Daniele’s Casa Mia Italian Restaurant – Bellini’s of the South

Filipinos just love pizza. It’s a good thing then that Manila is now being invaded by international pizza franchises (i.e. Papa John’s) and different pizza concepts (like a Pizza Bar, etc.).


We love pizza, too, but we like the old-school Italian pizzas — cooked with love in traditional brick ovens. We are starting to check out the foodie places in the south, and one of the best pizza/pasta places we’ve tried is the authentic Italian restaurant of Daniele’s.

Daniele is the son of the couple behind Bellini’s of Cubao Expo fame. He moved the restaurant from Marikina (after being devastated by typhoon Ondoy) to a quaint little place along Sucat Road.

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Daniele’s Casa Mia Italian Restaurant Menu: Antipasti/Appetizer | Zuppa/Soup and Pasta | Specialty and Fresh Pasta | Risotto, Carne/Meat, Pesce/Fish | Pizza 1 | Pizza 2Beverages and Dolci/Desserts

The restaurant has the same ambiance as the Bellini’s in Cubao — complete with paparazzi and family photos hanging on the wall, and Italians patronizing the place.

Daniele’s family is from Pisa in Italy; hence, the mini-replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Quattro Formaggi
(12.in Small – P230 +3% percentage tax)
. 4 kinds of cheese.

When going to restaurants, a lot of foodies order a specific dish, which serves as their benchmark for certain types of cuisine. Some people order Sweet & Sour Pork to gauge how good a Chinese restaurant is, or Hainanese Chicken Rice to determine how good a Singaporean resto is.

For us, the 4- or 5-cheese pizza is our benchmark for good Italian pizza. We like our pizza as plain as possible. We find that the best pizza for us has the best-tasting dough.

And we just loved the pizza at Daniele’s — crusty on the outside (done perfectly with just a few burnt edges) and chewy/soft on the inside. The cheese used was of good quality, too, especially the blue cheese!

This was Aidan’s favorite as well. 🙂

I prefer chili oil with the right heat level over the usual Tabasco sauce available in commercial pizza chains.

Prosciutto e Arugula
(16in. Large – P490+3% percentage tax
). Pizza with Parma ham and arugula.

In Bellini’s/Daniele’s, the best pizza for us was this pizza topped with a combination of super thin slices of ham and arugula leaves. Sarap!  🙂

Ravioli Truffle Cream
(P250 +3% percentage tax
). Spinach and ham.

As for the fresh pasta they serve…definitely something to rave about!

The ravioli was super soft with the right amount of spinach, ham and hints of truffle cream. The serving size is good for one only, though. If you share it, it’s bitin. Considering its serving size, it’s a bit on the expensive side.

Spaghetti al Cartoccio
(P180 +3% percentage tax)
. Mixed seafood pasta wrapped in foil.

The specials of the day are displayed outside the restaurant. When we visited, this was on that list. The pasta was cooked al dente and quite good even on its own. The dish tasted like vongole, with an emphasis on the clam taste. Sadly, there were only a few bits of mixed seafood. 🙁

Aidan is presently crazy about food maker apps in iPad (like the Donut or Cake Maker). Here is his own concoction, which he called a burger of pasta with pizza slices as the bun.

I’m encouraging him to cook. Let’s see if he turns out to be a good chef one of these days… 🙂

How can you resist Joshua’s pleading look, requesting to order gelato?

(2 scoops – P170 +3% percentage tax)
The gelato was good but the flavor options were limited. We had vanilla and pistachio. The minimum order for gelato is two scoops, which was just perfect to cap our authentic Italian meal.

Overall, Daniele’s is highly recommended for good brick oven-cooked pizza and fresh pasta. The hole-in-the-wall set-up is charming and attracts foodies looking for good Italian food.

Daniele’s Casa Mia Italian Restaurant
#8351 Sucat Road (Dr. A Santos Ave.), Brgy San Antonio, Paranaque City
Telefax: +632 826-5163, 501-0998 (new number) 
Operating Hours: Open Daily except Monday
Email: casamiaitalianrestaurant@yahoo.it
Facebook: Daniele’s Casa Mia Italian Restaurant

Driving Directions:
From SLEX or Skyway, take the Sucat Exit. Go straight until you pass Shopwise on your right and  the first stoplight with 7/11 as the landmark on your left (and the now-demolished McDonalds). Slow down and go on the rightmost lane already. You should see Grami Hotel on your right, then Transorient Manpower Building. Daniele’s will be next on your right.

Parking is very difficult but you can park in front of Transorient Manpower Bldg., or you can risk parking along Sucat Road.

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P.S. I haven’t tried the steaks there yet. Do let me know if you have tried it and if you would recommend it.

 P.P.S. Thanks to Vangge for the foodie tip!

025010998 Every Monday we’are colose for Dayoff Grazie 🙂

26 thoughts on “Daniele’s Casa Mia Italian Restaurant – Bellini’s of the South

  1. Great for discovering foodie places like this in the south, as I am from the south! Now we have somewhere to go to for a quick gelato fix! Thanks, Anton!

  2. i grew up in the south too! it’s nice you’re discovering foodie places in that area. looking forward to your future posts!

