Dek A: Authentic Thai Hole-in-the-Wall Resto in Makati

Dek A is now my favorite authentic Thai restaurant in Manila. Dek means young and A stands for number 1 in class (as in Grade A).

Feb, who owns and runs the restaurant, is half-Filipina and half-Thai. Although she lives in Thailand with her Filipina mom, they decided to open a restaurant in Manila. You might ask, “What makes the restaurant authentic?” Well, they have a Thai cook AND their ingredients are sourced from Thailand every other week.

The days of affordable but mediocre Thai food in the metro are over. ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to check out Dek A in Makati…

Dek A is a small, horizontal restaurant that can accommodate 22 people only. They are just renting space from a second-hand car shop along Vito Cruz extension. Orchid ornaments are found on each table, and the walls are decorated with artistic photographs taken by the young owner.

Just lower your expectations regarding the ambiance and the restroom facilities of the place since it is a hole-in-the-wall type of resto.

Dek A Menu
: Lunch/Dinner Menu for One Person | Dek A Picture Menu | Daily Menu | Special of the Day, Beverages

The a la carte dishes cost around P200 per order and they have a Thai lunch set for P150 only. (Note: only the lunch sets are available for lunch.)

There are al fresco tables and an outside kitchen where they assemble the Thai chicken noodle soup.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Their chicken noodle soup is a bit different from the norm since they add lime and a special sauce to it. This one is very fast to order, so you can have it as a starter for your meal.

Tom Yum (Spicy Shrimp/Salmon Head Soup – P250/half order). Popular, classical Thai Spicy Lemon Grass Soup with Shrimp, Mushroom, Chili Paste and Lime Juice.

This dish best exemplifies how I like my Tom Yum — a bit spicy, not too oily, with lots of shrimps, and has a good mix of contrasting flavors. Plus, the soup stays hot in the clay pot. The half order is good for 2-3 persons.

The place is not that kid-friendly, though. If the kids whine, the whole restaurant will be disturbed. The tables are light and easily moved when bumped. Be careful with the condiments too, so don’t let the kids play near them.

The boys loved playing with the triangular pillows. It was a good thing then that there were no other diners around, besides us, when we ate.

Pad Thai (P180). Special Thai Style Noodles with Chicken, Prawns, Bean Sprouts, Spring Onion, Egg and Ground Peanuts.

The Pad Thai’s sahog overpowers the few strands of noodles.ย  But I did like the overall balance of its sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors.

Kao Pad
. Chicken, Pork, Shrimp Special Thai Fried Rice.

The kids loved it! The Kao Pad is soft (like risotto) and has a colorful mix of ingredients (like the ever-popular Yang Chow Fried Rice).

Gang Kiaw Wan (P200). A traditional Thai Chicken Green Curry using fresh green chili and cooked in coconut milk with aubergines, lime leaves, sweet basil leaves and vegetables.

This dish has a generous serving of chicken and is good for 2-4 persons. I like their curry because it is not too thick, not too oily, not too sweet, and the coconut taste is not too intense.

Authentic Thai ingredients – check!
Thai Cook in the kitchen – check!
Affordable and good value for money – check!
A young and lovely Filipina/Thai owner with a Thai accent
– check!

What more can you ask for?

The best place for affordable, authentic Thai food in Manila ๐Ÿ™‚

Dek A Authentic Thai Food
245 Pablo Ocampo Road (Vito Cruz Ext.) corner Flor Deliz, Makati City
(right across Caltex Gas Station in Vito Cruz Ext. corner Sampaloc St.)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday: CLOSE

Telephone Number: +632 500 5933


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Full Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. I’m not related to, connected with or compensated in any way by the restaurant featured in this blog post. I’m not connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firm. Please report any PR firm claiming to have connections with OAP.

P.S. Feb said that she loves Thai Patio and Benjarong Dusit for authentic Thai cuisine in Manila.

