haunted Cape Engaño Lighthouse.

The Philippines never runs out of adventures for travelers to experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

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36 thoughts on “8 Awesome Adventures in the Philippines!

  1. Hi Anton,
    Could I ask where the best crispy pata place is in Candelaria?
    I’ve done the Viaje del Sol a few times; but sure would like to go back to Quezon and add this to our itenerary.
    Thanks. More power.

  2. Start exploring indeed! So many great places in the RP I’ve yet to experience (4 out of 8….the eco tour in Bohol wasn’t there yet when I went there).
    My suggestions: Spelunking in Sagada, trekking through Pinatubo (One I’ve yet to try), and of course, learning to surf in Baler.

  3. hi anton,
    i suggest you try tinuy-an falls… in bislig surigao del sur.. they also have enchanted river and other beaches.. with great seafoods

  4. try the sohoton islands in siargao! great adventure, swimming with stingless jellyfish, going in and out of various caves, etc… plus surfing in siargao of course 🙂

  5. Hi Anton! How about swimming with the Whalesharks in Donsol? It effectively turned this bookish/geeky girl into an outdoor person after seeing a butanding for the first time. You can also go firefly watching at night in Donsol river…The fireflies light up the trees along the river like Christmas lights! I’m sure the kids would love that!
    And yes, you must include a climbing adventure in the list. Philippines is blessed with spectacular mountains — Mt. Pulag is a definite must-try, but reserve it for the summer. We were there this weekend and temperature dropped to 2 degrees at the summit..bone-chilling adventure, literally.

  6. Oh yeah, Sagada!! You could trek and swim at Bomod-ok falls, catch sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint, go spelunking at Sumaging Cave, have dinner at Yoghurt Hauz, and have pies at Lemon Pie House…absolutely perfect!

  7. I’ve been to Legaspi and Sorsogon and I loooved it!
    The food was fantastic, beaches were just a stone’s throw away and Legaspi has Lignon hill, embarcaderos and the church ruins near Mayon.
    your post has convinced me to book palawan as our next holiday spot 🙂

  8. maybe you should try to go to Calaguas group of islands in camarines norte, bicol. 🙂 the place is so nice. 🙂 water is so clean.. try to google it and you will only see (or read) good comments/reviews. 🙂 hope you get to visit it someday. :))

  9. Hi Anton!
    I agree with this –
    “Don’t leave Bukidnon without eating steak at the Del Monte Farms and buying fresh milk from the cooperative canteen.”
    Don’t forget the bacon and butter! 🙂 The Lodge (in Cawayanon, still part of Del Monte) serves the best burgers!

  10. Two of the most memorable ones I had is 1)the Butanding Experience in Donsol, Sorsogon (we saw 12 butandings!)where you jump out of the boat to swim with the whale sharks and 2)snorkling in the Apo Island Marine sanctuary in Apo Island via boat ride from Siquijor.

  11. I plan this year to be full of adventures rather than the usual walk, bike and take photos, masarap pa din yung my ksamang adventure sports, I’m getting bored w/ my routine during my trips, I want to do something different and my focus is sa Pinas muna tlaga bago ang ibang bansa.hopefully matuloy ang plan ko, minus Batanes since I lost sa contest, abangan nlng ang sale ng SEAIR! 😀 thnx for sharing this! 🙂

  12. Hi Anton, san ka kumukuha ng tours mo? do you work with travel agents or you do it all by yourself? I want to do this when I go back to the Philippines this year with my husband, 7 year old and 1.5 year old daughters. Please advise.

  13. Mt. Apo or the zipline in Lake Sebu is definitely a must for the adventure seeking readers you have. The zipline in Lake Sebu will pass 2 waterfalls.

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