Cemento’s Cobra Reef, Baler! (3 of 3)


Surfing in Cobra Reef in Brgy. Cemento, Baler is the number one motivation for hard-core surfers to troop to the area. From the main Sabang beach, it is 15 minutes away by car or 30 minutes away by walking along the beach through the barangays.

The most ideal time to surf here is when there is no wind (usually in the morning). Surfers like the waves glassy — smooth in texture and appearance because there’s no wind to mess up the look.

I decided to hang out with the surfers along with Aidan. This is our experience, from a non-surfing-observer’s point of view…

OAP | Baler, Aurora, Quezon Series:

We were in Cemento by 8am after having a light breakfast. Surfers put wax on their board so that it won’t be slippery when they ride it.

There is a short 20-minute hike from the main road to the jump-off rock, passing through the mangroves.

You’ll see people picking up something under the rocks. I was very curious, so I had to find out.

They were collecting kuhol and eating them for pulutan.

You’ll often see the top local surfers in Cemento when the weather is nice.

The Allure of Baler (270 of 461)

They created a cement bridge before to connect the small rock formation, but it was easily destroyed by the waves. They call this part lukso lukso because you have to jump from one rock to another to reach the jump-off point for Cobra Reef.

Aidan and I played around the islet as we watched the surfers play in one of the most dangerous surfing points in Baler.

Surfers paddle for about 10 minutes to reach the reef where the waves break.

It was fun to see the surfers paddle their way to catch a big wave.

Do you know what pose this is?

This surfer Vic loves Cemento — he can’t stop talking about it.

Silver Surfer shot.

If you have kids, you should be able to guess this pose. (Can you guess? 🙂 )

Surfer combing the waves. How I wish I could take the shot in front of the surfer…

The waves are huge. One wrong move and the waves could drag you along the coral reefs. This is definitely not for beginners.

I had a bonding session with Aidan while having fun in the water. He loves Cemento and hopefully, one day, he learns how to surf.

The best part of surfing is the after-party where you get to share your stories of how you conquered the waves at Cemento.

Cheers to all the surfers! Thanks for sharing your world with us!


OAP | Baler, Aurora, Quezon Series:


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P.S. Thanks to Tito JB and Tito Vic for sharing the Cemento experience with Aidan.

9 thoughts on “Cemento’s Cobra Reef, Baler! (3 of 3)

  1. Hi Anton! I love your reviews! I hope I could take my boys to Baler as well. Question, and this makes me feel bad (he he he he), what pose was Aidan doing?? I thought I know all there is to know about Ben 10, Beyblade, Cartoon network 101..!!! He he he he! 🙂

  2. That was a great day, even if my leash tie came off, and I didn’t get the big sets. Since he was sick the past two days, I let Kuya Vic snake the waves from me…not so next time! Aidan looks like he’s ready to stand on a board!

  3. Hi there. Just wondering how deep the water is where the Mangroves are on High tide. Can you still walk it or do you have to paddle out to the rocks?

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