P.P.S. Thanks to Ada for the foodie tip!:)

85 thoughts on “Dek A: Authentic Thai Hole-in-the-Wall Resto in Makati

  1. Anton, I’m running over there! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the kind of place I was looking for….. Authentic Thai food, not in a hotel setting. It makes it all the more “delicious” when it’s down home, no-frills and focused on the food. I want to drag you to Mama V and my favorite que kiam & mami place in Divisoria. It’s about 35 years already, still sitting in the same stall, in the same Pasilio, surrounded by telahan. You just have to experience it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anton,
    Just want to say that you’ve handled these recent rumors with grace and dignity. I’ve actually never read any post of yours that can be classified as a “scathing review” that’s why I believe in your integrity. I just hate these cowardly posters who hide under their anonymity to insult you. May God continue to bless you and may you find strength in this trying times…
    drama aside, great post! Will definitely try this restaurant since i love thai food.
    BTW, why not create a custom Garmin-based GPS map of all the recommended foodie places that you’ve been through? Pati na rin mga tourist sites? I would gladly pay for it. And i think others will too. Hirap kasi akong intindihan yung google maps.

  3. Thanks Enrico for the support!ย  Hayaan na natin sila, they can believe what they want to believe.
    On a custom Garmin-based GPS map, you know what? I've been thinking about doing a foodie map and maybe also plot it in Garmin-based GPS map. Why not? Thanks for the tip and suggestion.

  4. My gold standard in hole-in-the-wall Thai resto is Som’s…
    Now that there’s another one like this it’s worth checking out!! Besides, the owner’s worth checking out too!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  5. Tried the Tom Yum and Chicken Curry, and another beef dish with peanuts at Dek A last week. I live in the neigborhood.
    The food did not blow me away. I felt that it lacked flavor and it lacked heart. Yes, I didn’t feel the love. Sorry.
    Honestly, I’m not a fan of Soms (the long wait, the inconsistency) but Soms had tastier dishes. Mommy Thai (UP Thai Canteen/ Khao Pad) served tastier dishes as well. (Sadly her resto closed down. Again.)
    Sure, it was cheap. The TEA is certainly yummy. I’d go back for that. Not for the food.
    Maybe they had a bad night? Others can judge it for themselves.

  6. Tried Som’s too..not tasty at all!!! can’t finish padthai, walang sarap ang spring roll…Dek A is more authentic!!!

  7. Wow! Seems like Thai food is sprouting all over. Good for us! Anton, You HAVE TO TRY Thai Fusion Cafe in El Grande, BF Homes! Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not conFUSION. Just straightforward delicious and well cooked Thai food. In spite of the limited menu, you will find some Thai dishes that are not available here or even in restos in Thailand because these are prepared at home. Even their curries are interesting. Very simple, but very good. And the owner (though not as gorgeous as the Dek A owner)is super friendly and fun to talk to.

  8. Sir, hope I can share ….
    Just came there a few minutes ago for lunch. I was a bit disappointed that the pad thai and most of the menu is not available for lunch time yet. There were 5 choices, Chicken noodle soup, Keang mussaman, keang paneang then green and red curry. (but the red cury wasnโ€™t available)
    We tried both the keang โ€ฆ and it was really good!! Didn’t try the green curry, but saw it on the other table (parang malabnaw a bit). The milk tea is good, the green milk tea is ok, but we were not used to the sampagita taste.
    The free soup never came, even after we asked for it after the meal. Some other people were complaining of slow service and some ordered the red curry and appetizers but the other waitress didnโ€™t tell them that it wasnโ€™t available. The help was a bit slow and looks like hindi sanay a bit.
    Later on Feb(the owner) came to our table and asked how was the food, we chatted about the food, the soup and Thailand. She is very charming, and I totally forgave them for not serving the soup! (the eyes and the accent got me!)
    Lunch has been just a try out for them this year, thatโ€™s why the chef is not there to cook. I guess Iโ€™ll be back for dinner next time.

