Eat the Night Away at Midnight Mercato!

Are you looking for a place that will satisfy your late night cravings?  
Are you looking for some good food while taking a break from your night shift?
Are you looking for some great-tasting dishes to fill your stomach after your weekend gimmicks?

Then come to Midnight Mercato at Bonifacio Global City, the newest haven for late night food enthusiasts from around Metro Manila.

Inspired by the bustling night markets and hawker centers of Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, Midnight Mercato is the weekend late night food bazaar where you can enjoy mouth-watering food finds – from home-cooked meals to gourmet signature dishes to classic street food re-invented – while listening to live acoustic musical performances. Most importantly, you can enjoy Midnight Mercato in a clean, comfortable and organized setting inside an air-conditioned tent.

Organized by the same people who brought to you the highly successful Mercato Centrale weekend lifestyle food market, the Ultimate Taste Test and the MommyMundo events, Mercato Centrale promises to be THE late night destination for food enthusiasts from all over Metro Manila.

Midnight Mercato is located on the corner of 30th Avenue and 9th Street (across The Spa at Bonifacio High Street) Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, the same location as Mercato Centrale.  It will be open every Friday and Saturday from 11:00pm to 3:00am, starting 2/11/2011.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions on how we can make Midnight Mercato awesome. 🙂

Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: We are co-founders of Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato together with Gary/ Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo and RJ/ Vanessa Ledesma. 

P.S. To apply as a concessionaire for Midnight Mercato, please email with the subject:Midnight Mercato Interested Partner“. Thanks!


56 thoughts on “Eat the Night Away at Midnight Mercato!

  1. The regular Mercato Centrale 6am to 2pm will continue since it is an organic/fresh and food market.
    The Midnight Mercato is more for late night chow and the vendors will be a bit different.

  2. I just want to say that I super looooove the stall that sells those mini cupcakes! I looooove! Hope they sell those cupcakes in the Midnight Mercato. 🙂

  3. Hi Anton,
    I am so excited to go there…WOW….I saw Manang’s chicken in one of your post..just wondering if this is the same Manang’s Chicken in Intramuros across Mapua Institute of Technology and Lyceum? Because if that will be the cae I m sure it is a big hit….the chicken sauce and chicken is yummy and the serving is really worth every penny…

  4. Hi anton…Happy new year… Im sure midnight mercato will be a hit. Good way to start a new year.
    oh, btw, In the title of your blog, you forgot to put an ‘a’ in front of way the word “way” so it will read ‘eat the night away at…”.

  5. hi anton! may I suggest that you encourage the concessionares to have a better packaging than plastics? I’ve been there and what really a turn off is the rampant use of plastics…thanks!

  6. I think that this one is totally different from banchetto.. but do enlighten us sir Anton.
    btw, is it ok if i repost stuffs about Marcato? OAP ofcourse will always be credited and acknowledged 🙂

  7. Ok Myke. The target market for Midnight Mercato would be Foodies looking for a late night chow. Also, we would like to provide a service to the call center community within the area 
    Sent from Mobile

  8. Hi,
    I sure hope you can come up with a delivery service within the area and also in McKinley Hill…people working at night in McKinley Hill have nothing except McDonald’s, Sandwich Guy, Sicilian and Country Style…everyone’s kinda sick of it!

  9. “The target market for Midnight Mercato would be Foodies looking for a late night chow. Also, we would like to provide a service to the call center community within the area”
    >> so you’re aiming the same target market as the one of Banchetto’s then, just in a different area and also on a Friday night.

  10. thanks for doing this, anton! never been to banchetto because it’s too far and one night a week lang (when hubby is not available as his shift ends sat morning). can’t wait to try it out. Don’t forget to post the concessionaires! 🙂
    sayang, akala ko first weekend of Feb magstart, wanted pa naman to bring a foodie friend who’s here on a very quick vacation. di bale, we’ll just head to MC after the Condura Skyway Marathon… hehehe. But he will probably appreciate the late night chow more, especially if there is hot-off-the-grill slabs of pork.

  11. Dear Sir Anton,
    Im from QC and kind of directionally challenged when it comes to taguig area, could you send me a map or show me where BGC mercato centrale is? Thank you

  12. From EDSA, turn left into Mckinley road going into the Bonifacio Global City or "The Fort" area. There is a mall there called Bonifacio High Street and Mercato Centrale is at the back of The Spa.

  13. This is great! can;t wait for this coming Friday night. My friends and I have been wanting to go to the Mercato Centrale but couldn’t as we are total night owls. 🙂 This Midnight Mercato is the perfect solution to our problems! Thanks MC founders!

  14. hello!! sana the midnight mercato could start a bit earlier? around 10pm? for those people who binge at night but also have work on saturdays? hehehe

  15. Wasn’t really planning on going but I live right across so I ended up sleeping with a full tummy! just a suggestion. summer is coming up, and your open air tents need big ass fans, maybe like the ones in greenbelt that sprays water. that particular night was hot and humid, I bought my stash and ran home!

  16. sir how do you get here from mrt ayala station? dumadaan poh ba ung fort buses d2? it’s my 1st time going to global city and just wondering poh kung ano ung easiest route.. ayko maligaw.. hehe! and ask koh na rin poh if may fort buses pa ng gnyang oras.. which is 10pm – 3am.. thanks for your reply.. 🙂

  17. Hi anton ,was there last saturday to bring my mexican friend, who was so excited to try the Philippine version of the mexican Burrito…which turned out to be more of a dissapointment than something to be proud of. I ate half of his huge burrito which looked appetizing. it turned out to be filled with more bland rice than anything! oh boy….Ive been mercato’s avid fan for such a long time now and ive been going back and forth because of the mochiko and the super great baked goods. This was my very first disappointing encounter 🙁 what happened??!!

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