  3. Thanks for this discovery! I’ve seen it a couple of times and wondered why an Italian restaurant would be beside the usual lapida makers of Manila Memorial Park. Oh well, now that I know what they’re serving, I can bring my family to try it as well.

  4. Grazie tanto, Anton!!! 🙂 We hope its ok to post and share your review and pictures in our site. We are glad you liked our food. Next time try to ask for the specials not in menu (like the Pappardelle al Cinghiale)… We promise that you’ll be in for a treat!
    Ciao, Ding e Daniele

  5. wow, this is great since i am a pasta/pizza lover anton…but do they deliver, makati is kinda far from them already considering the traffic everywhere. thanks for posting this one. maybe you can suggest a place for our batch 20th anniversary, with good food, affordable, nice ambiance, can stay until 2 or 3am??? hotel is a bit pricey kasi e. let me know if you have leads that you can refer to me. pm me nalang. thanks anton 🙂

  6. Ahem. Someone’s been inviting you and Rache to the South! 🙂 Another good find! Thanks for posting this. Will try this out soon. Now, going back to Sucat Road, turn left at 7-11, go straight and you will find a unique Japanese resto called Bento-ya on your left. Go straight and you will find Thai Fusion Cafe on your left. Another resto making waves is the Indonesian resto on your left. Go straight til you hit Aguirre. Turn left and you will find Pito and Mita on your left.

  7. That pizza looks limp. which means to say they probably didn’t use good 00 flour. Good traditional Italian pizza has really thin yet solidly crunchy crust.

  8. I do agree that good pizza need to have that crunchy crust (like when you lift it up, it stays and holds its form without sagging). After cooking such kind of pizza myself, I would not want it in any other way.
    What I did observe, though, is that whatever flour I used (I normally use cheap ones since I’m a cheap guy 😛 ), as long as I used a good baking stone, the crust will come out fine. Using metallic pans never gave the same effect.

  9. Great!!!!!! I always wondered what those signs were all about and I thought there was a new sign maker in the area…
    Hmmmmmmmm…. What to do this weekend??? Italian in this resto or Japanese in the form of Omatsuri along Aguirre???

  10. Hi Mylene!!! Thanks for dropping by today. 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful family. See you again soon especially on March 17 for the Italy’s 150th birthday or 150°ANNIVERSARIO UINITA’ D’ITALIA NEI RISTORANTI DEL MONDO. We’ll be preparing a special menu only for that special day.
    Ciao!!! Grazie Tanto !! Spero di riverdervi ancora. Vi aspetto a Casa Mia… 🙂 Daniele e Ding
    P.S. Keep touch!! Also, please like our page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Danieles-Casa-Mia-Italian-Restaurant/126640120725160
    P.P.S. We also hope that you and your family get to catch the carpaccio di polpo or the papardelle cinghiale (both not in menu) the next time… it is truly buono… buono…buono.. 🙂

  11. ciaooooooo!!! Thanks for your comment. We hope you can come and visit the restaurant one day to see our Italian made wood fired oven. 🙂 and also try any one of our 50 kinds of authentic Italian pizza (50% of which is not in menu) …. Daniele’s take pizza seriously at Casa Mia . . . See you soon!!
    🙂 Ding e Daniele

  12. You’re most welcome Daniele e Ding. We really enjoyed the food and the company…We might not be able to go on Thursday (hearing in Pampanga) but I assure we’ll be back….

  13. Ciao Anton! We’ve met several of your friends and classmates already… Bobby and Francine dropped by last night 🙂 They were able to try our freshly-made ravioli pasta with truffle cream … Thanks a lot for spreading the word…
    Daniele e Ding

  14. tlgang masarap…lalo na ung aranciotto…cake na orange na orange…hhhhmmmmmmmmmm…..sana makakain ulit….

  15. Ciao!!!
    In occasione dei 150 anni di unita d’italia, un piccolo menu fino a domenica 20.
    On the occasion of 150 years of Italian unity, a small menu until Sunday, 20.
    ANTIPASTI : Caprese Italiana, Carpaccio Beef, octopus , tuna
    PASTA : Farfalle alla Garibaldina, Pappardelle al Cinghiale, Spaghetti alla Gallileo Gallilei.
    SECONDI :Ossobuco alla Gu…glielmo Marconi, Gamberoni alla Savoia.
    zuppa inglese alla Michelangelo.
    See you!!! Ti Aspetto a casa mia!!!

  16. Ciao!!! Try our not in menu offerings this PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKED … for Venerdi (June 10) Sabato (June 11) e Domenica (June 12) : POLENTA CON PORCINI ,SALCICCIE.

  17. Just ate there last weekend and I have to say, out of the 5 pasta dishes, 2 pizzas, 1 steak with pepper sauce, and 1 grilled salmon that we ordered, the only dish I truly loved was the ravioli. Wrote about it here: http://islandergirl.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/restaurant-review-danieles/
    Though I’m surprised they let you take photos of their menu. The waitress stopped me from doing it, saying it wasn’t allowed. Told her I was going to write about the restaurant in my blog but she insisted. I guess they only allow it when the customer is well-known.

  18. Wow! The foods are really delicious. I so like it! Looking forward to visit the place with my family. I am sure that we will have fun. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ciao,,, Pls,, add the new phone number : 025010998
    Every Monday we’are colose for Dayoff
    Grazie 🙂

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