  9. DEk A is the original Thai relaxing Dining place .. been to Thailand?
    If you stay in thailand for a week and dine inside the Mall or hotel aw sorry….can’t feel the real thai atmosphere..Hmmn Dek A i think is the perfect place very casual and down to earth setting including their waiters and waitress hahaha really like Thai style matarantahin din ng can stay inside with air condition but i prefer outside really thai style

  10. Travelled from Tagaytay today to taste Dek A food..naku sulit na sulit…the food was great and their chayen is very yummy!!!! congrats Feb!!!

  11. This resto is so simple talagang hole-in-a-wall with humble setting but beyond expectation pag dating sa food….curry, curry and curry sarap talaga…I stayed in Thailand for so many years kaya alam ko ang real thai taste hhmmmmm..try nyo kabayan….just focus on taste, surely you’ll love it…

  12. you might have misunderstood my comment.
    I’d rather eat AT Soms- a resto that I don’t like- then Dek A. Although I do love the Tea at Dek A. Not the green tea though. Too much of the flowery taste.
    When it comes to food, I don’t mind if it’s authentic or whatever- I’d prefer it to be tasty, flavorful.

  13. the price that you have to pay for being the number 1 foodie blog… hay. I think you should just delete comments like that. baka mga immature na teenager pa mga yan na walang kaaalam-alam sa mundo.

  14. Anton, keep your chin up! This too shall pass. I enjoy reading your blog, it reads earnest kasi, nothing ‘poser’ about it — the reviews to me are basically how a ‘man on the street’ would probably describe a new resto to a friend, without pretense, without claiming to be an expert about the cuisines or the processes. Just a forwarding of an opinion if the food was good or not for the money.
    Lastly, just have to get this out of my chest. I cant BELIEVE how malicious people can get. Was reading some of the vitriol posted online and my gosh, some people really had a field day spewing forth the venom! I felt so bad for you I just had to write in to say hang in there, ok? I-takbo mo na lang ang sama ng loob mo (if meron man). Dont let them get you down.

  15. tried this resto earlier as i live in the neighborhood. it’s not quite the hole-in-the-wall that i imagined (hey it had airconditioning). the place is a bit cramped though. quite easy to bump body parts into tables and chairs. we would have stayed outside but all that dust and smoke wasn’t that appealing.
    on with the food – i ordered the chicken green curry but apparently they ran out of chicken so they replaced it with pork instead. it was tasty nonetheless. just the right amount of flavor and heat. i would prefer more spiciness but then we’re pinoys so i would say just the right amount. my partner ordered the pork in coconut cream and was also delicious and not too oily. we also had the chicken noodle soup (100 pesos til feb 28!) and was surprised at the quite big serving size. lots of noodles and chicken but somehow the soup itself lacked something (maybe more lime and basil next time).
    we also ordered the spring rolls and we were disappointed. not bad but not quite memorable either. another disappointment was the thai jasmine rice – dry and flat-tasting. the thai iced tea was good and a perfect foil/antidote for the spicy food.
    we noticed that a lot of items were no longer available and even covered up in the menu. they seemed interesting and also hope they could expand their menu. service was below par. they need more training.
    overall, i would go back and hope they iron out the kinks.

  16. I know right! I’m actually coming back for those eyes with a side order of thai accent!!! hahaha
    ** being number 1 will never be easy. But we are all here to support you, so nevermind na those people … ingit lang sila!

  17. If those people know Anton personally, they won’t be saying any of that stuff.
    Anton, bro, you’ve made it big na, may haters ka na hehehe.
    Innovators are a threat to those who do nothing….
    ika nga eh, in sa isang tenga, labas dun sa isa (however they say it, basta ganun)

  18. First time poster, long time lurker. Great find Anton, congratulations! For the restaurant, young entrepreneur/owner and staff, wishing them a bright future ahead.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks so much for this comment. My family appreciates it very much. I really don't pay attention to them anymore and life goes on.

