Apulit Island Resort : How to Get There?

Thanks to the awesome staff of Apulit Island Resort and Chef Rey! 🙂

It is not that easy to reach Apulit Island Resort. As with most adventures, you have to choose between the easy route (but with a prohibitive flight cost) or the harder route (i.e. cross the waters of Taytay via bangka).

The latter one was the adventure that we chose. Here is a photoblog of our experience…

Apulit Island Resort Experience (formerly Club Noah) [1of3]
Apulit Island Resort: What to Do and Eat in Apulit? [2of3]
Apulit Island Resort: How to Get There? [3of3]

From Taytay to Apulit Island

The Taytay port is about 2 hours away from El Nido town or 4 hours away from Puerto Princesa via van.

The standard boat shuttle schedule from Taytay town pier – Apulit Island Resort is at 3pm. You have to be in the port 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Note: The roundtrip boat transfers (Airport/Pier – Apulit Island Resort – Airport/Pier) are included in your package.

You have to arrive one hour before so that you can still explore the historic Taytay Fort known as Fuerza de Santa Isabel.

It was built in 1667 as a military fort. It was named in honor of Spain’s Queen Isabela II. We missed seeing the fort’s small chapel and cannon because we arrived on the dot, with no time to spare.

We flew via Cebu Pacific from Manila to Puerto Princesa, and we passed by San Vicente on the way to Taytay Fort.

Aidan was so happy in this photo after the long drive. The boys were excited to ride a boat again.

You have to make sure that your baggage is properly labeled and all electronic equipment sealed. They have big water protector bags for the luggage, but it would be best if you brought your own waterproof bag.

The speed boat transferred us from the port to the actual bangka.

The little ones were protected with life vests. (Although I think it would be a good idea to teach young kids how to swim, too, in case of emergency.)

Taytay has a little “Hollywood-ish” sign on the hill, so you won’t miss this sleepy town on the east coast of Palawan.

The boat we rode was bigger than the usual bangka. Hopefully, Apulit Island Resort will be able to invest in its own big bangka — similar to the ones in El Nido — instead of renting it.

Once inside the boat, our tour guide offered us cold towels, some cookies, and hot salabat.

That was the first time I saw a boat captain navigating the boat with his feet!

The boat ride was really bumpy since the waves were a bit high. It took us 100 minutes to arrive at our destination.  It took a while because we were sailing against the waves.

Doesn’t the island resemble a sleeping cat? 🙂

The boat couldn’t dock on the island itself, so we had to transfer to a speed boat to get to the main wharf of the island.

We arrived around sunset already (at 5.40pm), and we were welcomed with a song & dance number. 🙂

A welcome treat of cashew nuts and dalandan juice (which I found a bit too sweet) were served. The guides also explained the eco policy of the resort, the purpose of the eco-nido bag, and the guests’ personal buri bag.

Here’s our Apulit Island Resort Experience:

Apulit Island Resort Experience (formerly Club Noah) [1of3]
Apulit Island Resort: What to Do and Eat in Apulit? [2of3]

From Apulit Island to Taytay

The standard boat shuttle back to Taytay port leaves at around 10.30am.

In keeping with El Nido resorts tradition, the staff gave us a nice farewell and thank you song for staying at the resort.

On our way back, the fisherman’s boat we rode was smaller.

This seems to be a bit unsafe, especially when you hear stories that you are crossing shark-infested waters. Again, I do hope El Nido acquires its own big bangka soon.

It was a little crowded inside, but we stayed inside the small cabin. 🙂 We decided to have fun instead of complain about how uncomfortable the ride was.

The boat trip back to Taytay port was a little faster because we were going with the waves. It took us about 80 minutes to reach the port.

Apulit Island Day 3-89
Although a bit uncomfy, we were able to enjoy ourselves and sleep along the way too. We had to transfer to the speed boat to get to the Taytay port.

Since there were only a few passengers going back, we were able to push back the boat ride to 11.30am, and we arrived at around 12.45pm. We arrived just in time for our 1pm van ride back to Puerto Princesa.

How to get there from Puerto Princesa

From the Taytay port, we rode a tricycle to get to the bus terminal, which is 10 minutes away.

We recommend the Lexus Shuttle Terminal that goes from Taytay to Puerto Princesa.

Here’s the daily trip schedule:
1st trip: 4.45am
2nd trip: 6.45am
3rd trip: 8.45am
4th trip: 10.45am
5th trip: 12.45pm
6th trip: 2.45pm

Reservation numbers:
Puerto Princesa: +63 912 100-2651
Taytay: +63 912 100-2649

We asked Apulit Island Resort to reserve the van ride for us.

Note: You can reserve the front row seats so that you’ll have a comfortable 4-hour ride back to Puerto Princesa.

There was a short stopover for merienda and a restroom break in the town of Roxas.

The van terminal is in the town of San Jose. We arrived at around 5pm. San Jose is still 10-15 minutes away from Puerto Princesa.

We recommend that you take the last flight out of Puerto Princesa, which is around 7pm via Cebu Pacific.

How to get to Apulit Island Resort via Airplane

The fastest way to Apulit Island Resort is through Taytay Airport via SEAIR or ITI.

Upon arrival at Cesar Lim Rodriguez airport, you have to go on a 10-minute jeepney ride to the Tamisan jetty. Then, you will have to ride a 75-minute boat ride to take you to Apulit Island Resort.

You can book directly via SEAIR or you can fly via ITI (the chartered planes going to El Nido) for P13,500 (round trip) or P6,750 (one way). This is one of the most expensive flights from Manila, which is almost equivalent to a flight to Batanes.

This is also the safest and fastest route to Apulit Island Resort.

For more info: visit Apulit Island Resort Official Website

Whichever route you end up taking, I’m sure you’ll have a grand time on your trip. Apulit Island Resort, I’ll be back! 🙂

Apulit Island Resort Experience (formerly Club Noah) [1of3]
Apulit Island Resort: What to Do and Eat in Apulit? [2of3]
Apulit Island Resort: How to Get There? [3of3]

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Full Disclosure: My friend from El Nido gave us an Apulit Island Resort gift certificate for the accommodation before she left the company, so the entire family decided to check it out last December.

We paid for our buffet meals (about P1,000 for lunch, and P1,500 for dinner per adult per meal) and incidentals during our 3 Days 2 Nights stay. We paid for our flight to Palawan and transportation going to Taytay.

I’m NOT connected with or compensated by El Nido resorts. I’m NOT connected with, compensated by, or represented by any PR firm.

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  1. Hi Anton,
    Buffet meal lang ba ang available sa Apulit? We also have a voucher/GC for Apulit valid for the whole year of 2012 so we’re wondering if the full board meal is already inclded. From your disclosure, looks like it’s not. =/ How about the breakfast?
    Also, how much is your budget when you went there? Thanks! ^_^

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