  20. well, no matter what these “inggiteros” will/would say there’s no doubt that you are such a BIG HIT in your chosen endeavor. Good Luck Anton. I’m your no. 1 fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Anton, This whole hulabaloo reeks of irresponsibility. It started with a blind item article which even failed to prove any direct relationship between the PR firm and that blogger. I cannot believe how people can lay judgement based on a blind item. And to accuse you of all people.
    I don’t always agree with what or how you write, but I truly admire how you remain focused, steadfast, and sincere in sharing with your readers how wonderful our country truly is and how much you and your family enjoy living in the Philippines. Even your “competitors” will attest to the fact that they get information from your blog. Hahaha!
    Ganon ka na kalaki that people forget this is a blog, YOUR blog, where you’re entitled to YOUR OWN opinion. I guess for some people it really is easier to focus on the negative. Sad, sad, sad.
    Just like what your supporters say, hang in there, and just keep doing what you love doing best.
    To Anton’s detractors, if you must criticize, do so constructively. We can all improve. I hope you just keep in mind that Anton never claimed to be perfect nor forced anyone to follow him. He has helped a lot of people not just with this blog but with his other projects as well. I’m sure not a lot of “more perfect” bloggers out there can ever lay claim on that.
    Happy new year to all. Let’s do our best to keep the peace. : )

  22. nothing beats Dusit Thani in Glorietta 3 ( not the hotel, but the resto). It’s this small restaurant that’s been there for the longest time because of its consistent quality of food. But I’ll try this too. thanks for sharing!

  23. Hi Pam,
    THanks so much for the vocal support!ย  Nakakataba ng puso. I'm sure we will know the truth about the controversy. See you this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Anton, as I already posted before, the thing i love most about your blog is that you are downright honest and unpretentious with your reviews. You are not a sell-out and I think this keeps you a cut above the rest. Please stay humble and I believe more success is to come your way. The detractors who don’t know constructive criticism do not deserve your attention or your energy. You can not please everyone. But know that those you do please, like me, are very well-pleased with you.

  25. Enrico is right. I’ve been an OAP reader since 2006 and I have never encountered any scathing reviews by Anton. If anything, anton is gentle with his criticisms about a restaurant. That’s why i was surprised when i heard about the rumors. Anton doesn’t even put negative things in his blog– for instance regarding the DOT ad. When everyone was insulting the creators, he was the voice of reason that called for suggestions rather than just plainly attacking the ad. I respect and admire Anton, and while he has his own shortcomings (after all, nobody’s perfect) I believe in his integrity and I will continue supporting him.

  26. Anton,
    Tried padthai last night. It’s the best padthai!!! Like what u said, it’s a balance combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors. Met Feb too, she’s a sweet young entrepreneur, really!!! love her eyes….Lots of customers last night; shows that you got a lot of blog followers. Thank you again Anton for introducing this resto, we will come back again for sure.

  27. Hi anton! I agree with what Pam said about Thai Fusion resto in BF Homes Paranaque(yup, it’s in 386 El Grande avenue, beside Ann Arbor Montessori School). They have 1 of the best tasting Thai food for me. The owner’s Thai wife is the cook. Owner’s pinoy,nice and okay siya kausap. They have thai toast and bael tea, a thai fruit. Loved their thai green tea with milk. Parang lutong bahay food pero masarap and reasonable. They are open for lunch and dinner daily except mondays.
    Do check out this authentic indonesian resto also in el grande ave., bf homes, paranaque, Pawon Ageng restaurant. (333 el grande) corner jakarta street. telephone number is 825-63-30. Owner is an indonesian guy married to a filipina. he has an indonesian chef. he and his son helps out in the cooking also. just like thai fusion, they are open for lunch and dinner, closed on mondays. reasonable prices, good food, nice owners.
    There’s a new indian-pakistani resto also in bf (punjabi cuisine), Raaz Mahal. owner is pakistani married to a filipina, but i think it is their daughter that manages, the dad cooks. spices are from pakistan. really delicious food and reasonable din. open usually for dinner. they are open saturday and sunday for lunch (11am-3pm). they can make food spicier if requested. aguirre avenue near the corner of j. elizalde, i think it’s in front of hanakazu japanese restaurant.
    Ok din yung authentic singaporean resto, Food de sentosa, aguirre avenue (phase 3), in front of presentation church and puregold junior supermarket. they are open daily, 10 am-10pm. very nice singaporean owner, loved their hainanese chicken and chicken rice.
    hope you get to check out these restos ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Thanks for confirming that. We will go to Thai fusion one of these days. Anyway malapit na pala ang sucat because of skyway. Will do a review of all the restos in BF homes area.

  29. Thanks Belle for the support and for the vote of confidence! I'll improve OAP para wala nang masabi pa ๐Ÿ™‚ My family super appreciate this comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I sooo love Thai dishes, apart from the fact that I love BKK.
    I happened to read Anton’s blog and tried to locate the place myself last Friday, since we were dining at Pat-Pat’s Kansi. Dek A was jam-packed. We, my friend and I decided to go tonight, it was almost full so we decided to sit outside, I heard from the other peeps near our table that they knew the place because of your blog.
    First 5mins, I sensed that no ones gonna take our orders because I called two staff twice and nobody went to our table so I decided to go inside to dictate my order, then I just saw that everyone’s already impatient because their food were not yet served.
    To cut the long story short, I only get to eat tom yum and spring rolls. Though apart from that, my friend and I initially ordered thai fried rice and pad thai, my friend cancelled her order (thai fried rice) because its been 1.5hours and only spring rolls, her coke and my milk tea were served, since we were really starving my friend decided to buy Chooks to go chicken nearby (after a while, we saw or neighboring table bought too), after 2 hours tom yum came and after 10 mins I called a staff to check if the Pad Thai is still coming and she never came back, after 35mins I went to the counter again to check and to my surprise, it was never noted in the order which I reiterated twice.
    Good thing the food really tasted good. Of course I had to go to the counter again and again if I need something or if I have to follow up my order. When I went to the counter to pay our bill, I had to say (to the owner) that the tom yum didn’t have shrimp (I also asked neighboring tables and they didn’t have too), at first they denied and when the owner checked with the cook true enough that we all had chicken in our tom yum bowls/no shrimp. She insisted for me not to pay for it because they did not serve it right but I just insisted to pay because I ate it anyways, I just said to the owner that “your resto was featured in, you really have delicious food but please improve your service next time”. The owner sincerely said she will, so lets go back after a month to check what improvements will happen.
    Good food but you have to wait for almost 2 hours before you get your complete order of dishes. Also make sure that they noted your orders correctly.

  31. there is a lack of good thai restos in the metro. my favorite so far is mango tree bistro in trinoma. have u tried it? will try this one soon. thanks for the review

  32. i live near the area and we used to eat there a lot and service was okay. in fact we were there one day before your blog about dek a came out. now we want back to dine again a day after you blogged it and it was swarmed with people so much so that their kitchen was overwhelmed and their service level was as its worst. i guess you should’ve have informed the owners that after you blog about their resto they better better for the influx of customers!

  33. You’re right red, i was also Dek A’s customer before and after the blog came out. Service was ok, but because of the unexpected number of customers, their service level lowered. Let’s give Feb, the Owner enough time para maimprove ang kanilang service. The most important is that their Panaeng (pork with coconut) still taste the same…so deliciously tasty!!! and the green tea is yummy!!! Salamat Anton for sharing this resto, our barangay, Lapaz is now a well known place to thai food lovers.

  34. Been there the very first time resto open in Dec. Try to order thai curries like chicken green curry, beef masaman and panaeng-pork curry. These curries taste good and you won’t wait long. It costs only P150, worth it talaga. Spicy and served warm with jasmine rice, cucumber salad and mild flavored chicken soup.

  35. We went there last night and the service was really BAD! We waited for more than 30 minutes till the food was served. And the staff wasn’t friendly at all.

  36. We’re so hungry waiting for the food yesterday, we waited for about 30 minutes. The waiting was then compensated when our order was served. My friends like pork satay and spring roll. I ordered chicken noodles and like its original taste of lemon and chili paste. Fried rice is also recommended. It’s worth waiting anyway, thks for the blog Anton.

  37. just had dinner there and i liked it. i think their tom yum is really good. plus the number one on the menu. i forgot what it was called.
    then my friend asked if we have been to central. since its near the area, we went there to have “two bottles” as what my husband always call it. anyway, it was really packed. and to think it was a sunday! i suggest you guys try this place, if you havent already. read the menu, its funny. and the servers are nice too.

  38. I defintely agree with Red. We just got home from dinner at Dek A and my usually patient husband ran out of patience with their service. We were waiting for 30mins before the owner informed us they no longer have the green chicken curry I’m so looking forward to try. We waited a total of almost 1hr before all our orders finally arrived.
    Their waiters can also learn a thing or two about good customer service. After 45 mins of waiting we asked the waiter to follow up our order, he said, first come first serve, yahh we know that’s why we’ve been sitting their for 45mins!! How hard was it to say “sige po ifofollow up ko”
    Food was so-so. Service was sooooo BADDDD!

  39. “di ka naman chef eh kaya di ako naniniawala sa food review mo !”
    You don’t have to be a chef to review food. It’s nice reading an average person’s point of view.
    Also, your logic fails. So, in the same vein, NOBODY can write movie reviews unless they’ve made movies themselves. Nobody can write music reviews unless they’re musicians. Nobody can write software reviews unless they’re programmers. Heck, I bet this invalidates all gadget reviews because I’m willing to bet none of the people who review iPods/gaming consoles/TVs/etc. ever manufactured anything electronic themselves!
    Troll harder.
    Hey Anton, just wanted to drop by to show my support! It’s amazing how some people are so quick to jump to conclusions. Some of the comments I’ve read are plain mean. Some are laughably idiotic it’s amazing people have the guts to put them online.
    You’re handling this so well. Sorry, I couldn’t control myself after reading the particular comment above. Kailangan ko na din humirit.
    Hope you and the family are doing well!

  40. Bigyan naman natin ng kaunting time ang Dek A to improve their service. Unexpected number of customers came after the blog, what can we expect???

  41. Salamat sa lahat ng Dek A followers for the last few days…Customers came after the blog. It’s our commitment to offer you the real thai taste, good service and friendly environment!!!! Thank you for all your comment, will consider seriously. Hope to see you again!!!!

  42. hi there anton! great entry! cute girl too hehehe. =D the gang kiaw wan looks particularly delicious. my go-to for cheap thai food has always been soms but i’ve found na the quality has been deteriorating as of late? it might just be me, but i’ve been looking for a new place for my thai cravings. silk is just a tad too expensive for eating on a regular basis kasi estudyante pa lang ako hehe. btw, regarding the recent hullabaloo tungkol sa big bad blogger, i’d just like to say na i’ve always believed you weren’t it! more power! =)
    speaking of holes in walls, i recently came across an interesting food blog some kids from ustmed school started. you might enjoy it.

  43. Hi anton,
    I have been reading your blog for several years now. (back when you first featured ‘my mother’s garden’ which i booked for my boyfriend’s surprise birthday. And he loved the place! And that was so many years ago)
    This will be my first time to comment just to show how much i love and appreciate your blog. Please continue giving your detractors the ‘DEADMA’ treatment and continue giving your avid readers the best recommendations on restos we’re not even aware they existed since anton diaz.
    This is your blog, and thank you for sharing your life with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Thanks so much for the support! It really means a lot to us specially for those readers/friends who publicly supported us. Sige hahayaan ko na sila and will continue to ignore them.
    Salamat ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Hi Mela,
    Thanks so much for the support! I'm blessed to have OAP friends like you. Hayaan na natin sila, nangaasar lang yan mga yan. Our family appreciate this message of support!
    OK naman kami and we moved on already.

  46. first of all, I would like to thank Anton for his love for food and awesome places. hence, this blog was created. a guide for ‘lost’ people like me. keep up the awesome work.
    I read this entry yesterday and I couldn’t wait to eat at Dek A. Dek A is just a stone throw away from my place. Because they are closed on Mondays, I ate there tonight. the place is cozy and i’m happy to see that they have an al fresco dining area (fit for people who smoke :)). that’s where i first saw, allow me to use the word used to describe her by some people here, the HOT owner of Dek A, Feb. I was lost of words or in this case word, when she asked me, ‘can i get the menu?’. it took me at least 3 seconds to say ‘yes’. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. I ordered Kao Pad, Gang Kiaw Wan (Chicken Green Curry) and a can of Coke. Great! I felt like a kid waiting to open his presents. After 15 minutes of waiting, instead of my food, it was bad news that was brought to me. ‘Sir, wala na pong Chicken Green Curry. ‘Di po kayo umabot (this almost made me laugh. estimate fail!). Gusto niyo bang i-cancel na lang ang order niyo or palitan niyo na lang?’, said the waitress. I kept my cool and ordered Gang Panaeng (Pork Red Curry). I waited again. That time, i can say that ‘nagwewelga na ang mga alaga ko’. another 20 minutes passed when my food arrived. first the Kao Pad and 3 minutes after, my Pork Red Curry (buti na lang umabot pa ako,).
    the food was really, really good. i almost smiled while eating. good thing that i didn’t because i was dining alone. after eating the scrumptious meal, i asked for the bill. when i saw the bill, i almost had an up-chuck reflex. my bill was almost P400!!! yehey! so while i was walking back home, i thought about what transpired:
    1. i waited almost 30 minutes for my food.
    2. i paid P200 for 1 cup of Kao Pad. it couldn’t feed 2 people.
    3. it me longer waiting for my food than to eat.
    the food is good but the service needs drastic improvement.

  47. Pork curry with rice is only 150P and fried rice good for one person is 150P too. I think it’s reasonable. I was very satisfied with my pork red curry set today..masarap talaga. more power Dek A.

  48. i live around the neighborhood and wanted to try Dek A before it came out of your blog. Finally i was able to try the food last night and buti na lang may table pa sa labas. i ordered green milk tea, i luv it!! tom yum, paenang moo, spring roll, pad thai, papaya salad and fried rice… buti naman at na inform kami ng waiter na matatagalan yung tomyum so we just canceled it. my sister already warned my of slow service so i wasn’t expecting my food to arrived in 5-10 minutes… actually, i did not noticed how long it was.. i was just happy to eat yummy thai food. altho sadly, yung 1 table sa tabi namin na high blood sa tagal ng order nila tapos yung 1 naman nag walk out na sa tagal ng order, hehe. our bill was about 950 for 4 people.. nabusog naman kami except for my bf na di masyado nabusog

  49. hi there. when i first read this, the next day, me and my wife went there. authentic thai yes, but as you can see, there are LOTS of complaints about this resto, specially on the very slow service they have down there. im not really sure if it really takes very long to cook thai food, but we waited for 40 minutes for our order to be served…and thats just the tom yum, which became cold after 20 minutes when the pad thai was served… really need lots to work on specially on managing time line and customer service since i think what they do is, they cook AND serve on a first come first serve basis, so when you are first in line and you order a tom yum, and i am next and i ordered an extra rice, (which happened to us), they will finish the pad thai first, THEN your extra rice. ๐Ÿ™ hope their management can see this page so they can start doing what they should.

  50. the place is a 5 minute drive from our place. will definitely try it out. im a big fan of soms, and i like a little competition. hehe.

  51. Odd enough. It seems the only reason people rushed in to try DEK A was the fact that the owner was hot! I have to admit I searched for this blog post again to check her out again. I’ll try to dine there within the week and see what happens. Too bad I just saw this post yesterday. Since it’s been months, is their service still that horrible?
    With her building up fans here, don’t hate me if I muster up the courage and ask her if she’s still available. Cheers

  52. Sawasdee. Your food looks good nah! Phom yark pai kin yu-nan krub! Owner swai mark ching ching! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. you’re a jerk, why even put “bading” there? i understand you were defending Anton from an insulting comment, but that is no excuse to use the word gay in a derogatory manner. grow up!

  54. My sister once broke something in that place. It’s one of those condiment containers and the staff were so nice to her and courteous that they did not get angry at her for breaking that glass container.

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